27—28 April

Vilde Blom

Address: Grenseveien 91, 0663 Oslo
Floor: 2.
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

In my artistic practice, I explore sculptures and materials that change over time or do not last, where themes such as time and control are central.

For a long time, I have worked with masses of hard candy as material, which I make by boiling sucrose, glucose and water. I have also started working with isomalt, a sweetener that is similar to hard candy, but is easier to shape. Both materials are affected by humidity, temperature and gravity. I explore how the sculptures change over time, with the idea that all stages of change are equally important in the experience of the sculpture.

Sculpture, installation, film, sound, performance

The snakes, the marbles, the intestines
Vilde Blom: 'The snakes, the marbles, the intestines', sculptures cast in hard candy, gradually dissolving during the exhibition period, 2020. Installation from the exhibition 'Skulpturen er ikke en kropp, men kroppen er, og den har skulpturen' at Babel visningsrom for kunst, Trondheim. Photo: Susann Jamtøy.
 mg 35791
Vilde Blom: 'Steady flowers holding me, buzzing sound when I breathe', detail of sculpture in isomalt, 2023, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg
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Vilde Blom: 'Under lindetreet', Sculptures cast in hard candy and found bumblebees, 2022 Installation from the exhibition 'Etter røtmånen' at Tag Team Studio, Bergen. Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Nærbilde skulptur copy
Vilde Blom: 'Mammatreet', perfromance during Minimunch, 2023, MUNCH, Oslo. Photo: Johan Andrén


2015 – 2017 Master of Fine Arts, Bergen Academy of Art and Design
2016 One semester of exchange, Iceland Academy of the Arts
2012 – 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
2010 – 2011 One-year study in photography, Lofoten Folkehøgskole

2023 Steady flowers holding me, buzzing sound when I breathe, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg
2022 Etter røtmånen, Tag Team Studio, Bergen
2021 Duo show, Macken, Malmö,
in collaboration with Johan Andrén
2020 Skulpturen er ikke en kropp, men kroppen er, og den har skulpturen, Babel visningsrom for kunst, Trondheim
2019 Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are?, Aarhus Artspace, Aarhus, in collaboration with Gudrún Tara Sveinsdóttir
2018 Ingredients of Identity / Identity of Ingredients, NEJD, Gothenburg,
in collaboration with Gudrún Tara Sveinsdóttir
2018 Industrial production of the other body, Galleri Blunk, Trondheim
2018 A thousand observations, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen,
in collaboration with Ingrid Bjørnseth and Aski Dahl
2017 Chew, taste, sweet, rich, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø,
in collaboration with Gudrún Tara Sveinsdóttir

2023 Performance during Minimunch: Munchs hage, MUNCH, Oslo
2022 NEJD magasin nr 4, NEJD upprepar sig, 3:e våningen, Gothenburg
2021 Vårsufflé, Galleri Slätten, Malmö
2020 Villa Bazaar, The Association of Norwegian Sculptors, Oslo
2018 Parallel times – performance now, PAO Festival, ROM for kunst
og arkitektur, Oslo
2018 PINK, QB Gallery, Oslo
2018 Dropsfabrikken, Trondheim
2017 Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
2017 Opening of NEJD, Gothenburg
2017 Strange weather, isn’t it?, RÝMD, Reykjavik
2017 triage, the master graduation show, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2016 HvolfSpegill, Sigurjón Ólafsson museum, Reykjavik
2016 When all .is said and done, SÍM Gallerí, Reykjavik
2016 Rift, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen
2015 The bachelor exhibition 2015, Kulturbunker Dora, Trondheim

2020 Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim
2016 SÍM residency, Reykjavik