27—28 April

Linda Baardsen

Address: Hausmania kulturhus, Hausmansgate 34, 0182 Oslo
Floor: 4 etasje
The studio is open Sunday 28 April from 12-17

My working method consists of transferring pictorial materials to the paper using blue paper and then processing and coloring it further. The blue paper is used to transfer the outline of the motifs to the paper. The work is composed together with different layers from various images and self-composed photographs. I select a specific motif that I use several times where I draw over until it dissolves and a shift occur in the motif, so that it takes on a more abstract form of expression.

Watercolor, marker, collage and oil pastel

20231201 195436
Title: No title, Linda Baardsen, watercolour, marker pen and print, A2 format, 2023
Img 20240105 221009 538
Title: No more fish in the ocean, Linda Baardsen, watercolor and print, A2 format, 2024. Excerpt from a larger picture
Img 20231208 161623 061
Title: The Big Apple, Linda Baardsen, watercolour, marker and print, A2 format, 2023
Img 7930
Title: Between the bark and the wood, Linda Baardsen, watercolour, marker pen and print, A2 format, 2023

In my studio

I will show most of my works during Oslo Open, where most of them will be available for purchase. It is also possible to get a glass of red wine during the visit.


CV for Linda Baardsen
Born:1972 Adress: Høgdaveien 21 B 0680 Oslo
Phone: 41121783
E-mail: linda.baardsen@gmail.com
Instagram: @lindapindabaardsen

Membership: NBK og UKS

2003 – 2005 Master degree, KHiO, Faculty of Visual Arts, Institute of Color
2000 – 2003 Bachelor degree, KHiO, Faculty of Visual Arts, Institute of Color
1993 – 1996 Oslo Tegne og Maleskole
1992 – 1993 Åkrehavn Vidergående Skole, Karmøy primary school of drawing

2023 Høstsalongen, Haugesund Kunstforening.
2023 Oslo Open, Open door studio.
2022 Høstsalongen, Haugesund Kunstforening.
2022 Oslo Open, Open door studio.
2014 Galleri Podium, Kunstkoordinator, Group Exhibition.
2014 Oslo Open, Filmvisning ved Cinemateket / Filmens Hus
2012 Galleri Podium, Group Exhibition, Drawings / Collage
2011 Podium, Prosjektrom Hausmania, Animation
2011 Gloria Flames, Music video showcase for Izakaya Heartbeat
2008 Galleri Podium, Group Exhibition, Title: ”Jolly Demons”
2006 Høstutstillingen, Gruppen Helerium, Title: Tar det ingen ende? Videowork
2006 Østbanehallen, student gallery
2005 Oslo kunstforening ”Colorcoster” Graduation class Institute of Color
2004 Galleri Seilduken (Former Christian Dam)
2002 Høstustillingen, Title: Pust ut – Video work
2002 Galleri 21.24 & 21.25- (Student galleri Østbanehallen)
1999 Østlandsutstillingen (Installasjon)
1999 Antipooh So What event Oslo
1998 Vestlandutstilling