27—28 April

Guided tours

During Oslo Open we organise guided tours to ateliers in different parts of town.

Here are our tours from 2023.

Oslo open   jankhür   2022 9266
Sayed Sattar Hasan talking to guests in his studio at Oslo Rådhus in 2022. Phtoto: Jan Khür

Here you can find the tour that will be held in English. Follow the link below to sign up. If you want to see all the tours have a look at the Norwegian page for guided tours.

Sunday, 23 April


On this tour to Myntgata 2 we will meet Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse who attempts to make people happy, hopeful or confused with his art and Viktor Pedersen who has made work from the perspective of an alien from another dimension, yeast that influences society, and the bacteria in his body.

2 pm (kl. 14.00)
Meeting point:
Outside the stable on Myntgata

Myntgata 2
Viktor Pedersen
Zhanna Gladko
Yu Shuk Pui Bobby
Karen Kviltu Lidal

Myntgata 2B
Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse

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The tour is free of charge and open for all!

Visitors listening attentively during a guided tour.
A guided tour during Oslo Open 2022. Photo Jan Khür