27.—28. april

Naeun Kang

Addresse: Kunstnernes Hus Atelier (FKDS), Wergelandsveien 17, 0167 Oslo
Etasje: 3
Rom nr: 3
Atelieret er åpent søndag 28. april kl 12-17

Naeun Kang (b. Changwon, South Korea) is an artist based in Oslo. She works with painting, sculpture, installations, and ceramics. She is interested in exploring the nuances of human experiences, irrationality, daily conundrums, various coping mechanisms, the general messiness and awkwardness of life. She often draws from personal interactions, social observations, bodily experiences, eavesdropped anecdotes, popular culture and mythologies. She holds an MA in Fine Arts from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (KHiO) and a BA from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, Netherlands.

painting, sculpture, installation, ceramic, oil, acrylic

Everything is you (but the time still goes)  25 cm x 32 cm
Everything is you (But the Time Still Goes), 2022, fake fur, chicken wire, clock mechanism, steel 25cm diameter x 35 cm height
Dsc01383 2
I Miss the Sleep Disturbances You’d Cause, 2023, Acrylic and watercolor on double-bed sized canvas, 140x 200 x4.5 cm
Build up:stored away but still taking space 2023 .jpg web
Buildup, 2023, glazed stoneware, polyester fuzz 31 x 37 x 25cm Stored Away But Still Taking Space, 2023, fake fur, plastic boxes variable dimension
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Grief Hack - Make a Sculpture That Looks Like Them and Only Look At It With Your Peripheral Vision, 2023, molten glass on glazed stoneware on a found chair 90 x 50 x 60 cm

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

2025 (Coming) solo exhibition, Northing Space, Bergen

2024 (Coming) Blushmaking, Galleri Centralbanken, Oslo

2024 (Coming) FKDS stipendiat utstilling, with Sara Guldmyr and Johan Andrèn, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2024 Unge Inviterte 2024, Galleri LNM with Alina Vergnano and Julius Karoubi


(Coming)Unge Inviterte 2023, Galleri LNM, Oslo with Alina Vergnano and Julius Karoubi
(Coming) FKDS studio grantee duo exhibition with Johan Andren, Kunstnerneshus, Oslo Høstsalong, Galleri Centralbanken, Oslo
Flex Point, Northing Space and Entreé, Bergen
KHiO MFA avgang, Free Education for All – It’s Not Too Late to Change Your Mind, Kunstnerneshus, Oslo. FUS, Kösk Gallery, Oslo.
Being, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
Anima Mundi, Akademirommet, Oslo Waiting to go upstairs, Akademirommet, Oslo
Use your heart as a phone, Interkulturelt Museum(IKM), Oslo It’s Time to Let It Go, Little Big Dollhouse, The Hague
BFA Graduation show, Royal Academy of Art, the Hague
n0kia’s Tagline, MOOOF, The Hague
Halfway where, the Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, the Netherlands