23.—24. april

Yamile Calderon

Adressen til Yamile sitt atelier er Waldemar Thranes gate 70, 3 etg. Rom 336, 0173 Oslo
Atelieret er åpent søndag 24. april

I am a visual artist working with photography and video. My work is concentrated in three themes: violence, migration, and colonialism, allowing me to unveil how colonial roots and violence continue not only to affect society at large and it’s world of politics but how they haunt single individuals like myself. The personal stories and experiences are thus for me a way of understanding the tension that colonial oppression continues to generate in the space between the individual and the collective.

In my artistic practise, I draw from my early experience and education as a journalist, to use, among others, documentary practices to investigate these unceasing social phenomena. I am interested in analyzing the role of documentary photography now, and I want to explore different visual and narrative strategies to tell stories and interpret reality.

Video/ Fotografi

Img 0725
John Lenon Nightclub, Posada Alemana, Salento Quindío From the series "Narcos & Homes" Yamile Calderon 100 X 150 cm, C Print Plexiglass 2013
Fff 2020 varutstillingen final webres 01 09
Accidental I Got a GoPro Yamile Calderon Video Installation Duration:00:19:00 2020.
1.the fictional city
View of Tokyo Yamile Calderon 40 x 60 Cm Analogue Photography 2021
Still oslo stories 6
Oslo Stories Yamile Calderon Video Installation Duration: 00:23:00 2022

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

Presently I am working with two projects, “Oslo Stories” and “the Fictional city”, and planning a documentary about Violence in Colombia.

“Oslo Stories”

Inspired by James Joyce’s Dubliners, which is a compendium of 15 short stories which depict the Irish middle class. I see short stories as a metaphor for short videos, and in this work, I am exploring Oslo’s identity. I wanted to call the work something like: Dubliners, Bergenser but the word Osliners doesn’t exist, and it has something to do with Oslo’s identity and its division between east and west. I will create a video installation where Oslo is the protagonist. I will explore different areas of Oslo like the city centre, industrial areas, parks, suburbs, and the surrounding nature, I will use as a methodology weekly walks and excursions, during day and night, for the period of a year to depict the city’s changes with the seasons. In this project I would like to reflect on the transformation and the identity of the city and its inhabitants.

“The Fictional City”

I will make a site-specific installation for gallery BOA. It consists of photography, sound and film. It explores the contradictions of the city as a utopian idea versus the city as a place inhabited by human beings with expectations that their needs will be met. My goal is to reflect on our concepts of development, security, civilization, globalization, technology and the environment.

In the sound piece there will be a voice over narrating a text written by myself, giving the impression of a guided tour. The text will arouse questions, what is an ideal city? what does a utopia look like? What is civilization? For whom is the city?

Using the photographs, I have taken in different cities, I will explore the three-dimensional possibilities of photography and build an installation assembled of images of different cities.

Documentary about violence in Colombia

I have been planning a documentary film project about violence in Colombia, retold through personal and subjective perspectives, using my own memories as well as those of other people from the region, who belong to my generation and also became part of the diaspora in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Here, I aim at investigating how violence is normalized by its everydayness, and how it is transmitted from one generation to another. I will relate such an artistic query to the current context of the peace negotiation processes in Colombia.

I will use the documentary format, to reflect together with other Colombians on the concept of violence, pain and its mechanisms of concealment and imperceptibility. I will investigate archive material and use recorded conversations as the main instrument of recollection of these memories. I also plan to write textual notes which will become meaningful for the final piece.


Yamile Calderon B.
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway
T: 40049281


2011-2012 Cultural Management, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HIOA)

2006 – 2008 Master in Fine Arts, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

2004 – 2006 Oslo Photo Art School

1991 – 1995 Social Communications / Journalism, University Externado de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

Selected Awards:

Photo Art Price, The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (Bildende Kunstnernes Hjelpefond)

Jury Prize for the 68th Northern Norway Art Exhibition (Nordnorske kunstutstilling)

Exhibitions & Screenings:

Solo Exhibitions:

“The Fictional City” BOA, Oslo (Mars-April)
“Oslo Stories” Billedhoggerforening, Prosjektrom Carl Berner, (February-July)

“La Cita” (The date), No Place, Oslo (November)
“When Fidel Meets Mao”, Gallery 50, Toronto (August)

2013 El Parche Artist Residency, Kunstnernes Hus’s W17, Oslo (May)

2010 “When Fidel Meets Mao”, Lumenvisum, JCCAC, Hong Kong (May)

Group Exhibitions:

“Inquiries of the Social Commons”, Galleri 69, Oslo, (January)
Open Video XVI, Norsk Billedhoggerforening,Oslo, April
Open Video XIV, Pomor Museum i Barentsburg, Svalbard
Open Video XIII, Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen
Book Launch, “Narcos & Homes”, Palmera, Bergen, (May)

“Oslo Negative”,Oslo, Det gamle biblioteket, (October)
Book Launch, “Narcos & Homes”, The Gallery of Photography, Dublin (October)
“Inquiries of the Social Commons”, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, (April – July)

“Troika”, Trio Exhibition, Galleri Dikemark, Asker (September)
Book Launch, “Narcos & Homes”, Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo (August)
The Spring Exhibition, Fotogalleriet, Oslo (March – April)

Screening of the Film “Even Jesus Was Bipolar”, New York Lift-Off Film Festival (June)
“Open Video X”, Tenthaus, Oslo (April)

Screening of the Film “Even Jesus Was Bipolar”, London Lift-Off Film Festival (December)
“Planning Future 2018” Kiel (November – December)
“Open Video IX”, Galleri Dikemark, Asker (October)
“Guerrilla Girls”, K4 Galleri, Oslo (August)
“Open Video VI”, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo (April)

“Screening of the Film Evens Jesus Was Bipolar”, Kunstnernes Hus (Kino), Oslo (November)
“Guerrilla Girls”, K4 Galleri, Oslo (June)
“Open Video V”, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo (April)
“Open Video VI”, Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival 2017, Hong Kong (May)

“POST.COM”, Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo, EAC, Montevideo (December)
“Oppstandelser”, Kristiansand Kunsthall (January)
“El Maestro Giuseppe Meazza”, International Film Festival, Wexford Ireland (May)

The 128th Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (September)

“El Maestro Giuseppe Meazza” Grimstad Film Festival
Exiles – State of the state, Galleri BOA, Oslo (May – June)
The 35th East Norway Exhibition (Østlandsutstillingen), Buskerud kunstsenter, Drammen, Kunstbanken i Hamar, Østfold kunstnersenter, Fredrikstad
“Exhiles – All King, No Kingdom”, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien (March – April)
The 68th Northern Norway Art Exhibition (Nordnorske kunstutstilling), Different cities in the north of Norway, 2014 (jury’s prize)

“The Unbearable Richness of Gray”, Gallery NOosphere, New York (October)
“Forsvinninger / Disappearances”, Galleri Hippolytes, Helsinki, Finland (July – August)
“Forsvinninger / Disappearances”, Kristiansand Kunsthall (May – June)
“Entry Denied”, Visningsrommet USF Verftet (April)
The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, (March)

“The End Will Show What Tomorrow Brings”, Galleri KONE, Hämeenlinna, Finland (November)
“Forsvinninger / Disappearances”, Oslo Kunstforening (February – March)

“Our Sweet Home”, Flat 0 Budget, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong
“Shaping Time. Time and the City”, www.shapingtime.eu

“Fiesta Bastarda”, Bastard, Oslo (November)
The Spring Exhibition, Fotogalleriet, Oslo (May – June)

“Take Off 2008”, Galleri Brandstrup, Oslo (June)
“Tomorrow’s parties”, Master in Fine Arts Final Exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall (April)

“CrossTalking”, Kirkefestspillutstilling 2007, Christianssands Kunstforening (August –September)
“It’s like opening a door”, USF Verftet, Bergen (April)
“Norway in the World, The World in Norway”, Galleri BOA, Oslo (January)

“Ventetid” (Waiting Room) by Katinka Maraz, Oslo S

International Photography Festival 2005, Pingyao, People’s Republic of China
The 118th Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (September)
South China Normal University Art Gallery, Guangzhou city (March)

Artistic residencies/workshops:

Open Video Workshop i Barentsburg og Longyearbyen, Svalbard (August)

Residency at Circolo Scandinavo, Rome (October – November)
Residency at Guesthouse Project, Cork (January – February)

El Parche Artist Residency, Bogota (June – August)

Workshop “Shaping Time”, Flaggfabrikken, Bergen, and The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz, Poland (October)
El Parche Artist Residency, Bogota (June – August)


2020 “Narcos & Homes”, Washawasha Books

2009 “From His Point of View I am an A4 Person,” Self-published


Artist’s Stipend (Kunstnerstipend, arbeidsstipend), One-year grant
Audiovisual Fund (Fond for lyd og bilde, Norsk Kulturråd), Project Support
Frit Ord, Project Support

SKS-Covid-19 stipend
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Project Support
Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, One-year grant
OCA, International Support

Norsk Fotografisk Fond, Project Support

Miscellaneous Grants (Statens diversestipend)

Artist’s Stipend (Kunstnerstipend, arbeidsstipend), Three-year grant
Norwegian Photographic Fund, Project Support
NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Project Support
Arts Council Norway, Project Support

OCA, International Support
NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Project Support
NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), One-year grant

NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Project Support

NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Three-year grant
OCA, International Support

NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Project Support
NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), One-year grant

Norwegian Photographic Fund, Project Support
Miscellaneous Grants (Statens diversestipend)
Audiovisual Fund (Fond for lyd og bilde), Project Support

NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), Project Support
NBK Grant (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond), One-year grant

Arts Council Norway, Project Support
Miscellaneous Grants (Statens diversestipend)

Member of:

BOA (Billedkunstnere i Oslo og Akershus)
NBK (Norske Billedkunstnere)
FFF (Forbundet Frie Fotografer)


2010 – 2014 Member of Artistic Commitee, Akershus Kunstsenter
2010 – 2012 Member of Nomination Commitee, Norwegian Photographic Fund