27—28 April

Love Terins

Address: Montebello Kulturhus, Noreveien 24, 0379 Oslo
Floor: 5
The studio is open Sunday 28 April from 12-17

Through painting, I explore motifs that originate from figurative elements, which I then transform and modify on various levels. I gather visual information from my surroundings, with a particular interest in patterns and textiles. Through a collage-like process, I then construct new visual surfaces with the ambition to create an image space that sways between layers of varying depth and dimensions.


Kuben 2023 03 love terins webres 02
From the exhibition Floating in front of backwards, KUBEN, QB, Oslo 2023 Photo: Tor Simen Ulstein, Kunstdok

Planned projects and exhibitions

2024 Museet Kraften, Lomma, SE, solo exhibition
2024 QB Gallery, Oslo, solo exhibition
2024 Torsøyutstillingen, Torsøy Grendehus, Larvik, group exhibition
2025 Skiens Kunstforening, Skien, solo exhibition


2025 Skiens Kunstforening, Skien, NO
2024 QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
2024 Museet Kraften, Lomma, SE
2023 And Flowers Always Flowers, Gras/Atelie, Oslo, NO
2023 Floating in front of backwards, KUBEN, QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
2022 Sing into my mouth, Heerz Tooya, Veliko Tarnovo, BG
2021 Pergola, LNM, Oslo, NO
2019 RÖR, Akademirommet, Oslo, NO

2023 Hvitsten Salong, Vestby, NO
2023 Torsøyutstillingen, Torsøy Grendehus, Larvik, NO
2022 Bygd til By, Oslo/Fyresdal, NO
2022 Painting Today, QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
2020 Market Logic, Studio 17, Stavanger, NO
2019 GIFC/Velvet Ropes, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, NO
2018 Neste Nästa Næste, Avgang 2018, Galleri Seilduken 1, Oslo, NO
2016 The Big Draw – å tegne er å se, Akershus kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, NO
2015 Drawing for freedom, Hotel de ville, Paris, FR

2015-2018 Bachelor, National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, NO
2013-2015 Österlenskolan för konst och design, Simrishamn, SE