27—28 April

Information for visitors

How is a studio visit conducted? Can you touch the art? Is it okay to take photos? We have collected some common questions and answers on what you can expect from a studio visit, and what the artists will expect from you.

“I can give the audience the following advice: Be yourself and ask anything – or don’t, if that feels more right”, says Margrete Reykdal

Photo showing a hand with red nailpolish touching a blue, round, sculpture made by artist Kachun Lay.
At Kachun Lays' studio, you are allowed to touch the sculptures (if you ask first). Photo: Jan Khür, 2023.

What is a studio?

An artist’s studio is their working room, and it can be a workshop, office or another type of space the artist works at. Here you can get an insight into the artist’s processes and experiments, and see sketches, materials, tests and tools.

Will there be an exhibition in the studio?

No, the studio is an artist’s workspace. If you want to see exhibitions, check out the satellite program.

Which studios are accessible with a wheelchair or have step-free access?

We have made an overview on the accessibility of the different studio buildings. If you have any other questions regarding accessibility, please contact us at info@osloopen.no.

Will the artist be present in their studio?

The artists will be present during the opening hours 12–17. If there is no one present when you walk into a studio the artist might just have popped out to greet a colleague, or to get a cup of coffee and will be back soon.

What to do when visiting a studio?

Since the artist is present in their studio when you visit, it’s nice to greet them when you walk in. But in case there’s nothing you’re wondering about, you don’t have to talk to the artist. It’s okay to just look around.

«I appreciate that one says hello when they come in, and possibly gives a short introduction of themselves» says Anna Sofie Mathiasen.

If you go into a studio and like what you see you’re welcome to stay for a while. In case you aren’t interested, it’s okay to walk out. Either way please be respectful of the artist by acknowledging their presence.

«Sometimes visitors who are not interested in my art at all come to the studio, and that is of course totally fine. In that case you take a little walk around before you leave the room and say “thanks for me”, and we part ways as friends», Camilla Edström.

There can be several visitors in a studio at the same time. Everyone, including artists, audiences, and volunteers should be treated with the same respect.

Oslo Open has a zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, such as transphobia, racism, gender based discrimination, ableism, and homophobia. Thank you for contributing by showing respect for those around you during our event. In case you see or experience something that breaks these guidelines, please let the director know at frida.rusnak@osloopen.no.

What questions can I ask?

It’s not true that there are no stupid questions but sometimes they’re unavoidable. In case you have any questions about an artist’s practice or something you see during your visit, you’re welcome to ask them.

«The audience doesn’t absolutely have to talk to the artist, but if they dare to do so, it can be a much more rewarding visit than if they just look at things in silence» says Johan Urban Bergquist about receiving visitors during Oslo Open.

Can I touch the art?

The rule about “looking but not touching” applies to most exhibitions and studio visits. The reason is that it can be difficult to know what can withstand touch. Therefore you should always ask the artist before you touch any of the things in the studio.

Is it okay to take photos?

Always ask the artist if you wish to take photos in the studio. In case you take images of other people in the studio, ask for their permission as well.

If you share images from a studio or an artist’s work, it’s nice to credit the artist by their name.

Can I buy art from the studio?

Not all the artists sell art during Oslo Open but some sell both art and artist books. For the right price many things can be for sale, so you can always ask the artist. If you buy art directly from the studio the income goes directly to the artist.

Can I take kids with me?

Yes! Children and adults of all ages are welcome at Oslo Open.

How do I decide who I want to visit?

We have several tools you can use to decide which artists and what places you want to visit during Oslo Open. You can look at the map or the list of participating artists to make up your own route. This year there is also a new feature on the website that allows you to make and save lists of your favourite artists and share them with others.

We have also planned some great routes you can take on your own, and organise free guided tours in case you want some company.

How do I find the studios?

When you see several artists share one spot on the map, it is because many of the buildings house more than one studio. All the artists that have their studio in the same building might not be participating in Oslo Open. When you walk around a building just look at which doors are open and which are not.

In some of the buildings with several studios we have volunteers who can help you find your way. Our volunteers are wearing yellow Oslo Open pins.

Any more questions?

Do you have some more questions you didn’t find an answer to here? Send us an email to info@osloopen.no.