27—28 April

Jói Kjartans

Address: Bjørka, Schweigaardsgate 34D, 0191  Oslo
Floor: 3
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

Jói Kjartans is an Icelandic photographer who goes through rolls of film like Tony Montana went through product. He spends practically every moment he can shooting whatever catches his eye and he has an uncanny ability to capture the essential spirit of his subjects, all of whom he tends to shoot in moments of transition. — Dazed Digital

Member of Bjørka, Verksted for kamerabasert kunst (bjorka.org)
Member of FFF / Forbundet Frie Fotografer (fffotografer.no)
Member of FÍSL / The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association (fisl.is)


Kjartans joi 001
Laxness, Joi Kjartans, Photography, 2023
Kjartans joi 002
RGB, Joi Kjartans, Photography, 2023
Kjartans joi 003
Mývatn, Joi Kjartans, Photography, 2023
Kjartans joi 004
Kaffibarinn, Joi Kjartans, Photography, 2023

In my studio

I will exhibit my previous books and sell framed prints in the size 20×30 and 30×40 together with other Bjørka members. (https://www.bjorka.org/)

Planned projects and exhibitions

I’m planning to publish the photobook ‘Má ég sjá þig?’ (Can I see you?) in 2024 with photographs I exhibited at The Nordic Light Photofestival in Kristiansund in 2022.


2015 – 2017 Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo, Norway (bildernordic.no) — Photography
2003 – 2006 The Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland (lhi.is) — B.A. Graphic Design
1999 – 2003 The Commercial College of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland (verslo.is)

Group Exhibitions
2023 Bjørka Group Exhibition, Oslo Negativ, DNA, Den Gamle Veterinærhøgskolen, Oslo, Norway
2022 Má ég sjá þig? Issue 14 — Uncertain States of Scandinavia Release, K-U-K Gallery, Trondheim, Norway
2022 Má ég sjá þig? with Uncertain States at Nordic Light Festival of Photography, Kristiansund, Norway
2022 Torg Listamessa, with FÍSL / The Icelandic Contemporary Photography Association, Korpúlfsstaðir, Iceland 2022 Uncertain Covers, Fotogalleri Vasli Souza, Oslo, Norway
2021 Utflukt Bjørka Summer Group Exhibition, Hvervenbukta, Bunnefjorden, Oslo, Norway
2018 Uncertain States Scandinavia Annual, Nordic Light Festival of Photography, Kristiansund, Norway
2017 Open Call Outdoor Exhibition, Landskrona Foto Festival, Landskrona, Sweden
2017 Uncertain States/Kjøllefjord, Shoot Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2017 Uncertain States Scandinavia (first) Annual 2016, Galleri Seilduken, KHiO, Oslo, Norway
2016 Fotografis Portfoliopris, Fotografiens Hus, Oslo, Norway
2016 Inkognitogatas Høstutstilling, Inkognitogata, Oslo, Norway
2016 Ísland í heiminum, heimurinn í Íslandi, The National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland
2015 The Nordic Dummy Award 2015, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
2012 You’reavision/How do you like Iceland?, Gallery Schaeffers Gate 5, Oslo, Norway
2011 Beat-Addicts, w/ Sophie Van der Perre & Vrederik, AIMLOFT, Paris, France
2008 Various Photographs, curated by Tim Barber, New York Photo Festival, New York, USA
2008 Satin Satan, curated by Brad Troemel, Satin Satan Gallery, Chicago, USA
2006 Stereótýpur, Iceland Academy of the Arts Graduation Exhibition, Reykjavík Art Museum, Reykjavík, Iceland

Solo Exhibitions
2016 64°North, Galleri Punkt, Oslo, Norway
2011 Almost Live, Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Skotið, Reykjavík, Iceland 2010 Jói de Vivre, Kron Kron, Reykjavík, Iceland
2008 Gleðibankinn, Kolaportið Flea Market, Reykjavík, Iceland
2008 Ó, Reykjavík!, Gallerý Hælið, Iceland
2007 Sirkusár, Gallerý Auga fyrir Auga, Reykjavík, Iceland
2007 ÚT / VIL / EK, The Naked Ape, Reykjavík, Iceland

2015 Rånebiler, Dummy / Artist Book, 32 pages, Limited Edition of 3, Oslo, Norway
2010 Jói de Vivre, Book, 260 pages, Limited Edition of 60, Self Published, Smásjá, Reykjavík, Iceland
2007 Sirkusár, Book, 40 pages, Limited Edition of 12, Self Published, Smásjá, Reykjavík, Iceland

Book Stipend / The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association 2023
Selected for Open Call / Landskrona Foto Festival 2017
Nominated – 38°N / Fotografis Portfoliopris 2016
Nominated – Rånebiler / The Nordic Dummy Award 2015