27—28 April

Martin Kolsrud

Address: Grenseveien 91, 0663 Oslo
Floor: 2
Room number: 3.
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

Martin Kolsrud is an Oslo based artist and works from his studio collective in Helsfyr. His work consists of printmaking, drawing and installations. He currently teaches art at Hersleb High School. People play a central part in Kolsrud’s artworks. By activating the mundane and putting the familiar into new contexts, his artwork opens for curiosity and invites the public to participate. In doing so the conversations and expressions from the public bind the work together as a social installation.

Printmaking, drawing, installations and workshops

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Politisk Fargelagt, Martin Kolsrud, drawing workshop, 2023, Tegnetriennalen 2023, Bitácora, Galleri Tenthaus, installasjonsbilde, foto: Tenthaus
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Politisk Fargelagt, Martin Kolsrud, drawingworkshop, 2023, Tegnetriennalen 2023, Bitácora, Galleri Tenthaus, installasjonsbilde, foto: Tenthaus
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Material sketches, Martin Kolsrud, shoppingbaskets, 2023, installationphoto, private pic from studio

In my studio

Come and participate in the workshop “Politically Colored (Politisk Fargelagt).” Here, the audience can color well-known and beloved faces from Norwegian politics exactly as they wish. The workshop is available for both children and adults, and participation is free. Join in on this exercise in freedom of speech!

Planned projects and exhibitions

Exhibits at Østlandsutstillingen 2024
Makes stageart for Løvetann Festivalen, musicfestival at Tøyen 13. April


Martin Grønbakk Kolsrud
Adr: Hasleveien 14, 0571 Oslo
Tlf: 004797078824
E-post: martingkolsrud@gmail.com
Webside: https://www.instagram.com/kolskolskols/

2021-2022 PPU 1. årig lektor kunst og håndverk ved OsloMet
2016-2018 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, MFA Master in Medium- and Material Based Art
2017 Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (Erasmus exchange from 02.17-06.17)
2013-2016 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Bachelor- Printmaking and Drawing
2012-2013 Agder FHS, Billedkunst og Foto
2010-2013 Oslo By Steinerskole, Billedkunst linje

Solo exhibitions:
2023 Tenthaus Politisk Fargelagt, kommunevalget 2023
2021 Tenthaus Politisk Fargelagt, en pop up-utstilling
2016 Galleri Seilduken The First Peel -en utstilling
2015 Galleri Seilduken DEATH//DEADER LIFE/ eller Dom Dog Alla Ihop

Group exhibitions:
2023 Kunst Øst Øst Kunstfest, Trosterud frivillighetssentral
2023 Tegnerforbundet, Oslo Tegnetriennalen 2023, All that Lies Between
2023 Galleri F15, Jeløya MOMENTUM 12 – Together as to gather
2022 Vippa, Oslo Queer Coloring, workshop på HKS 20-års jubileum
2021 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo Juleutstilling
2019 Galleri Golsa GIFC // Velvet Ropes – OSLO EDITION
2018 Sommerøya Festival, Ekeberg – Oslo
2018 KHiO Traust (MFA graduation show)
2017 KHiO Silent Party
2017 Galleri Norske Grafikere Frekvens vol. II
2017 Alte Posthalle, Wien The Essence 17
2017 Black Box, KHiO MOAN (MFA 1)
2016 Galleri Seilduken OPEN CALL vol. II
2016 Formsal 1, KHiO BA Graduation show 2016
2015 Galleri Seilduken Open Call
2015 PAO, Oslo Kulturnatt Performance for Amelia Beavis-Harrison
2014 Exhibition, Oslo Ladegård Performance for Jon Vogt Engeland

2018 Arts Council Norway: Miscellaneous grant for recently graduated artists (Diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere)
2022 Fredrik Tjærandsen The Core at Nagelhaus productions, Asker
2018 Julie Ebbing Printmaking assistant, Oslo
2014 Are Mokkelbost, Oslo

2023 Lektor i KDA v/ Hersleb VGS
2015 Gallerigruppa, Galleri Seilduken (KHiO)
2013/15 Printmaking substitute at Oslo By Steinerskole
2013 Fellesverkstedet Myren Grafikk

2013 Norske Grafikeres Verksted Course in mezzotint
2012 Norske Grafikeres Verksted Course in photopolymer

2016 Imago Mundi- Norway: Cold Current Collection

2023 Scenekunst til Løvetann Festivalen, Tøyen, Oslo
2022 DKS lab collaboration w/ architect Mik Skjær
2016 Public art collaboration at Grünerløkka 65-69 – Oslo

2023 Politisk Fargelagt- workshop med elever fra Hersleb vgs
2023 Politisk Fargelagt- workshop på MONUMENTUM 12
2022 DKSLAB – Design & Arkitektur 2022 (Oslo & Trondheim) galleri ROM
2021 Politisk fargelagt – en øvelse i ytringsfrihet. Workshop med elever fra Møllergata skole