27—28 April

Christian Berg Gravningen

Address: Grenseveien 91, 0663 Oslo
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

Among the younger generation of artists, Christian Berg Gravningen has received much deserved attention. In his expressive, but poetic, paintings, he shows images from his immediate surroundings, experiences and memories. It can be flower bouquets, apartment buildings, winter landscapes, portraits or images from film and photos. Everything done in a free and unpretentious way with an observant presence. They can be melancholy, but often with humor and done in a way that feels liberating. Especially in contrast to the last decades of conceptual and theory-heavy projects.

Previous solo exhibitions include Skiens Art Association in 2023, Indre Østfold Art Association and Bærum Kunsthall in 2021 as well as The Association of Visual Artists Oslo. Gravningen has participated in a number of group exhibitions such as Still life # 2 at QB Gallery, Aulie Nå and Borgen Museum. Gravningens work has also been seen at Kösk, LNM, and at Østlandsutstillingen.


Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking

Christian Berg Gravningen. Self-portrait with Green Cap. Oil on panel. 50 x 40 cm. 2023. (Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen)
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Christian Berg Gravningen. Installation photo from Hverdagsbilder at Skiens Art Association 2023. (Photo: Ole Morten Eyra)
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Night Roof. Oil on canvas.195 x 105cm. 2022. (Photo: Ole Morten Eyra)
Christian Berg Gravningen. Installation photo from Oplandia senter for samtidskunst 2024. (Foto: Øystein Thorvaldsen)

In my studio

In my studio I offer coffee and biscuits. You will have the pleasure of looking at lots of paintings and I will be available to chat. (If desired)

Planned projects and exhibitions

Oplandia senter for samtidskunst (solo), Hovedøya Kunstsal (group) and Østlandsutstillingen 2024


CV Christian Berg Gravningen
Born 1989, Notodden. Norway. Lives and works in Oslo, Norway. cbgravningen@gmail.com www.christianberggravningen.com

2012-2015 Oslo National Academy of the Arts. BFA. Medium- and materialbased art.
2010-2012 Einar Granum School of Fine Art. Painting.

Solo shows:
Christian Berg Gravningen. Oplandia Senter for Samtidskunst. Lillehammer. Norway. 2024
Hverdagsbilder. Skiens Kunstforening. Skien. Norway. 2023 Heavy Snow. Indre Østfold Kunstforening. Mysen. Norway. 2021
Car Window. Bærum Kunsthall. Bærum. Norway. 2021 Campfire. BOA. Oslo. Norway. 2020 Super Sport. Galleri Ask. Åsgårdstrand. Norway. 2016
FLAKKENDE VOKSLYS, DÅRLIG HÅRSVEIS. Galleri Seilduken. Oslo. Norway. 2015

Group shows:
UPCOMING: Hovedøya Kunstsal. Oslo. Norway. 2024
Østlandsutstillingen. Kunstbanken senter for samtidskunst. Hamar. Norway. 2024
Still Life # 2. QB Gallery. Oslo. Norway. 2024
Off The Wall. Bærum Kunsthall. Bærum. Norway. 2023
Stipendutstillingen. Telemark Kunstsenter. Skien. Norway. 2023
Off The Wall. Kösk. Oslo. Norway. 2022 Østlandsutstillingen. Vestfold Kunstsenter. Tønsberg. Norway. 2021 Østlandsutstillingen. Trafo Kunsthall. Asker. Norway. 2021 AULIE NÅ. Galleri Dikemark. Asker. Norway. 2021 AULIE NÅ. Eidsberg Art Association. Mysen. Norway. 2020 GIFC/Velvet ropes. Steinsland Berliner. Stockholm. Sweden. 2019
GIFC/Velvet ropes. Hosted by Golsa. Dora Sjøsiden. Trondheim. Norway. 2019 GIFC/Velvet ropes. Golsa. Oslo. Norway. 2019
Café Noir. Trondhjems Kunstforening. Trondheim. Norway. 2019
Borgen Museum & Co. Hvittingfoss. Norway. 2018
Work of the month. LNM. Oslo. Norway. 2018
Okidok. Notodden. Norway. 2018
KHIO_Open call vol. 4. Galleri Seilduken. Oslo. Norway. 2018
UTSTILLING, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Norway. 2015
Arts and Crafts BFA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Norway. 2015
Grafikk og Maleri, Galleri Kunstgress, Oslo. Norway. 2014
Kunsthall Hydro Texaco, Notodden. Norway. 2011
Jury. LNM. 2024
Vararepresentant. Den Nasjonale Jury. 2022/2023 Instructor. Munch’s Summer School. The Munch Museum. Oslo. Norway 2021 Illustration. Kjartan Fløgstad, Fladen Grunn. Ferdig snakka. 2015
Project support. Kulturrådet. 2024 Norwegian Visual Artists Fund (BKV) 2021 Contemporary Art Centres in Norway, Project support. (Regionale Prosjektmidler) 2020
NBK Project support. (Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond) 2020 Arts Council Norway, Miscellaneous grant for recently graduated artists 2016

Memberships: LNM, NBK