27—28 April

Important information on filling out the sign-up form

It’s very important that you fill out the sign-up form in detail and correctly. The audience and visiting curators will use our website to decide which artists to visit, therefore we strongly recommend you include the following details when signing up.

All profiles need at least one picture (preferably four) all of which should have descriptions with the following information:

  • Artist name
  • Title
  • Technique
  • Artwork size (if applicable)
  • Year
  • Exhibition place and title should be included with documentation from exhibit/performance
  • Alternatively information about whether it’s an installation photo or otherwise
  • Alternatively photo credits

1. Artwork: Inger Sitter, Composition 1, painting, 50 × 70 cm, 1965
2. Documentation photo: Inger Sitter, documentation of exhibit at Galleri Riis, Oslo, 1995. Photo: Galleri Riis
3. Detail: Inger Sitter, detail of Composition 1, painting, 50 × 70 cm, 2015
4. Performance Inger Sitter, documentation of performance «Composition 1», shown at Galleri Riis, 1965. Photo: Galleri Riis

Fill in a detailed CV both in Norwegian and English.

Artist statement:
Short summary of your artistic practice in Norwegian and English.

Make sure the map is correct. Zoom in and place the marker exactly where the entrance to your building is.

Other things to consider:
• It’s not a good idea to use a link to your own website to replace information (CV, upcoming projects, etc.). Of course you may include a link, but it’s not recommended as the only information you include.

• Remember to fill in your information in both Norwegian and English (Yes, everything does need to be filled in twice, or your page will remain empty).