27—28 April

Sofie Brønner

Address: Montebello Kulturhus, Noreveien 24, 0379 Oslo
Floor: 5
The studio is open Sunday 28 April from 12-17

The main focus of my praxis is a preoccupation with the body. I am interested in a multilayered view of the body, from the body as a microorganism to the body as a large structure. I think of the body as a maker of consciousness, the body being consciousness. I think of how there is a thin line between oneself and others, of how the odd chemistry keeps one alive. I think the body is a feedback loop, a weird alien creature. A tit out of control.

This multifaceted idea of the body is foundational to my work. This view takes the form of smooth wooden creatures, and of material investigations in water, ash, pine needle juice, iron filings and bath bombs, amongst other things.

I have an affinity for natural materials, objects with a history, and gently odd surfaces. I work physically with my sculptures, engaging in a non-verbal dialoge between my intent and what inherent properties the materials have. The last few years I’ve taken a foray into woodwork, shaping biomorphic shapes from wood. Wood is a very living material – the cracks I work with and around influence the shape of the sculpture. I want to make something soft out of something hard, something dead.

Sculpture, collage

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Raisin detalj
Raisin, 2023
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Sofie Brønner (f. 1991, Tynset)

2015/2018 – Bachelor of Fine Arts, The National Art Academy of Oslo
2013/2015 – OFKS, vocational school of fine art photography
2011/2015 – Bachelor studies at the philosophy department, University of Oslo


Winter Exhibition, Skog Art Space, Oslo
Raisin, The Annual Exhibition, Norwegian Crafts Association, National Museum, Oslo.
Tooth Wheel, Østlandsutstillingen, Buskerud Art Center and Østfold Art Center.
Pupa, group show, Hvitsten Salong.

Pinch – Group exhibition, Winter Solstice, Oslo.
The Bathers – Group exhibition, Fyresdal and Vøienvolden Beach, Telemark og Oslo.
Slugger – Group exhibition, Hos Arne, Oslo.

Loops and Loops – Group exhibition with Erle Saxegaard and Marte Dahl. Fuge, Gjøvik.

Burn it, Boil it, Grind it – Group exhibition, Winter Solstice, Oslo
Settling on a Fine Line – Group exhibition, Kunsthall Oslo
Balancing Act – Group exhibition, Platform Nord, Kristiansand
Fibre – Solo Exhibition, Akademirommet, Oslo

Fist/Palm – Graduation show, Seilduken, Oslo
Creature – Collaboration with Erle Saxegaard, White Box, Oslo

Wall of Trinkets – Group exhibition, Akademirommet, Oslo
Tending to a Fire – Solo exhibition, Skylight, Oslo

Bowl of Attraction – Group exhibition, Seilduken, Oslo
My Mother is a Strange Beast – Graduation show, Intercultural Museum, Oslo

Mollusc – Group exhibition, Galleria H20, Barcelona
Mollusc – Group exhibition, El Patio de Martin de los Heros, Madrid

Stipends and residency
2023 Artist residency at SÍM, Reykjavik
2020 Artist residency at Projectroom Hveem, Gjøvik
2018 Studio grant at Kunstneres Hus, Foundation for Art and Design Students FKDS