27—28 April

Gabrielle Paré

Address: Grenseveien 91G, 0663 Oslo
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

Word choice is an act of identification. Anyone who has ever filled a survey will recognize the tension of translating their bodily, lived experience into poorly fitting and discrete categories. Language is a construct which doesn’t readily contain fluidity, and so we round ourselves up or down with our words. Sometimes this choice is made willingly, sometimes by force. Sometimes our words are chosen for us. Mestiza, with its dualities and colonial legacy, is a word my grandfather chose for me. 
In my practice I intervene in systems of language. In this time of polarized discourse, it feels important to emphasize the gap between a person and their words. That words fail in capturing our full meanings. Distorting systems of meaning is an attempt at transcending binary norms, creating a third space for fluidity, generosity, and shades of gray. 

Photo, video, text, installation, drawing

"Lost for words" wall-painting, four sculptural frames with drawings and poems on paper Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen Tegnetriennalen 2023
"Lost for words" wall-painting, four sculptural frames with drawings and poems on paper Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen Tegnetriennalen 2023
"Lost for words" wall-painting, four sculptural frames with drawings and poems on paper Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen Tegnetriennalen 2023
"Lost for words" wall-painting, four sculptural frames with drawings and poems on paper Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen Tegnetriennalen 2023

In my studio

I am gathering material for the upcoming KUNSTFELTET publication, which is a documentation of a collaborative performance project I directed in 2023.

I am also in the early stages of material research towards a solo exhibition planned at Tenthaus Oslo in March 2025.

Planned projects and exhibitions

2025 – Solo exhibition, Tenthaus, Oslo
2024 – KUNSTFELTET artist book


Gabrielle Paré
b. 1989 Amiskwacîwâskahikan / Edmonton, Canada.
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

(2015-17) Master of Fine Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway.
(2013-15) Internship Keystone Editions (with Master Lithographers Sarah Dudley and Uli Kuehle, Berlin)
(2007-11) Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

(2022) Kulturrådet prosjektstøtte til kunstnere i etableringsfasen
(2023/22/21/20/19) Billedkunstnernes Verderlagsfond (Visual Arts Compensation Fund) – Ettårig stipend
(2020) Kulturrådet, Midlertidig stipendordning COVID-19
(2020) Kulturrådet, Ekstraordinær utlysning i forbindelse med koronakrisen
(2020) Stipend til internasjonal kunsterutveksling, Oslo Kommune
(2020/19) NBK Prosjektstøtte (Norwegian Visual Artist Project Fund)
(2019) Office of Contemporary Art Norway – Travel Grant
(2018) NKF Kunstnerassistentordningen with A K Dolven
(2017) SKS Stipend for nyutdannede kunstnere
(2013) Edmonton Arts Council Travel Grant
(2011) Florence Andison Friedman Award in Drawing and Painting

(2022) Choosing My Words, RAM Galleri, Oslo, Norway.
(2016) The New Singers, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway.

(2023) (upcoming) Tegnetriennalen, Oslo, Norway.
(2022) Eating the Other (group exhibition curated by Noor Bhangu), Cambridge Art Galleries, Cambridge, Canada.
(2022) Bygd til by, Fortidsminneforeningen i Oslo, Vøienvolden gård, Oslo, Norway.
(2022) Bygd til by, Stykjevika, Fyresdal, Norway.
(2022) Group exhibition curated by Latitude 53, ATB Branch for Arts & Culture, Edmonton, Canada.
(2021) Risografi i Norge, Grafill, Oslo, Norway.
(2020) 2084, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.
(2020) The Shifters, Kulturtårnet, Oslo, Norway.
(2019) Vårutstillingen 2019, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway.
(2018) I hear Mariachi static on my radio, Slurpen, Oslo, Norway
(2018) SNAP Members Show, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, Canada.
(2018) A Novel, Apartment Project Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
(2018) Første Vesentlige Vårslipp (VVF), Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway.
(2017) Don’t rest, narrate, Guttormsgaard Arkiv, Blaker, Norway.
(2017) The Story So Far, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, Canada.
(2017) tour tourist, neutral new, Oslo Ø, Oslo, Norway.
(2017) Agreement Between Seasons, Formrommet, Oslo, Norway
(2017) Print Matters 2017, Norske Grafikere, Oslo, Norway.
(2016) The New Singers, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway (solo)
(2016) 8th International Douro Print Biennial, Alijo, Portugal.
(2016) Medium Rare, Black Box, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
(2015) Haptic & Optic, Yantai Modern Art Gallery, Yantai, China.
(2015) Haptic & Optic, IMPACT9 Print Conference, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.
(2015) Biennale Internationale d’estampe contemporaine, Trois-Rivieres, Canada
(2014) Grafikedition Bentlage, Rathaus Galerie, Kirn, Germany.
(2014) Ich Gehe In Den Wald, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.
(2013) The Co-lab, The Mercer Warehouse Basement, Edmonton. Canada.
(2013) The News from Here: The 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, The AGA, Canada
(2012) Videophile: a fast & dirty screening of video art, Fast & Dirty, Edmonton, Canada.
(2011) Foray, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, Canada.

(2021-22) Latitude 53 Residency, Edmonton, Canada.
(2020) Open Access International Residency, Fonderie Darling, Montreal, Canada.
(2019) Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Distributed Identities thematic residency, Banff, Canada.
(2018) Apartment Project Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
(2017) PRAKSIS Residency, Oslo, Norway.
(2014) Druckvereinigung Residency, Kloster Bentlage, Rheine, Germany.

(2021) Tiril Flom, KUNSTKRITIKK, 22.03.2021, “Kritisk til Norges halvinkluderende kulturpolitikk”
(2019) Ina Hagen, KUNSTKRITIKK, 09.02.2018 “Kunstlivet reiser seg mot maktmisbruk”
(2017) PRAKSIS “don’t rest, narrate. publishing, collaboration and artistic practice”
(2017) Uncertain States of Scandinavia, Issue 6
(2017) Kjetil Røed, Billedkunst Magazine, No.3, “Begynnelser og helheter”
(2013) Peta Rake, Colour Magazine, Vol 11.1 “Show”
(2013) Nancy Tousley, The Alberta Biennial Catalogue, “The News From Here”
(2012) Edmonton Journal, July 7, “Seven Locals Picked for Biennial”

SNAP – Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists, Canada.
NBK – Norske Billedkunstnere (Norwegian Visual Artists), Norway.
UKS – Unge Kunstneres Samfund (Young Artists Society), Norway.
LNM – Landsforeningen Norske Malere (National Association of Norwegian Painters)
BONO – Billedkunst opphavsrett i Norge (Norwegian Visual Artist Copyright Society)
VISP – Produksjonsenhet for visuell kunst (Organisation for the Production of Visual Art)