27—28 April


Oslo Open is working on giving clearer information on accessibility. Send an email to info@osloopen.no or call director Frida Rusnak on 99 77 25 34 if you have questions or suggestions for improvement.

A white sign reading "Åpne atelier - Oslo Open" hanging from a brick wall.
Follow the signs to find the studios during Oslo Open. Photo: Jan Khür

Accessibility and design of the studios

Of the studio buildings, these have stair-free access or a lift:

  • Villa Romsli, Odvar Solbergs vei 83. Two floors with lift. Parking outside.
  • Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Fossveien 24. HC parking and accessible toilet.
  • Krematoriet Vestre Gravlund, Sørkedalsveien 64. HC parking and accessible toilet. (NB. 2-3 cm thresholds on doors, width of doors 80 cm)
  • Startblokka, Østre Aker vei 90. The main building (building 6) has a wheelchair accessible entrance at the back. Two floor building with lift. Accessible toilet on ground floor. Parking outside.
  • Kroloftet, Arnljot Gellines vei 41. Permanent ramp by the entrance and lift.
  • Grünerløkka Lufthavn, Toftes gate 69. 4th floor. Lift og accessible toilet.
  • Anna Talbot, Kirkeristen, Dronningens gate 27. Many other studios in this building have tall thresholds, but not stairs. HC parking in Dronningens gate.
  • Katarina Caspersen, Trykkokeren, Selma Ellefsens vei 11A. Accessible toilet. Paid guest parking (Ulven Nabolag).
  • Samvær Under Tilsün ☻, the kiosk at Godlia T, Damfaret 27.
  • Kira Wager, Hasleveien 28.
  • Runa Sandnes, Ola Narr park (outdoors, on the lawn)
  • See the list of artists you can visit in these buildings

We organize guided tours. The tour to Vestre Gravlund is wheelchair accessible and the tour to Kunstnerforbundet & Kirkeristen is tactile with audio description for visually impaired. These tours are held in Norwegian. Read more about the tours here. We also have one tour in English, the two first stops on this tour are not accessible by wheelchair.

Unfortunately few studios meet the requirements of universal design. Studios are often located in old buildings with different levels and stairs, and without elevators or accessible toilets. Many of the rooms are also small.

All artists are present during opening hours from 12-17, and can answer more specific questions about accessibility.


The studios are spread all over the city and most of them are close to public transport with either a tram, bus or subway stop nearby.

Many of the studio buildings don’t have parking spots, especially in the city center. Here you can find an overview of HC parking in Oslo.


Keep a lookout for our signs (picture at the top of the page) and posters that mark the open studios. Some of the studios are well hidden, so use our map to find the location of the entrance.

For blind and visually impaired

Oslo Open has one guided tour with audio description in Norwegian.
Guide dogs are welcome in the studios and to all of our events.

For the deaf and hard of hearing

Oslo Open does not offer interpretation and to our knowledge there are no studios with teleloop/audio-frequency induction loop. You are most welcome to bring your own interpreter to an event or guided tour. Please give us notice in advance so that we can accommodate you as best we can.


At Oslo Open you can go around independently or sign up for a guided tour. You are always welcome to bring a companion/carer with you. All of our activities are free of charge but the guided tours require you to register in advance. Make sure to reserve a ticket for your companion as well to insure there’s space for both of you.

Other events organized by Oslo Open

The information on this page is about our main activity, open studios 27–28 April 2024. For questions about accessibility during other events, please contact us on info@osloopen.no or by phone 99 77 25 34.

Oslo Open’s office

Our office is in a building called Anatomigården in Rådhusgata 19. You can meet several artists on the ground floor of the building during Oslo Open. It is an old protected building with two floors and does not meet the requirements of universal design. The entrance has three steps without a handrail. We have portable telescopic ramps for wheelchairs (model: Kvistberga/Feal) that according to the producer can withstand 350 kg, but they are not suitable for electric wheelchairs. There is a small toilet with a sink, with one tall step.

Our office is on the first floor and there is a staircase with a handrail leading up.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? Or suggestions for how we can improve our accessibility?

Send an email to info@osloopen.no or call director Frida Rusnak on 99 77 25 34.