27—28 April

Maria Joanna Juchnowska

Address: Dagaliveien 27 B, 0783 Oslo
The studio is open Sunday 28 April from 12-17

Maria Joanna Juchnowska Artist, designer, curator, and founder of Mari JJ Design brand based in Oslo Norway- launched in 2010, in Stockholm Sweden.
Participated in many international exhibitions and fairs in New York, Tokyo, London, Dubai, South Korea, China, and across Europe.
Laureate and finalist of international competitions: Shiwan Cup 2023 in China, 62nd International Ceramic Biennale in Faenza, Honorable Mention at Cheongju Biennale Craft Competition 2021, Martinsons Award 2021, Make Me! Łódź Design Festival 2019, Talente 2018 Munich, Future Lights 2016/17, and others.

​Cooperated with high-end companies including brands of luxury goods such as Meissen GMbH, and Franz Collection in Taiwan/China.
Since 2007 implemented Mari JJ Design limited-edition collections at porcelain and stoneware factories: Ćmielów, Kristoff, and Bolesławiec in Poland.

Maria Juchnowska is one of the founders of the recently established Norwegian Polish Culture Organisation NPoK.

Ceramics, craft, design, mixed media, jewellery, jewlry, performance, photography, workshops

Deep reds
The “Still life” compositions, consisting of pieces from two design collections: “Egg Vessels” and “Ø wave set” and jewelry collections: “La Traviata” and “Created at The compositions are a visual study and the reflection of the perception of material art. The same pieces can be portrayed in a classic white cube setting or work as individual collectible design pieces. By putting the porcelain objects together into the still-life compositions they shift the meaning and function of the art piece to a 2-dimensional still-life. Pieces from the collections function on their own. In a new context dimension by adding specific lighting, color background, and movement The change is in its value and its perception.
Kintsugi, Ferrari Red” is a unique, one-of-the-kind piece primarily inspired by the expressive brushstrokes of abstract expressionism and the history of the automobile. After an accident, the piece has matured and received another meaning by being fully restored by using the old Japanese technique “Kintsugi” where the cracked pieces are put back together and filled with gold. This process gave the piece an extra complex, fresh beauty, soul, and simplicity avoiding being overworked with the maturity of something once broken...yet alive again. The idea of the “Egg Vessels
Birth egg vessel 1   1 (2)
The "Rebirth-Kintsugi Egg Vessel" is a porcelain sculpture inspired by kintsugi, a Japanese art of mending pottery with gold. It symbolizes rebirth, healing, and resilience. I made it in Finland in 2022, but it broke in the kiln. I fixed it with gold to highlight the contrast and beauty of the cracks. The egg shape represents the womb, life, and change. The gold represents the light, hope, and strength. Rebirth also connects my work with motherhood and birth, joy and gratitude. I used delicate and valuable materials to celebrate life and the bond between mother and child. These ideas resonate with my story and vision as an artist. Louise Bourgeois said: "My art is a form of restoration in terms of my feelings to myself and to others." This reflects my belief that art is a way of expressing and discovering myself. Through my work, I hope to share my story and vision with others.
7.kings blue pendant created at meissen   1
Collections of porcelain jewelry "Kings Blue" and "White Gold" were born as a concept and the first prototypes were created in Porcelain Factory Meissen Gmbh in Germany in 2017/2018. During my time in the factory, I selected several elements from the archives. Over 200-year-old plaster molds and models inspired me to create new unique porcelain jewelry. The collection "Kings Blue" is inspired by the history of porcelain and the time of King August the Strong where one of the first porcelain stains was made in a blue color. Meissen Porcelain, was the first factory to produce porcelain objects and sculptures in Europe, starting in 1710. This project is an idea and example of what can be brought back to life in the form of a new useful object - decorative, modern, and contemporary in aesthetics, function, and approach. Restoring hidden material knowledge and the heritage of porcelain from the past centuries and introducing new thinking in the field of arts and design and large-scale manufacturing production.
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In my studio

The Baltic Raku (Obvara) ceramic firing will be presented on Sunday the 28th April. You can come at any time between 12:00 and 17:00 to experience different stages of a unique way of the exciting process of Baltic Raku firing. There as well will be an exhibition of my art including ceramic art, jewelry, and large-scale photography*. The presentation will be held in my studio area. My studio and outside area “My Mobile Studio Gallery” are family-friendly. Welcome to all!

*Depending on the weather conditions and ability to present art, some activities such as Baltic Raku firing will be held outside my studio together with the “My Mobile Studio Gallery”.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Most information on upcoming projects can be found in the NEWS on my website such as exhibitions, workshops, etc.


Work experience
2010-d.d Owner and designer Mari JJ Design-international
2014-2022 Trafo Kunsthall Asker – Gallerist
2018-2020 Curator and promotor of group exhibition "2010._”
2018-2020 Freelance Designer/ Artist Franz Collection Ltd. Jingdezhen China.
2017-2018 Freelance Designer/Artist Meissen GmbH, Manufaktur, Meißen Germany.
2012-2015 Tate Modern and Tate Britain, London UK- Visitor Experience and Learning assistant.

Speaker/Lecturer/ Visiting Professor experience
2020 Visiting Professor at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design Wrocław, Poland
2020 “Working with art internationally” symposium Norskekunsthåndverkere Oslo, Norway
2018 Guest Lecturer at JCI Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen China
2017 EcerS European Ceramic Symposium Budapest, Hungary
2016 Guest Lecturer at Parsons New School of Design New York USA
2017- d.d “Exploring Ceramics” mentoring and art advice, Oslo Norway

2011 MFA Master of Fine Arts- Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm Sweden.
2010 MFA Master of Product Design- The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design Wrocław Poland
2009 Erasmus- exchange student at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design, Stockholm Sweden.

2019-d.d IAC International Academy of Ceramics, Switzerland/ global
2019-d.d UKS Norske Billedkunstnere, Norway
2019-d.d Artaxis International Ceramic Artist Association USA/ global
2014-d.d Norske Kunsthåndverkere, Norway

2023 62nd Faenza Prize 2023
2023 “Shiwan Cup” Emerging Artist Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition- finalist award
2023 GIDA Goldreed Award, Xiongan New Area, China- shortlisted second stage, Faenza Italy- finals
2022 Bronze A`Design Award and Competition in Arts, Crafts and Ready made Category
2021 Cheongju International Craft Competition, South Korea- Finalist, Honourable Mention
2021 Martinsons Award, Latvia Ceramics Biennial- finalist
2019 “Make me!” Łódź Design Festival, Poland finalist.
2018 “Talente 2018” International Craft Fair in Munich, Germany, finalist.
2017/2016 “Future Lights” Competition/ exhibition Fiskars/ Helsinki, Finland, finalist
2016 Chouftouhonna Feminist Festival, Tunis Tunisia. First Prize in Fine Art- Awarded
2011 Nachtmann Design Competition Stockholm and Germany, finalist.
2010 “Sexuality by women” Poznań, Poland. First Prize- awarded.
2010 Artzept International Design Award Milan, Italy, Finalist.
2010 “The Best Graduation Project 2010” Nationwide competition, Katowice Poland. Finalist.

Individual exhibitions
2020 “Ventura Future” Fuori Salone/ Salone Del Mobile Milan- moved online at Dezeen and Virtual Design Festival and Fuorisalone
2019 “Ventura Dubai” Mari JJ Design at Index Ventura Dubai UAE- Mari JJ Design
2019 “Next” and Mari JJ Design at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt Germany- Mari JJ Design
2018 “Creator is Absent” Choplet Gallery, Brooklyn New York
2018 “Talents” at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany- Mari JJ Design
2017 “Launch Pad” Exhibition at WantedDesign Manhattan New York, USA- Mari JJ Design
2017/2018 Showroom at Consulate General of Poland, New York- Mari JJ Design
2016 “Fragile” PIASA Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, New York, USA
2016 “Awakening” Gallery Feminoteka Warsaw, Poland
2013 „Baby Arms/ Ripped” Galleri Format, Bergen Norway
2013 „Retrospective Transformations” Gallery Winda, Kielce Poland
2011 “The Body” Gallery Mitteleuropa, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 “Mine is bigger than yours” Gallery Miejska, Wrocław Poland
2009 “Beginning. Politics. Symbol.” Gallery Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

Group exhibitions and performances, a selection from 2017
2024 “40x40” Academic Design Centre Łódź, Poland
2023 “Shiwan Cup” Emerging Artist Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition
2023 “Good Design Exhibition” GIDA Goldreed Award, Xiongan New Area, China
2023 “Art More More Art” International Contemporary Porcelain Exhibition Xiamen, China
2023 62nd Faenza Prize exhibition , Faenza Italy.
2022 “Jewellery Drops” Jewellery Milan Week, Milan Italy, Faenza Italy
2022 12th Arctic Clay Symposium Exhibition Posio Finland
2021 Inner space exhibition at DesignArt Tokyo, curated by Design Pier. Tokyo Japan
2021 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, South Korea
2021 Latvia Ceramics Biennial. Martisons Award/ July
2021 “Stipendutstilling 2021” Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen Norway
2021 “Østlandsutstillingen 2021”, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker Norway/ April
2021 “Głos kobiet / The voice of women” Gallery Yes Poznań, Poland /March
2020/2021 “New Members exhibition ”International Academy of Ceramics, Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing, China.
2020 “Virtual Design Destination” London Design Fair with Adorno- curated online exhibition
2020 “Przedwiośnie” Gallery BWA Kielce Poland
2019/2020 Future lights in ceramics Porzellanikon Museum of Porcelain in Selb, Germany
2019 British Ceramic Biennial, Stoke on Trent United Kingdom
2019 “Make me!” Łódź Design Festival, Poland
2019 Munich Creative Business Week MCBW FORUM, Germany
2018/2019 "LuForm meets RECIPROCITY” Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen Germany

2018/2019 International Porcelain Art Fair in Jingdezhen China with Franz Collection
2018 “Polak Artysta Ceramik” Bolesławiec, Poland

2018 “Talente” International Craft Fair in Munich, Germany

2018 “Der Berliner Salon” Berlin Fashion Week Kronprinzenpalais Berlin, with Meissen GmbH
2018 “Shaping the future” European tour exhibition: Helsinki, Ljubljana, Dublin, Berlin, Prague

2017 British Ceramic Biennial “Shaping the future” exhibition, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
2017 “Future Lights” exhibition at Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, Germany

Scholarships and project funding selection from 2017
2023-2015 Scholarship “Reisestøtte” from Norske Kunsthåndverkere
2022-2017 Culture.pl Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw Poland
2021 Stikk Norwegian Crafts for Cheongju Craft Biennale
2019 Stikk Norwegian Crafts for British Ceramics Biennial UK
2019 Stikk Design og Architecture “UDs Reisetilskudd for design og arkitektur”, Norway
2018 Scholarship from the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai
2018 Stikk Design og Architecture Norway for Sieraad Artfair

2017 Scholarship “Let’s Exhibit” from Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw Poland
2017 Stikk Design og Architecture Norway for Wanted Design New York

Symposia, Conferences and Residencies
2022 12th Arctic Clay Symposium, Posio Finland
2020 Art Residency at Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko Poland.
2020 Speaker at Norske Kunsthåndverkere Oslo Symposium “Working with art internationally” Oslo
2019 “International Porcelain Master Workshop” at Franz Industrial Park, Jingdezhen China 2018 “International Porcelain Master Workshop” at Franz Industrial Park, Jingdezhen China
2018 Guest Lecturer at JCI Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen China
2017 Speaker at Ceramic Values Conference, British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke on Trent United Kingdom
2017 Speaker at EcerS European Ceramic Symposium, Budapest Hungary
2017/2018 Meissen Art Campus / “Future Lights” Meissen Manufaktur, Meißen Germany
2016 Guest Lecturer at Parsons New School of Design New York USA
2015 Ceramic and Sculpture Symposium at Bolesławiec Manufacture, Poland
2012 International Porcelain Symposium “Porcelain in another way” at Kristoff Porcelain Factory
2009/2008 Internships at Ćmielów Porcelain Factory, Poland

Collections and representations
MIC International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza, Italy
Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing, China.
Porzellanikon Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Selb, Germany
Franz Collection China and Taiwan
At Work Gallery London United Kingdom
Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai
WantedDesign Manhattan Showroom New York USA
American Scandinavian Foundation Showroom New York
SEB Bank Stockholm, Sweden
Consulate General of Poland Trade and Investment Section New York, USA
Museum of Fine Art Academy Wrocław Poland
Gallery Mitteleuropa Stockholm, Sweden
Private Collection of “Zachęta Gallery” Director Anda Rottenberg, Warsaw Poland
Private collections: China, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA, Poland and many others

Publications and references available upon request
Vogue Poland, Elle Decoration, Elle, Merci Magazine, Wysokie Obcasy Extra, New Ceramics, Culture.pl, Zwierciadło, Kraft, TVP3 Wrocław, DesignAlive, Franz Magazine, Biznes Meble pl.