Sara Korshøj Christensen

Du kan besøke Sara Korshøj lørdag 18. april 12:00—18:00
Adressen til Sara Korshøj sitt atelier er Hovinveien 1, 0576 Oslo

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I work with a variety of media, depending on the specific demands or requirements of each project. The physical materials I work with are chosen because they are interesting in terms of their potential for expansion and mutability. I attempt to question the universal and existential through the familiar, without looking for concrete answers and solutions. I feel generally challenged by composition; mostly due to the fact that the act of choosing something results in other options not being realized. I find the space between objects, both abstract and physical, intriguing, and it informs my work with its different combinations of materials, meaning and form. Most of my works have a humoristic angle,
sometimes involving puns or wordplays, but with slightly uncomfortable undertones

Variable medier

Going Metal –Rabbiting on, 2019, Painted steel, 88 x 54 cm
Aks 201911 quickbrownfox final highres 31
Going Metal – The third eye I & 2, Painted steel, 2019 A-Zs – Unvoiced answers, resolutions and potential disasters, shelf, ceramic,2019
Aks 201911 quickbrownfox final highres 35
A-Zs – Unvoiced answers, resolutions and potential disastersTwenty-six sculptures, ceramic, shelf, 115 x 220 x 17.5 cm, 2019
Sos You are not Special, 2018, Textile, wood, variable height x 300 cm, Installation view galleri 69/ Who Said That!

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

2020 When Absence turns present And Silence turns Loud, Galleri K, Oslo
2020 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo