27—28 April

Andrea Grundt Johns

Address: Startblokka, Østre Aker vei 90, 0596 Oslo
Floor: Underetasjen i Bygg 4
Room number: 2
The studio is open Saturday 27 April from 12-17

Through artists’ books, installations, texts and cameraless photography Andrea approaches sight through tactility, and explores the idea of seeing with other senses. This is a critical approach to photography and the ocular-centric (sight-centered) Western society.

Her work also explores our how nature shapes us, how we shape nature and how these changes again shapes us. She is especially interested in constructed and reconstructed landscapes such as botanical gardens and re-wilding projects, as well as pre- and postindustrial landscapes.

Her solo exhibition “Fjerne fjell” (“Remote/Remove Mountains”) is currently on display at Portåsen, Buskerudmuseet (03.03-05.05). And as part of the artist group Solastalgia she is showing new work in “Fields of Exploration” at Terminal B in Kirkenes (12.04-25.05).

(cameraless) photography, text, artists' books, installation

Dsc 1949
"Den Gråeste Oldtid" (2024) Andrea Grundt Johns. Readymade's (iron lumps from the iron mine AS Sydvaranger). Varying size. From the exhibition "Solastalgia 4.0" Terminal B, Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes Photo: Ann Edvartsen Hay
"Dis-tant/-appearing Mountains" (2024) Andrea Grundt Johns. Cyanotype on textile, approx 140x300 cm each. From the exhibition "Fjerne fjell", Portåsen, Buskerudmuseet. Photo: Andrea Grundt Johns
Img 0288
"Tipp 1 (AS Sydvaranger)" (2022) Andrea Grundt Johns. Analogue b/w photo on rollups, 200x300 cm. From the exhibited "Transformations", Høyblokka, Startblokka in Oslo. Installastion picture, photograph: Andrea Grundt Johns
Dsc 1947
"Den Gråeste Oldtid" (book, 2024) Andrea Grundt Johns. Artists' book, printed at Dagfinn Hansens Trykkeri AS, Kirkenes. 21x15 cm. 24 pages. Edition of 50. From the exhibition "Solastalgia 4.0: Forsøksfelt" at Terminal B, Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes. Installation photo: Ann Edvartsen Hay

In my studio

In my studio visitors will be able to see old works together with with what I am currently working on. In April 2024 I have two planed exhibitions. Works, tests and abandoned ideas from these will be shown.
There will be some light refreshments. As long as the weather is good and there is paper, visitors are also welcome to try to make cyanotypes (the oldest photographic technique still available today). Artists’ books will be available for sale.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Solo exhibition at Portåsen, Buskerudmuseet in Mjøndalen: 03.03.24-05.05.24
Group exhibition with artist group Solastalgia at Terminal B, Pikene på Broen in Kirkenes: 11.04.24-25.05.24
Nordnorsken 2023 (group exhibition): 14.01.23-07.01.24
Artist in residence at Leveld kunstnartun in Ål, summer 2024.
Contribution to book project with The Greenhouse Center for Environmental Humanities, University of Stavanger, due 2024.


2018-20 Master in Fine arts, KMD, University of Bergen
2013-15 Bachelor in Fine art photography. Akademin Valand, Göteborg University
2011-13 Oslo Fotokunstskole
2009-10 Drama and theater-communication, Oslo Metropolitan University

2024 Cyano-scape at Portåsen, Buskerudmuseet, Mjøndalen
2021 Puslespill & Havfruetårer with Anniken J. Hessen, Mottaket, Ålesund
2017 Forest Glass & Fern Crystals Oslo Prosjektrom, Oslo
2016 Efemer/Stasis with Dennis Burén, CYAN galleri, Oslo
2015 Ut på tur aldri sur Plywood Banquet, galleri plywood, Göteborg
2015 A Reflection is Created when Reflected Upon with Jonna Hägg, Galleri Fisk, Bergen
2014 two days at sea, etc. Galleri Monitor, Göteborg
2014 Stopp, vi er ikke her galleri plywood, Göteborg

2024 Solastalgia 4.0, Terminal B/Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes
2023 Vevringutstillinga 2023, Vevring
2023 Kunstbokmessen B*stard Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer
2023 Fellesutstillingen Startblokka, Oslo
2023-24 «Nordnorsken 2023» Den 77. Nordnorske kunstutstilling, vandreutstilling
2022 Solastalgia 3.0, festivalkunstner Varangerfestivalen 2022, Vadsø
2022 Bergen Art Book Fair #9, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
2022 B*stard kunstbokmesse, Oppland kunstsenter, Lillehammer
2021 Risografi i Norge 2021, Grafill, Oslo
2021 Østlandsutstillingen 2021, Vestfold kunstsenter, Tønsberg
2021 Doors Galleri Seilduken, Oslo
2021 Kunstbokmessen B*stard, Oppland Kunstsenter, Lillehammer
2021 Østlandsutstillingen 2021, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker
2021 Bergen Art Book Fair #8, Pamflett, Bergen
2020 Solastalgia 2.0: Følelsenes fakta, Studio 17, Stavanger
2020 MA2020 KODE 2, Bergen
2020 Window Exhibition art walk, Bergen
2019 Polar Graphics/American Tourister/Performing Alienation, Joy Forum KMD, Bergen
2019 Solastalgia 1.0, Rom 61, KMD, Bergen
2019 MAKE ME / DESTROY ME, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen
2015 Untitled, med Johanna Wallin & Dennis Burén, Göteborgs Konstförening
2015 Bachelor Exhibition Photography, Akademin Valand, Röda Sten Konsthall
2014 Five Captions, (HEAVY Books), New York Art Book Fair, New York City
2014 Rubbing, (HEAVY Books), Landskrona Fotofestival, Landskrona, Sverige
2014 Kieler Frieden 1814, Flandernbunker, Kiel, Tyskland
2013 Østlandsutsillingen 2013, Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg
2013 Østlandsutsillingen 2013, Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm

2022 NBKBKV one year grant
2022 Statens kunstnerstipend – miscellaneous grant
2021 Oslo Kommune – international artist exchange grant
2021 Bergesenstiftelsen – project grant
2021 Kulturrådet – project grant
2021 Regionale midler i Nord – project grant
2021 Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune – project grant
2020 Bergen Kommune – establishing grant
2017 Kulturrådet – project grant for establishing artists
2016 Statens kunstnerstipend – miscellaneous grants for newly graduated
2015 Adlerbertska Hospitiestiftelsen
2014 Adlerbertska Stipendiestiftelsen
2014 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers fond

2024 UPCOMING: juni-august: Leveld Kunstnartun, Ål
2023 November: Pikene på Broenin Kirkenes with artist group Solastalgia
2022 November: «The Green Shift», The Greenhouse, Universitetet i Stavanger
2022 October: Seanse, Volda
2022 May: Vadsø Kunstforening with artist group Solastalgia
2021-22 Sept-August: artist and research residency at CAMLab, FAS, Harvard University
2017 January: RUD AIR, Laxarby, Sverige

Nasjonalmuseet: Bibliotek og dokumentasjonsarkiv
Nasjonalmuseet: Videokunstarkivet
Bibliotek for kunst og design, KMD, Bergen
Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection
Private collections

2022 «Buddhism, Japanese Arts and Culture», Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Harvard University
2021 «Specialist Art Course: Photography of China: 1839-2021», Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art, SOAS University of London
2018 «Art on Paper», Aesthetical studies, Universitetet i Oslo
2018 «Media Archeology of the Moving Image», Universitet i Oslo
2016-17 Silk screen & intaglio, Norske Grafikeres Verksted
2012 Book binding, Folkeuniversitetet i Oslo

2024 UPCOMING: DKS-tour in Ålesund kommune with Anniken J. Hessen
2023 DKS-tour in Alver og Bergen kommune with Anniken J. Hessen
2023 Cyanotype-workshop during Vevringutstillinga 2023 (september)
2023- Vara member in election comittee Forbundet Frie Fotografer
2023 Cocurator Fellesutstillingen på Startblokka
2023 Assistant professor (40%) at KMD, UiB
2022 DKS-tour in Ålesund kommune with Anniken J. Hessen
2022 Guest teacher at Institutt for Samtidskunst, KMD, UiB
2022 Cyanotype-workshop for children, Norsk litteraturfestival, Lillehammer
2022 External sensor for master students in fine art at KMD, UiB
2020 Guest teacher at Institutt for Samtidskunst, KMD, UiB
2019-20 Student representative interview comittee institut leader & 50% professor photo at KMD
2015-16 Prosject assistent Spring Exhibition 2016, Forbundet Frie Fotografer
2014 Student representative interview comittee BFA-students at Akademin Valand, Göteborg