27—28 April

Oslo Open in English


Saturday/ Etterstad

This is a nice walking or bicycle tour around the area of Etterstad. Start the tour at Helsfyr by visiting Anneke von der Fehr at Steinskulptur SA. Continue through the Etterstad park down to Kroloftet to meet Karin Amdal, Amanda Krantz, Beate Lund Kristiansen, Erin Murphy, Ine Vik and Marit Wollan. Finish the tour walking alongside the Alna river to Brynseng to the studio of Lena Trydal.

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Saturday/ Grorud

Along subway line 5, also known as the Grorud line, you can meet 30 artists whose studios are close to the following stops.
Romsås T: 650 meters to Villa Romsli on Odvar Solbergs vei 83 (9 artists)
Ammerud T: 550 meters to Shoddyfabrikken on Kalbakkveien 46 (7 artists)
Rødtvet T: 450 meters to Pottemakerveien 10 (1 artist)
Linderud T: 500 meters to Startblokka on Østre Aker vei 90 (13 artists)

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Saturday/ Økern

Økern is a rapidly developing district – This is a chance to experience the area before it’s completely rebuilt. Here you can meet 11 artists in four different studio collectives, all within a 10 minute walk from the subway station.

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Saturday/ Subway line 3

Take a tour on the subway line 3 from Mortensrud in the direction of the city centre, and meet five artists who have their studios right by the following stops.

Godlia T: 50 meters to Damfaret 27. Artist duo Samvær Under Tilsün invite you to play pling pong at their open café.
Brynseng T: 200 meters to Dyrk Bryn on Brynsveien 1. Meet painter Lena Trydal.
Helsfyr T: 300 meters to SA Steinskulptur on Østensjøveien 5. Sculptor Anneke von der Fehr will show you around the stone workshop.
Ensjø T: 300 meters to Rolf Hofmos gate 34. Visit painter Synnøve Caspari whose work is inspired by light and nature.

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Sunday/ Homansbyen

On this tour, in addition to meeting 10 interesting artists, you get to visit two different historic houses. Start at Oscars gate 11 to visit a studio in the pink villa from 1882 and the tour at Kunstnernes Hus, The Artists' House, which opened in 1930. There you can visit nine newly graduated artists who have studios at the back of the house.

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Sunday/ Montebello to Ekely

Start the tour by visiting 10 artists in the studio building in Noreveien 24. From there you can walk or bicycle 1,5 kilometers down to Jarlsborgveien where 9 artists work in Munch’s old winter studio and the artist houses in Ekely.

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Sunday/ Sagene to Veterinærhøgskolen

A cozy walk of just under two kilometers. Start off with visiting 12 artists at three different locations in Sagene. Continue by taking the nice walk down Kierschows gate, Geitmyrsveien and General Birchs gate to the old veterinary college (Veterinærhøgskolen) where you can meet eight artists in buildings 8 and 15.

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