Victor Mutelekesha

Du kan besøke Victor lørdag 18. april 12:00—18:00
Adressen til Victor sitt atelier er Disenveien 43, 0587 Oslo

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I work with recurrent issues that influence the state of the human condition at any given time such as conflict that arising from our own created divisive mechanism of identity and the unsubstantiated, unscientific prejudice towards any of those identities.
My focus is also oriented towards expanding the confines of what diaspora, hybridity and identity itself would mean in order to dissipate conflict

3. the phantom of self
Phantom of Self
4. sleeping beauty
Sleeping beauty.
1. awaiting
Dale  61°n 5°e
Dale- 61°N 5°E

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

Solo exhibition.
2020: Barum Kunsthall

Group exhibitions
2020: Dream mapping Project. Perfomance at Fridman gallery, New York
2020: PEAK2020. (Power Energy, Agency, Knowledge) Wits University. SouthAfrica
2019: Tuning In: Other Ways of Seeing. Livingston Zambia. (on going)

Commissioned Work.
2019-2021: Dream mapping Project. Portland Oregon. USA

Artist Book Project until 2021



Victor Mutelekesha.

Personal Details
Date and Place of birth: 15th April 1976, Chililabombwe, Zambia
Contact Address: Framnesveien 6A, 0270, Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 47147964


2016-2017: Smithsonian Artist research fellow. Washington DC.
2005-2007: MA Fine Arts, National Arts Academy, Oslo Norway
2001-2005: BA Fine Arts, National Arts Academy, Oslo, Norway
1998-2000: Diploma in art teaching – Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and
Commerce, Lusaka, Zambia

Selected Solo exhibitions
2020: Barum Kunsthall
2018: The phantom of self-1. Akershus Kunstcenter
2015: Awaiting. Gallery 2. Stamsund. Lofoten.
2014: Kunstnerforbundet gallery for contemporary Art, Oslo
2014: StasjonsGalleriet, Frogner
2012: Gallery small projects. Tromsø. Norway
2012: One-man exhibition at Gallery BOA. Oslo
2011: A thin line between art and activism. Public intervention in Nairobi.
2011: back to basics. IKM museum. Oslo, Norway
2009-2010: Urgent Matters. Gallery Palazio Tito, Venice, Italy
2008: Dagali meltdown. Henry Tayaly Art Centre, Lusaka, Zambia
2006:The Human Condition. Gallery fimbul, Oslo, Norway
2003: Story told. Gallery 2125, Oslo, Norway.

Selected group exhibitions
2020: PEAK2020. (Power Energy, Agency, Knowledge) Wits University. SouthAfrica
2019: Tuning In: Other Ways of Seeing. Livingston Zambia.
2019: Ingenting = Alt. Kragero, Norway.

2019: Dream Mapping Theater. Kerkrade Netherlands

2019: Carnival Exhibition, (IKM) Intercultural Museum, Oslo, Norway.
2019: 3 Person Exhibition, “Dream State and many more. Kunstbanken I Harmer
2019: Dark times. “Mørketida” Leknes, Lofoten, Norway
2018: Dream project, New York
2017: The NSK State-in-Time Pavilion. Venice Biennale
2017: Michezo. The National Museum. Dar e Salaam
2016: Intercultural Museum, Oslo
2016: Bodø Biennale
2016: Time is love. Traveling exhibition of video art. Shown at: Plateau gallery,
list i ljosi light festival in Iceland, Galeri de la voûte in Paris, mur nomade in
hong kong and at spectrum festival in autria
2016: The National Gallery in Harare Zimbabwe
2016: Kamina project. Togo
2014: 1814 Revisited. Eidsvall. Norway
2014: Gallery Trafo, Asker. Norway
2014: Kauru African Contemporary Exhibition, Rerouting Dialogue. Pretoria.
2013: Kunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag
2013: OpenART Academy, an international ART symposium in Örebro
2013: Kunsthalle Sao Paulo. Still fighting ignorance and Intellectual Perfidy
2013: Galleri Syningen – Ål kulturhus, Ål, Norway
2013: Malmo Konsthall. Still fighting ignorance and Intellectual Perfidy
2013: [SFIP] Still Fighting Ignorance & Intellectual Perfidy, A traveling
Exhibition through France then Iwalewa House, Bayreuth, Germany |
Berkely Art Museum, CA, USA | Verbeke Foundation, Belgium | Zet
Foundation, Amsterdam | Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town
2012: Dakar Biennale of contemporary Art
2012: Light in the old house (when the mountains sing in the
2011. 4th international video-art festival Camagüey, Cuba
2010. Focus10. Basel, Switzerland
2009: The 10th Havana Biennial. Havana, Cuba
2008: Videoholica video art biennial. Varna, Bulgaria
2008. Recycling. Kunstbanken, Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hedmark, Norway
2007: Inspector Garbo. Galleri Fisk Bergen, Norway
2007: Masters Graduation Exhibition. Stenersenmusset, Oslo, Norway
2007: SANAA AFRICA. Horisont Foundation, Oslo, Norway
2007: Southern Comfort, Gallery 2125, Oslo, Norway
2007: More than this, Gallery kit, Trondheim, Norway
2006: National Exhibition (Høstutstillingen). Kunstershus, Oslo, Norway
2006: Bak Fronten. UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2006: Dakar Biennial, Dakar, Senegal
2005: Bachelors Graduation Exhibition, Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway
2004: Tamba Cunda Public Art. Tamba Cunda, Senegal
2004: Red Mill Gallery. Vermont Studio Centre, JV, USA
2003: Different stories. Gallery Ullensaker kunstforening. Jessheim, Oslo

2018: Norwegian Arts council Artist Stipend for 10 Years
2017: Smithsonian Fellowship award
2016: Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond
2015: BKH ettårig kunstnerstipend
2013: BKH ettårig kunstnerstipend
2012: Platform China residency. OCA
2011: OCA: Project ”thin line between art and activism”
2011: Vederlangsfond 2011
2010: Norsk kulturråd, (Arts Council, Norway)
2009: 10th havana Biennale, Nosk kulturråd, (ArtsCouncil, Norway)
2009: 02–funding from OCA. Supplementary Funding for Residency in Venice
2009: 03–funding from OCA. Funding to participate in the 10th Havana
2008: 03–funding from OCA. Funding for Solo Show ‘Dagali Meltdown’
National Art Council, Henry Tayali Art Gallery, Lusaka, Zambia
2007: Staten’s Kunstnerstipend, stipend for graduating art students, Oslo,
2005: Staten’s Kunstnerstipend, stipend for graduating art students, Oslo,
2004: Ford Fellow Award, (Ford foundation)

Artist Residencies and other Projects.
2017: Smithsonian Institute. Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
2016: Kamina Artist in Residency. Togo
2015: Kunstkvarteret Lofoten
2013: Insaka Artists workshop, Livingstone Zambia
2012: A-I-R program. Platform China. Sponsored by OCA
2012: A-I-R program Nordic Artists’ centre Dalsåsen. Norway.
2011: Short residency at Kuona trust. Nairobi Kenya
2009: Art Enclosure, sponsored by Fondazione de venezia and hosted by
Fondazione bevilaqua la masa and gallery Tito, Venice, Italy
2004: Vermont studio centre, sponsored by the ford foundation USA

Commissioned Work.
2019-2021: Dream mapping Project. Portland Oregon. USA
2014-15: OTHERS. Public Sculpture, Oslo
2013: Global Lingua topography. University of Oslo. Department of Lingistics
and Scandinavian Studies.
2009: Nutrition from the written word, Sculpture. St. Edmund Church, Oslo,
2006: Ubuntu. Sculpture installation. Oslo University College (commissioned
by Professor Robert Smith)

2019: Awaiting : The Alisa Minyukova collection. New York. OSA
2019: Lifebuoy. The Jan Groth collection for Stavanger Museum.
2014: Photoshoped image. Jan Groth collection for Svanga Museum. Stavanger
2012: Mindscape1, Jan Groth collection for Svanga Museum. Stavanger,
2011: Gone with the wind, The Andrew leo Lane Collection, Oslo, Norway
2010: Oh! how nice! Jan Groth collection for Svanga Museum. Stavanger,
2009: Rise to the ashes, Fondazione de Venezia. Venice, Italy
2008: Professor Iver langmoen private collection. Stabakk, Oslo Norway
2006: Jan Groth collection, Rogaland Museum. Stavanger, Norway
2006: Professor Iver langmoen private collection. Stabakk, Oslo Norway
2004: Displaced energy. Gail Swithenbank
architecture collection New York

2011: Back to basics. Interview with Mara Ambrozic.
2009: Urgent Matters. By Danielle Biolcati and curator Mara Ambozic
2009: 10th Havana Biennial catalogue
2008: RECYCLING Catalogue, Kunstbanken hedmark kunstsenter.
2007: Avgangsutstillingen 2007. MA in fine arts, national arts academy. Oslo
2006: Høstutstillingen 2006 catalogue. National art exhibition in Norway.
2006: Dwells in the mysterious. By Mona Larsen, Dagsavisen. Oslo
2006: Dakar Biennial catalogue
2005: Art Academy in exile. Yearbook 2005.
2004: Art Academy without walls. NORAD fellowship program. Written by
Teresa Grøtan. Oslo.
2004: An Enclave of Utopia. By Ben Hogwood. The transcript. Vermont USA
2003: Forskjellige Historier (Different stories) by Nina Skurud of Romerikes
blad Jessheim Oslo.

2019: Preamble seminar to the Dream Project. Berlin.
2011: The Arts and Global Dialogue Seminar at KHIO. Oslo
2008: Are there foreigners in art? National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway
2007: Ecology through art/art through ecology, Trondheim Art Academy led by
Justin Carter, Glasgow School of Art
2007: Global migrants for climate action “Klimatreff”, Oslo, Norway
2007: Whose stories are being told? Collaboration between the
National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Academy of
Fine Art, Oslo, Norway
2006: Dakar Biennial. Senegal

Public lectures/Teaching/Presentation/ Artist talks
2017: Dress and Identity. Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
2017: “We are all hybrids in every way imaginable.” Museum of African Art
Smithsonian Institute. Washington
2013: Presenting Global Lingua topography and Shadow of my shadow at the
Conference titled Language, culture and identity in migrant narrative.
Oslo. Norway
Assistant to Jan Groth

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