27—28 April

Live-Streamed Studio Visits

Ragnhild Brochmann (writer of the popular column Estetikeren in Morgenbladet), Marie Saxeide (art mediator/ content marketing manager at Atelier, a new Norwegian platform that enables artists to sell their art directly from the studio), Marianne Hurum (Oslo-based painter with several years of engagement working for artists’ rights) and Marthe Elise Stramrud (artist and director of Oslo Open) stepped into the role of reporters during 2021´s Studio Weekend and gave the audience a chance to tag along for informal and fun meetings in artist’s studios around the city.

We will take our digital audience on more live-streamed visits in 2022. Stay tuned!

Ragnhild Brochmann guided visitors through Oslo Open 2021.
Ragnhild Brochmann guided visitors through Oslo Open 2021. Photo: Robert Rønning

The program was broadcasted every half an hour on Oslo Open’s Instagram profile, and allowed viewers to engage in real time. The stage was set for personal and casual meetings between the artists and the audience. Follow Oslo Open’s instagram profile to see recordings of the live-streamed visits.

Saturday 17 April, 2021:

12:00 Ingrid Lønningdal
12:30 Katja Høst
13:00 John K. Raustein
13:30 Ivan Galuzin
14:00 Mikael Hegnar
14:30 Heidi Marie Wien
15:00 Munan Øverlid
15:30 Malin Bülow
16:00 Irma Salo Jæger, Muralverkstedet
16:30 Nina Bang & Per Hess
17:00 Tina Jonsbu
17:30 Terje Nicolaisen

Sunday 18 April, 2021:

12:00 Julia Boracco
12:30 Erik Bromö
13:00 Love Terins
13:30 Christina Bruland
14:00 Martine Linge
14:30 Andreas Olavssønn Rongen
15:00 Roghieh A. Torvund
15:30 Siren Elise Dversnes Dahle
16:00 Sigrid Espelien
16:30 Lena Trydal
17:00 Runa Sandnes
17:30 Victoria Günzler & Anette Krogstad