27—28 April

Saturday/ Subway line 3

Take a tour on the subway line 3 from Mortensrud in the direction of the city centre, and meet five artists who have their studios right by the following stops.

Godlia T: 50 meters to Damfaret 27. Artist duo Samvær Under Tilsün invite you to play pling pong at their open café.
Brynseng T: 200 meters to Dyrk Bryn on Brynsveien 1. Meet painter Lena Trydal.
Helsfyr T: 300 meters to SA Steinskulptur on Østensjøveien 5. Sculptor Anneke von der Fehr will show you around the stone workshop.
Ensjø T: 300 meters to Rolf Hofmos gate 34. Visit painter Synnøve Caspari whose work is inspired by light and nature.