18. & 19. april 2020

Oslo Open er Norges største kunstfestival
som gir publikum mulighet til å se kunst i
kunstnerens atelier en helg i april hvert år.

I 2020 er Oslo Open 20 år.

Oslo Opens medlemmer
Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus (BOA)
Norske Kunsthåndverkere Oslo og Akershus (NKOA)
Oslo Opens referansegruppe

Oslo Opens referansegruppe
Astrup Fearnley Museet
Atelier Nord
Forbundet Frie Fotografer (FFF)
Kunstnernes Hus
Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design
Norsk Billedhoggerforening (NBF)
Norsk senter for teknologi i musikk og kunst (NOTAM)
Norske tekstilkunstnere / SOFT
Tegnerforbundet (TF)
Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS)

Christensen, Sara


I work with a variety of media, depending on the specific demands or requirements of each project. The physical materials I work with are chosen because they are interesting in terms of their potential for expansion and mutability. I attempt to question the universal and existential through the familiar, without looking for concrete answers and solutions. I feel generally challenged by composition; mostly due to the fact that the act of choosing something results in other options not being realized. I find the space between objects, both abstract and physical, intriguing, and it informs my work with its different combinations of materials, meaning and form. Most of my works have a humoristic angle,
sometimes involving puns or wordplays, but with slightly uncomfortable undertones

Medlem av NBK, UKS, NBF

Sos You are not Special, textile, wood, 2018
Please Queue Here felt-tip pen, sticker, 2018
Straight and Level III custom-made spirit level, shelf, 2018
Once again i wake up and realize you are gone (Serie / oversigt) Mdf sawn by hand, paint, variable sizes, Ongoing series since 2017

Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

2020 Galleri K, Oslo
2019 Akershus Kunstnersenter
Work in Comission
2019 Bottenstostocken, Stockholmshem
2019 Labo, Østre Toten


2008-2010 MA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, N
2009 Exchange, Department object and sculpture, Manfred Pernice, Academy
of Fine Arts, Vienna, A
2005-2008 BA, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, N
2003-2005 Rogaland School of Art, Stavanger, N

Solo exhibitions
2018 Hvem sagde det! / Who said that!, Galleri 69, Oslo, N
2016 Forsiden af Bagsiden/ The Front of the Back, Galleri K, Oslo, N
2014 The world has four corners, Galleri K, Oslo, N
2012 When ships sink, they do it in water, Kit Schulte Contemporary Art, Berlin, D
2012 Designated Paintings, Bærum Kulturhus, Sandvika, N
2011 Ingen arme ingen kage, Semikolon, Oslo, N
2011 Fra sans og samling, Galleri K, Oslo, N
2010 Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, Galleri BOA, Project space, Oslo, N
2008 Work Nr. 42, Visningsrom 21m2, Stavanger, N
2006 Office for Contemporary Grounding, 21:25, Oslo, N
2006 Velkommen gæst (Welcome guest) 21:24, Oslo, N
2005 Portræt (Portrait) Visningsrom 21m2, Stavanger, N

2018 V.R.U on Tour Nevlunghavn, ArtForum in collaboration with Eirin Støen, initiated by Aksel Høgenhaug
2017 Duo show with Werner Linster, Museum der Unerhörten Dinge, Berlin
2016 Kunst på Øya, curated by Alexander Rishaug and Kyrre Heldal Karlsen
2013… parallel alpha.bets (Ongoing project in collaboration with Werner Linster)
2012 Straight and Level II -Box-stories 0,0130977, Videokunstarkivet, Oslo, N
2006…OCG / Office for Contemporary Grounding

2018 Cabin Economy Contemporary, Sailing Stormy Waters, curated by Log Lady Lusty and Ellen Christensen, initiated by OCG, NO/DK
2015 From one Place to Another, Krakow (Organized in collaboration with Marcin Kowalik)
2014 Old and New Talents… Sara Christensen´s Collection, Studio 17, Stavanger, N
2013 Wuthering Heights II, Garden of NBF, Oslo, N (Organized in collaboration with Merete Dille)
2011 ”ACQUIRED! The story so far…” Sara Christensen´s Collection, The project space, Gallery Trafo, Asker, N 2011 Wuthering Heights, Ola Narr, Oslo, N (Organized in collaboration with Merete Dille)
Group exhibitions
Kjær Leik / Secret Love, at Kunstplass and Historical Museum, Oslo
Open Video VII, Atelier Nord, curated by Janne Talstad, N
Between the Lines, National Academy of the Ar,ts, Oslo
Mina Meg, Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Initiated by Kunstplass 10
Open Video V, Atelier Nord, curated by Janne Talstad, N
MINA/MEG, Historical Museum, initiated by Kunstplass 10, curated by Lerato Dumske and Henriette Stensdal
Lager 008, curated by Magnus Oledal
ORP 2, Atelier Nord ANX, curated by Janne Talstad, N
Open Video IV via Skogul Gondul, Papay Gyro Nights 2016, Hong Kong, Kina
Open Video, Space 4235, Genova, Italy, organiced by Janne Talstad, N
African Art, curated by Fadlabi, Kunstplass 10, N
Spring Depot, curated and produced by Rachel Dagnall for TENTHAUS, N
Open Video, Atelier Nord ANX, curated by Janne Talstad, N
more Konzeption Conception now, Museum Morsbroich, curated by Stefanie Kreuzer, D
Winter Solstice – Disambiguation, Øvre fossum gård, organized by Vandaler Forening, N
Utstilling og Koncerter, Øvre fossum gård, organiced by Lars Kjemphol, N
On the house, Skulpturarena Øst, N
Purgatorio, Hekkveien 5 0571 Oslo (NBF), curated by True Solvang Vevatne, N Dear Darling, Kunstverein in Hamburg, D,
Post 6290. Innkjøp – del 2, Stavanger Art Museum, N
Winter solstice night exhibition, Hekkveien 5, 0571, Oslo (NBF) curated by Hanan Benammar, N
En kollektiv kraftanstrengelse for tapte saker, Podium, N
Norwegian Sculpture Biennial (Collaboration with True Solvang Vevatne)
5 kunstnere, Galleri K, Oslo, N
Allegory as allegory – yrogella sa yrogellA , The Visual Art Tour 2012, Wip:Konsthall, Stockholm, SE and Stavanger Art Museum, N
Visitt, Normanns, Stavanger, N AYE dunkelblau – part one, Parrotta Contemporary Art, (Collaboration with True Solvang Vevatne) Curated by Susanne M. Winterling, Stuttgart, D
2012, 09, 08, 07, 06 Sell-out, various locations, Oslo, N
Battle 05: Jacqueline Forzelius vs. Sara Christensen, Pink Cube, Oslo, N
Paco, Curated by Sebastian Severin, Stadtgalerie Kiel, D (Collaboration with Nadine Droste)
Sannsynligheter/ Probabilities, Small Projects, Tromsø, N
I Walk The Line, Oslo, N (Collaboration with True Solvang Vevatne)
2011, 07, 06 The National Annual Autumn Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, N
‚Ne Runde Blau, Unmarked Space: Amöben, Lotseninsel Schleimünde, D
Bits and Pieces, Galleri Øst, Steinbrakka, Fredriksvern Verft, Stavern, N
Max opening, Paulusgasse ecke Paulusplatz 1030 Vienna, A
Jabberwocky, Frappante e.V., Viktoria-Kaserne, Hamburg, D (Collaboration with Nadine Droste)
Contribution to Woodland by Lars Kjemphol, Galleri Maria Veie, Oslo, N
Strange age art festival, Podium, Oslo, N
Knock Knock, The Association of Norwegian Sculptors, Oslo, N
Please touch, Curated by Michaela Freeman, TAP, CoExist Galleries, UK
Mamma eller Pappa, Organized by Annika Ström, Project space, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, N
MA degree show, The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, N
Kunstbasseng, Galleri Tipi, Oslo, N
Zur gleichen Zeit in Oslo / Pår samme tid i Hamborg, Golden Pudel Club Hamburg, The Pavilion, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, (Up and Out), N, D (Collaboration with Nadine Droste)
Activity suggests a life filled with purpose, 21:25, Oslo, N
Welches Leben? Zwischen beruf und berufung/ Which life? Between calling and career. Curator’s project / Sabine Breitwieser, Semperdepot,Vienna, A (Collaboration with Nadine Droste)
Terskel & Oslo Stress Press, Kunstakademiet kommer til museet #2 #3, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, The Museum of Contemporary art, Oslo, N
The Secret Show, Gallery Trafo, Asker, N
The whole place is dark and we see, vol. 2. Centrum Kultury “Zamek”, Wroclaw, PL
Dr. Fragenstein, Zirl/ Tyrol, A
Ei Arakawa and Pernice Class Performance, Pro Choice, Vienna, A
Miss Mary Shelley, Pawel Althamer und Andere, Secession, Vienna, A
The whole place is dark and we see, Cellar Gallery, Krakow, PL
Collector’s Edition, One night Only, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, N
Planka (The Plank) Private apartment, Herslebs gate 32A 0578 Oslo, N
Forunderlig reise Markeringsdistrikt Stavanger (A peculiar journey Stavanger Territorial marking) Galleri Svalbard, Svalbard, N
BA degree show, The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, N
Podium, hausmania, Oslo, N
Garish Barish, The Cubicle art gallery, Manilla, The Philippines
Videoshow No 1, Galleri Schouberger, Asker, N
Bindestrek (Dash) Gallery GAD, Oslo, N
Vestlandsutstillingen, N
The summer destruction show, Seilduksfabrikken, Oslo, N
Superfosfat, Tou, Stavanger, N
Ecnanosér (Books) Jarnac, France
Final year exhibition, Rogaland School of Art, Stavanger, N

Work in Commision
Ministery of Culture, through KORO and NBF, Norway
Arts Council Norway, purchased by KORO – Public Art Norway
2019 Bottenstostocken, Stockholmshem
2019 Labo, Østre Toten

Public Collections
Kunst på arbeidsplassen, N
Stavanger Art Museum, N
Akershus fylkeskommune, for use in Dks, N
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, N
The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Bergen, N

2018 Norwegian State`s Working Grant, 2 years
2016 Norwegian Artist Association 2 years Working Grant,
2015 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaard/ Norwegian Artist Association 1 year (150) / Art Council Norway, production grant / Norwegian Artists Association production grant
2013 Art Council Norway, production grant / Norwegian Artists Association production grant
2011 Norwegian State`s Working Grant, 3 years / Diversestipend Oslo kommune
2010 Norwegian Artists Association production grant / Art Council Norway production grant / Art Council Norway, exhibition grant / Stipend basert på gennemført kunstutdanning
2009 BKH, kunststudentstipend
2008 Stipend basert på gennemført kunstutdanning

Other (selection)
2017, 16 Board and artistic council, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker
2017, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 09 Guest teacher, Kunstskolen i Rogaland, N
2017,16,15 Artistic council, Kunstplass 10, Oslo
2014-15 National jury; National Annual Autumn Exhibition, N
2011 Appointments Committee, Kunstskolen i Rogaland, N
2009 – 2010 Åpent Forum, Organized in collaboration with Markus Li Stensrud, The Art Academy, Oslo, N
2010, 09, 08, Appointments Committee, student representative, The Art Academy, Oslo, N

Åpent på: Søndag


TRAFO kunstnerhus

Hovinveien 1, 0576 Oslo
Tøyen T, Ensjøveien, Munchmuseet