27—28 April

Sofia Eliasson

Address: Grenseveien 91, G, 0663 Oslo
Floor: 2.
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

I work material-based in projects with sculpture, objects, installation and explore traditional sculptural methods such as casting with plaster and tin in dialogue with modern technology such as digital milling in stone, photogrammetry and 3D modeling. The works often take shape as reliefs with trases and imprints from research that is part of the specific project. Thematically, the projects are driven by a desire to explore human connections and complex relationship with material, time, nature and culture, how we exist and coexist in the world. Mining maps, unusual Norwegian orchids, living fossils, urban garbage, fossilized green algae and museum excavated objects are examples of materials included in my projects.

Sculptur, installation, painting

Kraft sofia eliasson foto thor brødreskift 3 kopiera
"Venus´ sisters (1)", Sofia Eliasson, soapstone, tin, 40 X 63 X 4 cm, 2023. Documentation from exhibition at Kraft, Bergen, 2023. Foto: Thor Brødreskrift
"Venus´ sisters (4)", Sofia Eliasson, soapstone, tin, 40 X 63 X 4cm, 2023, detail, photo: Kraft / von Hoegee.
Sjikt lag strata
"Sjikt lag strata", Sofia Eliasson, acrylic plaster, pigment, fiberglass, wood. 120 x 720 x 70 cm. Dokumentation: Tou Scene, 2022, Photo: Jan Inge Haga. Castings of thermoplastic roof panels are shown layered with castings of printed versions of artist Orra White Hitchcocks' (1796 - 1868) illustrations of prehistoric findings and geological cross sections.
Vokter 2022
"Vokter (ophrys) 1-6", Sofia Eliasson, synthetic plaster, pigment, 100 x 60cm, 2022. Installation image from Kunsthall Grenland, Photo: Tor S Ulstein. The rare orchid bee orchid (in Latin Ophry's insectifera) that grows at Bjørntvedt lime fracture in Porsgrunn where the breaking stone for production of cement, has been the subject of digital mutation. The orchid has small flowers that mimic a specific type of wasp it depends on for pollination. The series is shaped by artificial intelligence, 3D modeled and cast in reliefs of lime-based synthetic plaster.

Planned projects and exhibitions

2024 Public commission, Bergen Kommune, Laksevåg Barnehage
2024 Soloexhibition, Bryne Kunstforening


B.1981 in Dalsland, Sweden.
Live and work i Oslo.

2023 Symbioser, KRAFT, Bergen
2022 Grönjord, (Greenearth) Galleri 54, Gothenburg
2019 Common Skins, Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Oslo
2018 Fossil Beds, Prosjektrom Normanns, Stavanger
2016 Notebook Blue, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2016 Veckbildningar – Horisonter, Not Quite, Fengersfors
2013 Förvandlingsorter, Gallery Mors Mössa, Gothenburg
2011 Unbounded contours, Gallery FISK, Bergen
2010 Membrane, Jr Konsthallen, Linköping

2023 Østlandsutstillingen, Østfold Kunstsenter, Fredrikstad
2023 Østlandsutstillingen, Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen
2022 Fortune Tellers, curated by Randi Grov Berger, Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrun,
2022 Østlandsutstillingen Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer
2022 Østlandsutstillingen Nitja Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm
2022 Os!o – You Won’t Believe It, Oslo, Norway
2021 Threads on The Face – Notes on Environmental Literacy, ALDEA, Bergen
2021 Remaster, Tou Scene, Stavanger
2020 Vestlandsutstillingen, curated by Elise By Olsen, Norway
2019 GIFC, Blokk, Bergen 2019 Statens kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2018 Avskygninger, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Krisiansand
2018 Orientering – a group show in public space, Entreé, Tag Team studio, Palmera, Bergen
2017 triage, KHIB graduate exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2016 view finders, Bokboden, Bergen
2016 Heaven, Reggio Emilia (Italy)
2016 Rift, Bergen kött, Bergen
2015 Underground Battleground, Hammarkullen Konsthall, Gothenburg
2014 Möjligheten att eller inte, Fabriksg.48, Gothenburg
2014 B.Y.O.B, Bring Your Own Beemer, Göteborgs Kulturnatt, Göteborgs Konsthall
2014 STÄMMA, Malung, Dalarna
2014 A Simplified Sound of the Ephemeral, Konstepidemien, Gothenburg
2012 Skulpturparken, Vinterviken, Stockholm
2011 LIMEN, PREMISS, Bergen
2011 11. Gallery s.e, Bergen
2011 The great FISK show, Gallery FISK, Bergen
2011 Touching The Void, Italienska Palatset, Växjö
2010 Compunctio, Rotor 2, Akademi Valand, Göteborg

2015 – 2017 MA in visual art, National Academy of the Arts. Bergen
2009 – 2012 BA in visual art, National Academy of the Arts. Bergen
2005 – 2006 Dômen Konstskola, Gothenburg
2003 – 2005 Lunnevads folkhögskola, Linköping

2024 Public commission, Bergen Kommune
2022 Sketch, Competition for public ART, Oslo Kommune
2021-2022 Artist assistant Program with Gerd Tinglum, Norwegian Culture Fund
2017 – 2019 Research Assistant, Bergen Art Academy, Department of contemporary art, University of Bergen

The Association of Norwegian Visual Artist (NBK)
Young Artists’ Society / Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS)
Norwegian sculptors society /Norsk Billedhoggerforening (NBF)

Billedkunstnerenes Vederlagsfond
KIN Kunstsentrene i Norge