27—28 April

Stig Marlon Weston

Address: CYAN studio, Jens Bjelkes gate 13, 0562 Oslo
Floor: 1
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

I am interested in how our senses perceive reality before our unconscious interpretation clouds the subjective experience. My work explores ways in which photography can visualize thought processes and systems of markedly different ways of seeing the world and it´s landscapes.
Working experimentally with photography I rediscover the intimate connection between the material and it´s subject matter. The photograph becomes a sampling tool of physical proof and impressions in a way that minimizes the importance of depiction and instead draws out the act of interpretation as a motif.
Working with everything from pinhole cameras to truly cameraless photographic methods like photograms and lumenprinting, earlier and ongoing projects deal with themes as the primal world seen through the eyes of the wild animal mind, the visual search for religious or spiritual meaning in the surroundings, or the scientific systematic outlook on nature.
My images encourages the viewer to examine their own personal visual process by forcing a personal interpretation to make meaning of a photographic image.


Stigmweston 1 grove installation
Stig Marlon Weston, installation and artist talk at the exhibition "Grove" at Bærum Arthall 2018
Stigmweston 1 amadaverde installation
Stig Marlon Weston, installation of works from "Empirical" at the exhibition "Amada Verde" in Haus am Lützowplatz Kunsthaus, Berlin 2022
Etplutseligvindkast morketid3
Stig Marlon Weston, from the series "A sudden gust of wind" shown at the exhbition "Plein Air" pat Vadso Art Society in 2023
Standingstones ivarsteinen
The "Ivar Stone", a full size lumenprint made during the artist residency in Finnmark in 2023

In my studio

I will open my photostudio up for a group of younger photographers to show their works while I take part in Oslo Open. There will be an art market atmosphere with a number of new artists showing their works and sharing conversations on how different artists work differently with their photography.

Planned projects and exhibitions

This year I will try to finish the project I started during an artist residency in Vadsø, Finnmark, last year. The images center around landscape and hwo we can see the world around us as a stage for old history and personal histories. I have among other things made lumenprints of standing stones and multiexposed pinhole photographs of the landmarks in Varangerfjord.
In 2023 I published my first photobook, in collaboration with US photographer Meggan Gould. We have explored the effect of synchronicity and overlapping workprocesses by doubleexposing film across long distances in a long work conversation going on over 5 years. Through this process the images are truly collaborative works and not individual images put next to each other. This year I will continue to exhibit and promote this project.
I am also working towards my next photo book based on the project I started at an artist residency in Brazil, looking at the scientific viewpoint and ongoing climate change in the rainforest. The series har been exhibitied as a solo show at the Copenhagen Photo Festival and a group show in Berlin, and I am working on organizing more exhibitions for this series. By mixing techniques of cameraless photography I utilize light sensitive photographic material to collect visual samples from important parts of the rainforest landscape. The image series are made as statistical materialwhere new knowledge can be gleaned from comparing images and looking more closely at how things are when seen as they are. It ends up a display of the unknown that can be discovered through the use of an unfamiliar point of view of the world.


2023// “Plein Air”, Vadso Art Society – Finnmark
2022// “Cum grano salis”, Oslo Negativ photofestival – Oslo
2021// ´Empirical´, Copenahgen Photo Festival – Denmark
2021// ´Surroundings´, Gallery Blaker Skanse, Viken
2019// ´Summerreminsicence´, Studio Oscar, Akershus
2018// ´Croisière au Cercle Polaire. Eté 1929´, Mons – Belgia
2018// ´Grove´, Baerum Kunsthall, Akershus
2018// ´Divinations´, Shoot Gallery, Oslo
2018// Ǵrove´, Lorenskog Art Society, Akershus
2016// ´Moments´, Hole Artcenter
2015// ´Followers´, CYAN galleri, Oslo
2013 // Grove, Baerum House of Culture, Baerum – Norway
2013 // Opening exhibition, SAGA gallery & photography centre, Trondelag-Norway
2011 // Sampling Nature, A un V gallerie, Leipzig – Germany
2005 // To make land,Gallery Pontoppidan, Oslo
2004 // Summer reminiscence, Gallery Elenor, Oslo
2002 // If these walls could talk, Dostopriemtschjastelnosti, Berlin – Germany

2023// “Naturphilia”, Gadsen Museum, Alabama – USA
2023// “Tree”, Ullensaker Art Society, Viken
2023// “Analogies”, House of Photography, Oslo
2022// “Balder salong”, Galleri Balder, – Oslo
2022// “Small works”, Medium Photo Festival, San Diego – USA
2022// “Pavloka Pinholefest”, Potofestival, Kyiv – Ukraina
2022// “Living Image”, The Halide Project Gallery, Philadelphia – USA
2021// “Amada Verde”, Haus am Lützowplatz Kunsthaus, Berlin – Tyskland
2021// ´Alternative Process Competition´, Soho Photogallery, NYCUSA
2021// ´Nordic Village´, Pelt Photo Festival, Pelt – Holland
2021// ´Østlandsutstillingen´, State regional exhibition, travelling – Norway
2019// ´It came from the North´, Jakarta WTC – Indonesia
2018// ´Nordic Village´, Helsinki Fotofestival – Finland
2018// ´Uncertain States Scandinavia Annual´, Nordic Light Festival, Møre og Romsdal
2017// ´Inside the shadow´, Arthouse1, London
2017// ´#BliHus´, City hall gallery, Oslo
2017// APDA, Kyoto – Japan
2016// Society of Scottish Artists Annual, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh- Scotland
2015// ´December Salon´, Shoot Gallery, Oslo
2015// ´Sommerøya´ festival, Oslo
2015// ´Scientificious´, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati – USA
2014// ´Stipendutstillingen´, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo
2013// ´Playground/District 12´, Vulkan gallery, Oslo
2012// ´Using photography´, Dortmund Kunstlerhaus, Germany
2012// ´1:1´-Magnetic truths, Artist Wanted, New York, USA
2012// ´Høstutstillingen´, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
2011// ´Day of Photography´-festival, invited, Preus Museum of Photography, Norway
2011// ´Rituals of Recreation´, Travelling exhibition by The Photographic Angle, England
2009// ´Limbo´, Maria Veie Gallery, Trondelag
1998// Østlandsutstillingen

2023// AiR – Finnmark Artist studio, Vadso – Norge
2023// Published – The photobook “More somehow” with Meggan Gould by Heavy Books pbl
2023// Grant – Norwegian Photographers Fund, project support
2022// Published – presented in anthology – maybe.Magazine #2 – Germany
2022// Interviewed – Cultura notes podcast, Norge – online
2022// Interviewed – The Wise Fool Podcast, USA/Tjekkia – online
2022// Grant – Statens Kunststipend – diversestipend
2022// AiR – Atelier Nøss Artist Residency Vesterålen – Norge
2021// Purchase – Preus National Museum of Photography – Norway
2021// Interviewed – Photopocene podcast, online
2020// Grant – Book project support, Norwegian Photographers Association – Norway
2020// Published – Book: I didn´t read your hints, with Meggan Gould – self published
2020// Grant – Project support, The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Norway
2020// Award – Nominated for Oslo Open Honorary Award – Norway
2019// Grant – Projectsupport, Free Speech Foundation – Norway
2019// Award – Professional Press Photographers Prize – Norway
2018// AiR – Labverde – Brasil
2018// Grant- travelsupport, – UD/Embassy in Belgium
2018// Purchase – FERD Art collection, Oslo
2018// Grant – Norwegian Photographers Fund, Oslo
2017// Commisions – Association of Nurses of Norway, office headquarters, Oslo
2017// AiR – Can Serrat, Catalonia – Spain
2015// Award – Working Artist Photography Awar – USA
2014// Award – Galleri Ramfjord Awards exhibition, Winner, Oslo
2014// Commisions – ICART, cruiseliner – Germany
2013// Commisions – hotel, Art Consult Germany – Germany
2011// Grant: Norsk Fotografisk Fond – prosjektstøtte
2011// Award – Grand Prize Winner, The Focus Project/Artist Wanted – USA
2004// Commisions – hotel, Radisson SAS Berlin – Germany