27. & 28. april 2019

Oslo Open er Norges største kunstfestival
som gir publikum mulighet til å se kunst i
kunstnerens atelier en helg i april hvert år.

I 2020 er Oslo Open 20 år.

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Oslo Opens referansegruppe
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Jansen, Michiel

Installation, sculpture, collage.

In every space there’s an unseen installation or sculpture, which redefines it. The only thing I have to do is find the boundaries and the right materials to make it visible.

The Dalhart Solid
Horizont web

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

In my studio I will give a presentation of my recent site specific installation and sculptures. It’s a good chance to let the audience see a large part of my artistic practice, which is usually only seen on the spot where it’s created. after that it’s only visible online as documentation.
I will divide my studio in half, on one side there will be a large projection of my recent installations and on the other side I will show sketches, models, studies of the installations and research I do on materials, which result in smaller non site specific sculptures or reliefs.
Being a part of the official tour would be great for me, if it’s possible, so I can prepare a small lecture about my site specific works.

In the common space and hallway of our atelier complex we will create an group exhibition with works from all the participating artist (Probably Juan Andres Milanes and Piotr Nowak, maybe also Sofie Nørsteng, Kristine Sandøy and True Solvang Vevatne, depending on their availability.


Michiel Jansen (NL, 1973)
Lives and works in Oslo (N) and Rotterdam (NL)
Bachelor from the Academie of Arts and Design ’s-Hertogenbosch in 2000 (NL)

2019 – If Paradise Is Half As Nice, (D) – IPIHAN#9
2019 – écal, Lausanne (CH) – Hallway

Selection of Solo-exhibitions
2018 – ZQM, Berlin (D) – The Dalhart Solid
2017 – X-Bank, Amsterdam (NL) – Polymers
2016 – het Plafond, Rotterdam (NL) – 4 elements
2016 – Galerie INKIJK, Amsterdam (NL) – Super Nova of Polymer #4
2016 – van der Vlies en Koers, Rotterdam (NL) – 1m2
2015 – de Aanschouw, Rotterdam (NL) – there are two sides to the story
2004 – de Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond (NL) – Point of View
2000 – Effenaar, Eindhoven (NL) – Recent Works

Selection of Group-exhibitions
2018 – Winter Solstice 2018, Oslo (N) – Poems to Orpheus
2018 – If Paradise Is Half As Nice, Altenburg (D) – IPIHAN #8
2017 – If Paradise Is Half As Nice, Zeitz (D) – IPIHAN #7
2017 – MOOOI, New York (USA) – A Life Extraordinary
2017 – Salone del Mobile, Milaan (It) – A Life Extraordinary
2017 – TENT, Rotterdam (NL) – Veiling de Aanschouw
2016 – If Paradise Is Half As Nice, Leipzig (D) – IPIHAN #6
2016 – Route du Nord, Rotterdam (NL) – Polymer #3 orbiting a Macrotubule
2015 – Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum (D) – Lost and Found
2014 – Olismoke, Rotterdam (NL) – Vitamine K.
2013 – Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam (NL) – Stagability ‘het Spreekuur’
2013 – Glashouse/Arena, Berlin (D) – Moments of Inspiration
2011 – Opperclaes, Rotterdam (NL) – Stageability 4D
2011 – Invisible Cities, Schiedam (NL) – Invisible Cities
2010 – F.A.R.T. 2010, Rotterdam (NL) – Sleep-Work
2009 – SingerSweatShop, Rotterdam (NL) – Stageability
2007 – Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven (NL) – Zapping
2007 – van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (NL) – Yourspace
2006 – Showroom Mama, Rotterdam (NL) – Lamball Bakra, Baschz & Friends
2005 – TAC, Eindhoven (NL) – Kennis van de Lege Ruimte
2004 – vijfde kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (NL) – Lage Actie
2004 – Peninsula-Daily, Eindhoven (NL) – Totaal 21
2003 – Conteminazzione Possitivo, Turijn (It) – Happening
2003 – de Grote Kerk, Den Haag (NL) – De Grote Verbeelding
2002 – de Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL) – Op papier een goed elftal
2002 – Boulevard Festival, Den Bosch (NL) – BodyScape
2002 – C.A. Zenit, Turijn (It) – Cross section
2001 – Galerie S & H de Buck, Gent (B) – Interferenties
2000 – de Fabriek, Eindhoven (NL) – van Onderen
2000 – galerie VERTREK EN VERBLIJF, Amsterdam (NL) – 100
2000 – Graduation Show ABK&V, Den Bosch (NL)
2000 – Vierde Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam (NL) – Z.T.
2000 – Lost & Found, Amsterdam (NL) – Learn to Swim
1999 – Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) – Floating Time
1999 – Nova Zembla, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL) – Lichtwerk
1998 – Museum de Wieger, Deurne (NL) – Rond de Wieger

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