27.—28. april

Patricia Carolina

Adressen til Patricia sitt atelier er fkds studios / back of Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17. Entrance from the back of KH. 3rd floor. Studio 3 (right door), 0167 Oslo
Atelieret er åpent søndag 23. april

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Khio kunstakademiet avgang 2022 webres 221
Patricia Carolina. Tsssss, tzzzz (2022) Site specific, projection. Projection at river Akerselva, by the stairs of KHIO. . Every evening from 18:00-20:00. 11.03.22-20.03.22, Oslo. P.C. Istvan Virag
Difused horizontals 2
Patricia Carolina. "Sequence for Diffused Horizontals" (2022) Installation, found object. Detail What remains. Boiling water, text, electrical kettles spread in different places of the exhibition space, they are operated automatically several times a day. Exhibition view at Nylistasafnid i Reykjavik. P.C. Vigfus Birgisson.
Khio kunstakademiet avgang 2022 webres  40
Patricia Carolina. "If this line finds you snaking" (2022) Digital video, installation. Multichannel videos. 2 projectors, cotton curtain, electronic system, motors. loop 4min 20 sec. View: group exhibition "Fox trot Foxtrot" Kunstnernes hus, (c.by Lisa Rosendahl) 19.04.2022-01.05.2022, Oslo. Norway P.C. Istvan Virag
 mg 9797
Patricia Carolina. "City of the Immortals: Regarding the spillage of the bodies (2018) Installation, detail. Water, electronic mechanism, sprinkler, unfired clay, wood, metal, plastic hose, cotton textiles. 280 x 240 x 100 cm. “Kubbur gallery” Iceland.