27—28 April


29 October, 11 am-7 pm
Haugerud activity centre, Hagapynten 38, Oslo

Join us for a day filled with art, joy and community. There is always a need to unite and create something together, and to throw a party! An event by ØST KUNST in collaboration with Oslo Open, Kunstnerforbundet, Haugerud volunteer centre and Trosterud youth club.

October 9 2023
Concert where children are dancing in the foreground.
Concert with Majaz. Photo: Didier Muya for ØST KUNST.

ØST KUNSTfest is a tribute to the diversity of talents in our city, and especially in the local area of Haugerud. It is a celebration of art’s ability to inspire, challenge and unite us. You can present your own art works and express yourself through various workshops.

Everything is free!

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Art exhibition

Our art committee has put together a brand new exhibition in Haugerud activity house, with artworks on loan from Kunstnerforbundet. The art committee consists of: Milky and Taha (Trosterud youth club), Martin (artist), Frida (Oslo Open), Nesteren (ØST KUNST) Anne Marte and Committee leader Martina (Kunstnerforbundet).

In addition, anyone can bring their own work and become part of the exhibition at the house on this day.


11:00-12:00: Bollywood dance session
- Bring your whole family and dance with us. All ages are welcome.

12:00-13:00: Taste of art
- Explore the art with our tour guides, while enjoying tasty waffles

13:00-14:30: Creative workshop for everyone
- Become an artist for a day. Join an exciting monoprint workshop held by the London-based artist Hannah Jones, and print your own images and designs.

13:00-14:30: Belly dance for women with Lamya
- Get carried away by the rhythm and beauty of belly dancing, led by Lamya. Only for women.

15:00-15:30: Taste of art
- Join an art tour. Get a second chance to discover the art with our guides and taste delicious waffles.

16:00-17:00: Stage program with Luween, El Pueblo and more
- The local host Luween guides you through a program of local dance, a conversation with the committee behind the exhibition, and a mini-concert with El Pueblo.

17:00-19:00: Dinner
- We end the art party with a delicious meal with friends and neighbours. Take the opportunity to get to know artists and others in the neighbourhood.

We look forward to seeing you at ØST KUNSTfest, a day for art and community!

The event is supported by the municipality of Oslo and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.