27—28 April

Oslo Open 2025

Oslo Open will take place 26 to 27 April 2025. The sign-up form will open in November/December 2024 and close 15 January 2025.

Any questions about artist participation? We have gathered some common questions with answers here.

Four visitors talk to the artist Sayed Sattar Hasan in his studio at Oslo City Hall.
Visitors talk to the artist Sayed Sattar Hasan in his studio at Oslo City Hall. Photo: Jan Khür.

Submissions for Oslo Open 2025 are not open yet.

The artist profiles from will remain public on our website throughout the year. All artist profiles from the previous year are deleted once the new profiles are published, in January every year.

Important information regarding registrations in 2025:

1. All info must be filled in twice, both in Norwegian and English. (If you dont speak Norwegian, fill in the form with english text in both windows, if not your page will be empty in the Norwegian version).

2. Join forces with you studio mates and make sure you write your address identically. If not you might end up listed in 7 different locations.

3. Membership in an artist union
Oslo Open is for professional artists based in Oslo. It is therefore mandatory to be a member of an artist union/artist organization. If you are an MA student or for other reasons don’t have a union membership, please send us an email after filling in the submission form and explain your situation. Your application will then be assessed by the members of our board.

4. All text and image material needs to be in your profile by January 15, 2025 to make sure that all info is correct when the profiles are published. This is also the time when international curators start looking for artists to visit on our website.

5. Visitor program and guided tours
Remember to tick the boxes in the application form to state whether or not you are interested in meeting with curators or being a part of a guided tour. This is very important! If you don’t fill out the form properly you may miss out on events.

6. Opening hours from noon-5 pm
When signing up for Oslo Open, you are committing to being present at your studio on either Saturday 26th of April or Sunday 27th of April between noon and 5 pm. In 2025 studios on the east side of Akerselva are open on Saturday and the west side on Sunday. We plan our event around this mandatory attendance, so it is important to respect the opening hours.

7. Important details to consider when filling out the application form.
Have a look here for tips about filling out your application.

You will have to create a new profile, even if you participated eariler. If you would like to copy content from your 2024 profile you can do that from our web page until 15th of January 2025.

If you have any problems with your online registration, or have questions on how to sign up please don’t hesitate to contact info@osloopen.no. We will respond as promptly as possible.

If you wish to make changes in an existing profile, you can do that here.