27—28 April

Satellite program

Every year Oslo Open’s artists host a variety of events that the audience can participate in.

Below you can see the program for 2024.

A colour photo of around twenty cyanotypes laying outside on the ground and an a fence.
Cyanotype workshop with Andrea Grundt Johns.


Andrea Grundt Johns
Try cyanotype!

Drop in workshop
Startblokka, Østre Aker vei 90, Building 4, side entrance, basement
Saturday 27 April, 12–17 (as long as there are materials)
Duration ca. 15 min to make + drying time

Make your own cyanotype and get a new view on what photography can be. The workshop will give you a little deepdive into the history of photography, an introduction to one of the oldest and maybe most magical photographic techniques. Suitable for all ages and no previous knowledge required.

Colour photo showing the view from a balcony in the middle of a city. Cloudy sky, roofs covered with a thin layer of snow, a brick wall, and a large tree without leaves.
The view from Atelier Nord's loft studio.

Atelier Nord
The children’s own studio

Workshop for children, ages 7–13
Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienberggata)
Saturday 27 April, 13 and 14, sign up in advance

Welcome up to the children’s own studio!

Atelier Nord has a large studio in the loft with a beautiful view of the city. Here children can try being artists themselves. Everyone gets their own easel and any assistance they need to paint a picture of the view over the roofs of Grünerløkka. All the participants will also get a photo of themselves as an artist, if they wish.

The kids will get guidance from the artist Elna Hagemann and her lovely, young assistants. The event is happening simultaneously with Oslo Open, so that the parents can visit the artist studios in the building, see the exhibition in Atelier Nord’s gallery on the first floor, or rest in the backyard. Only children are allowed to come up to the secret loft studio. The workshop lasts approximately half an hour.

Suitable for children between the ages 7–13. Sign up by email pamelding@ateliernord.no with names of the participating children and mobile number to their guardian before 25 April.

Picture of the old kiosk at the Goldlia subway station.
Grei Kafe 4, 2024, Samvær Under Tilsün

Samvær Under Tilsün
Grei Kafe 4

Godlia T, Damfaret 27
Saturday 27 April, 12–17 (Concert 15.00)

Samvær Under Tilsün invites you to the fourth edition of Grei Kafe and the opening of our new headquarters; a half-renovated ticket kiosk at Godlia subway station. Among other things, you will have the opportunity to try Fritidsklup – the latest flashing version of our augmented Pling Pong table tennis system and at 15:00 Niklas Adam will play an electronic concert on Sporveien’s original PA system from 1966. A tasty snack will be available from a Pepsi Max refrigerator and assorted three star items will be sold under the counter. A warm welcome to all!

Colourphoto of a steep grass slope in a park. In the middle there is a large, elongated are with white blooming flowers. Trees in the background and tow small groups of people sitting on the surrounding lawn.
Memorial Site for the Snow, Runa Sandnes, 2021

Runa Sandnes
Spring gardering of the Memorial Site for the Snow

Ola Narr
Saturday 27 April, 12–17

In the old days one of Oslo’s over 350 ski jumps used to be located on the steep slope up from the lawn at Ola Narr. It played an important role for the locals at Tøyen and the ski jumps gathered up to 50 000 spectators at a time. You can still see the stone made jump-off point hiding between the tall grass and trees on Olar Narr. Today there isn’t enough snow to use the ski jumping hills anymore, and man made climate change is one of the reasons that snow is about to disappear. There are only three ski jumps left in Oslo.

On Saturday you can visit Runa Sandnes while she is doing some spring time gardening in her sculpture Memorial Site for the Snow. The work sheds light on the loss that follows the rising temperatures and consists of a 110 m2 area planted with white meadow flowers in the shape of the snow in the old ski jump. The plants are locally collected daisies, caraway, Pimpinella saxifrage, gallium, Seseli libanotis and Silene vulgaris, that suit the local insects.

The work was created for the Norwegian Sculpture Triennale 2021. It was purchased by Oslo Municipality’s Art Collection in 2023 which guarantees that the sculpture will continue to flourish for many years to come.

It is Sandnes herself who carries out the care and gardening duties for the work. This Saturday she will weed, plant new plants and put up the fence that surrounds the sculpture during the summer. The jumping hill at Ola Narr has thus become one of the artist’s several workplaces.

A colour photo of a glowing hot glass furnace
Pål Roland Janssen

Pål Roland Janssen
Pan: demonstration of sculptural glass blowing

Kjelsåsveien 145, building 7
Saturday 27 April, 13–15

Welcome to a demo in the hot shop at Frysja. Glass artist Pål Roland Janssen will make a sculpture in the series Pan. It starts out with dripping hot glass, turning into a sculpture while you watch, before it goes into the annealer to cool down over night.

Colourphoto of a black mask with bright yellow, red and white details.
Meera Manjit Kaur, Skapelsen av blikkmonsteret

Meera Manjit Kaur
Skapelsen av Blikkmonsteret

Screening of short film
Oslo Hot Megazone, Økernveien 145 (entrance to the right from the main entrance to the old Økernsenter
Saturday 27 April, every hour on the hour 12–17

In Meera Manjit Kaur’s atelier you can see her new short film Skapelsen av Blikkmonsteret. The film is screened every hour on the hour throughout the opening hours and lasts 13 minutes.

A colourfull silk screen image with a grid pattern of different faces.
Trond Nordahl, We Are All Icons, silk screen

Henrik Nordahl
Concert and exhibition at Medicineheads

Trondheimsveien 100
Saturday 27 April, 12– 17 (music every hour on the hour)

Our studio consists of a diverse group of creative practitioners, including a musician, a filmmaker, an artist and his father, a former professor from the National College of Art and Design and a graphic designer. This offers an assortment of varied content, both academically and in forms of expression. There will be music from our musician friends, an exhibition of sculpture and photos, as well as room for pleasant conversations and coffee. We are based in large, bright premises in the center of Carl Berners plass. There is parking available if you arrive through the driveway to Oslo Taxi in Tromsøgata.

Two images. Left side is a black and white close up photo of a table with different obejcts, such as a vase with flowers and a bowl. Right side is wooden sculpture that resembles a large and a small penguine
Left: Arisa Purkpong, Kitchen Table, 2023, B/W print
Right: Anna Sofie Mathiasen, Uten titel (Bitten & Pytten), wooden sculpture, 2023, photo: David Stjernholm

Arisa Purkpong & Anna Sofie Mathiasen
Studio show

Østre Aker vei 90, Building 6, 2nd floor
Saturday 27 April, 12–17

Due to both lack of cheap studio spaces in Oslo and most of all a fellow admiration Arisa Purkpong and Anna Sofie Mathiasen who are friends and colleagues recently decided to share a studio space. Come and celebrate this union during Oslo Open, where they will show works together in a mini exhibition at the studio!

Arisa Purkpong (b. 1995) is an artist working with film collages, photography, installation, and publications.
Based on research on the First International Women’s Film Seminar, Arisa Purkpong co-curated and organized several film programs, e.g., at Arsenal– Institut für Film und Videokunst in Berlin and Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen in Düsseldorf.

Anna Sofie Mathiasen (b. 1995) is an artist working across several media, including collage, installation, photography, video and animation, with drawing and text as a foundation. In the animations, she combines hand-drawn and found image material, often from various archives, both public and personal, which reflect her montage-based practice.
Mathiasen has previously exhibited at Galleri K (Oslo, NO), O – Overgaden (CPH, DK), Guttormsgaard’s archive (Blaker, NO), Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, NO), Kunsthall Oslo (NO) and Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Valencia, ES).

Photo of a small table with a vase of dried tulips, a soft toy shaped like a shrimp and a black ceramic bird.
Uten tittel, 2024, foto: Astrid Hjortdal

Milan Benza and Astrid Hjortdal
Still life with pigeons

Ole Deviks vei 30
Saturday 27 April, 12–16

Milan Benza and Astrid Hjortdal will show drawings, paintings, and sculptures they have created in each other’s company over the past year. Still lifes, portrait drawings, and sculptures inspired by everyday life in Oslo and a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

A landscape image of a large grey mine and a bright blue sky with a few clouds.
Adrian Bugge, Inngrep Deponidam, 2022

Bjørka Verksted for Fotografi
Art for sale

Schweigaards gate 34D (Entrance from Platous gate)
Saturday 27 April, 12–17

The foundation Bjørka was established in 1998 and is a collective workshop and studio collective for camera based artists. In the project room at Bjørka the members will show photographic art, installations and videos made in Bjørkas workshops. In addition to the exhibition and the individual studio spaces, it will also be possible to explore the darkroom and the digital workshop to see how art is produced.

The participating artists are: Maya Økland, Ulla Schildt, Brian Cliff Olguin, Preben Holst, Adrian Bugge, Ådne Dyrnesli, Jói Kjartans, Istvan Virag, Rebecca Jafari, Marit Silsand, Siri Ekker Svendsen and Katharina Barbosa Blad. The artists will be present for conversations and questions.

A photo of people looking at books and images in a bright gallery space.
Stig Marlon weston, VIRRING 3 at Cyan.

Stig Marlon Weston
Virring Photo Market

Jens Bjelkes gate 13
Saturday 27 April, 12–17

Photographic artist Stig Marlon Weston has invited the artist group VIRRING to have a pop up photo market at CYAN studio during Oslo Open. VIRRING is organised by photographers Malene Økland and Charlotte F. Skamsøy and they will show a wide range of photographic art made by young artists. Come by for a cup of coffee in our café corner and look at prints, photo books and more, sold by selected photographers.

Screenshot of google streetview showing to low industrial brick buildings with cars parked in between
The entrance to the studio collective in Grenseveien 91.

Kitchen exhibition in the studio collective Grenseveien 91

Grenseveien 91
Saturday 27 April, 12–17

Welcome to the kitchen exhibition with the artists from the studio community at Grenseveien 91 on Saturday, April 27th. We will exhibit paintings, drawings, graphics, work-in-progress, installations, and workshops. The artists exhibiting are: Sofia Eliasson, Arild Våge Berge, Christian Berg Gravningen, Stein-Are Kjærås Dahl, Taru Kallio, Icaro Zorbar, Gabrielle Paré, Patrik Berg, Vilde Blom and Martin Kolsrud.

Come visit us at Helsfyr, we are located at the back of the building near Mekonomen.


Detail from art work by Sofie Brønner. Pink, orange and green abstract forms on a green and blue background.
Detail from an art work by Sofie Brønner. Photo: Sofie Brønner


Montebello Kulturhus, Noreveien 24
Sunday 28 April, 12–17

Welcome to a pop up exhibition with sculptures, textile prints, photography, collage, paintings and more in the studio collective on the 5th floor of Montebello Kulturhus. There will be a small sales department on the kitchen table and also snacks, beverages, and a chance to relax on a couch and have conversations. The participating artists are Jara Marken, Julia Boracco, Sofie Brønner, Love Terins, Ingrid Bjørnaali, Erle Saxegaard, Tala Isabella Lindstrøm and Marianne Toppe.

A colour photo of a long haired person who warms a stick with glass at the end in a glowing hot oven.
Blowing glass at Oslo Glass Studio, photo: Berit Hyllseth

Oslo Glass Studio
Glass blowing

Dronningens gate 27, Kirkeristen, entrance behind Oslo Cathedral
Sunday 28 April, 14–15 you can try blowing glass yourself
10 spots for the first to arrive

Come and see us blow glass! You can also test blowing a bubble from the glowing hot glass yourself and see it burst.

Oslo Glass Studio opened during Oslo Open last year and has been open to the public since then. The studio is run by three well established glass artists: Jeanne-Sophie Aas, Ina Kristine Hove and Kjersti Johannessen. Here they produce both glass objects for everyday use as well as art objects in glass and sell them in the gallery connected to their workshop.

An outside table with 25 different sized and shaped brown and white ceramic bowls. In the background bright green plants and trees.
Maria Joanna Juchnowska, Obvara, 2021, photo: Enrika Wurtz

Maria Joanna Juchnowska
Obvara ceramic firing

Dagaliveien 27B
Sunday 28 April, 12–17

Experience a unique technique in ceramics in the form of Baltic Raku firing. The Baltic Raku (Obvara) ceramic firing will be presented in my studio in the scenic Holmenkollen area. Depending on the weather conditions some activities will be arranged outside my studio with “My Mobile Studio Gallery”. You can come by at any time between 12–17 to see the different stages of the exciting process of firing obvara.

Colour photo of the backside of Hausmania culture house with a wall covered in graffiti. Seen through green tree branches.
Hausmania culture house, photo: Hausmania SA

Hausmania SA
Utvalgte Verk

Flerbrukshallen, Hausmannsgate 34
Sunday 28 April, 12–18

Hausmania was established in 2000 and provides workspaces, studios, concert halls, stages and exhibition spaces for a myriad of different forms of art and culture. Hausmania aims to contribute to Oslo’s cultural life by increasing the diversity of cultural activities and expressions, and to contribute to non-traditional collaboration across the arts. The exhibition will show a selection of works from artists who work in the house and represent the various artistic practices that contribute to our aims.

Participating artists:
Victorious Art, Maylinn Mollan, Gunnar Gram Franck, Linda Baardsen, Frode Jacobsen, Lars Sandås, Tommy Stensrud, Mons Lie, Espen Sørli

The program is initiated and organized by the artists themselves. Contact each organizer for more information about the events.