27—28 April

Refuge for homeless artists

Sunday 28 April from 12.00–17.00 you can meet six artists who are currently without a studio space. The artists have their temporary work space in the gallery BO, Rådhusgata 19, and outside in the square.

The panel discussion about the studio situation is unfortunately cancelled, but the free pizza lunch is still on!

April 9 2024
The artist seated at his desk.
Christian Blandhoel's studio in Myntgata 2 during Oslo Open last year. Photo: Mats Muri.

The gallery BO in Rådhusgata 19 is Oslo Open’s headquarters during the studio weekend, and open Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 from 12–17.

All artists are present Sunday 28 April from 12.00–17.00.

Artists at Råghusgata 19:
Eunju Kang
Marius Presterud
Kim Laybourn
Aidan Moesby
Anja Carr

Christian Blandhoel has parked a temporary studio trailer in the square outside.

Panel conversation cancelled
The conversation about the studio situation Sunday at 13.00 is cancelled. Instead, we invite you to a free lunch, same time. Hopefully, we can all discuss around the table how Oslo can be a city for artists in the future. Pizza by by Mamma Pizza.

Why do we need a refuge for artists?

In the past year, 150 artists in Oslo have lost their workspaces after Oslo municipality closed down the studio houses Ila Pensjonat and Myntgata 2. Inflation and high pressure in the housing market make it increasingly difficult for artists to work in Oslo. Due to great uncertainty, we invited artists to register for Oslo Open even if they did not have a studio address. Everyone who was still without a workspace in March was invited to participate from BO. As a result “Shelter for homeless artists” offers six artists a temporary space where they can present their work. It is also an attempt to give visitors an understanding of the challenges artists in Oslo face, and to give artists a place to meet and discuss the situation.