27. & 28. april 2019

Oslo Open er Norges største kunstfestival
som gir publikum mulighet til å se kunst i
kunstnerens atelier en helg i april hvert år.

I 2020 er Oslo Open 20 år.

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Oslo Opens referansegruppe
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Engberg, Jeff

Tegning, maleri

Pareidolic Apophenic Morphogenesis is an artistic methodology developed by the artist to search for things that only exist on the dark screen of the inner mind. My works represent a journey from chaos, line and color into shape, form and content – freely growing from the mind’s inner eye onto the visual surface.
I intend with my work to explore that ANCESTRAL MEMORY, buried deep below, where it is archived safely to allow us to function rationally in everyday life.

Pablo Picasso once said, The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls.

Paul Cezanne said something similar: If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul.

We awake in the morning and put our feelings, desires and passions under our pillows. We clothe our naked hairy bodies in reason and structure to interact with others in society, for survival; for money; for power; for a place in the world. Reason and objectivity are essential tools for survival in the social marketplace and the basis on which a peaceful democratic society is built.
But no one can deny the millions of years of biological evolution that made us monkeys. No one can deny the hundreds of thousands of years of our development from monkey to man, before we started decorating tools, making art, domesticating animals and planting foods.
We awake in the morning every day and put that monkey under our pillows. But he is there, inside us. Our biochemistry has more monkey in it than man.

Our brains contain areas that neuroscientists call the reptile TRIUNE brain, the monkey paleomammalian brain, to the neocortex neomammalian brain found only in higher mammals – that is to say humans. Inside us, in our neuro-control center, we are snake, ape and man. That monkey resides inside us. Those hundreds of thousands of years of pre-culture, violence, climate, cold, heat, disease, predators that would attack us, enemies that mean us harm. Just as sea turtles are born knowing which way to walk to the sea and sea gulls are born knowing that a shadow of a hawk is different from the shadow of an airplane, our inherited ANCESTRAL MEMORY resides inside us. Everything that man ever was is still there. It is no wonder that myths, symbols, ciphers, sounds and visions live in our brain. And through our senses, our nerves, our brain, our feelings, we are connected to the beyond and to the universe. This world is not only comprised of animal behaviours and feelings. Our language, speech, music, signs, symbols and ciphers form part of our inherited biochemistry.

My artwork:
I intend with my work to explore that ANCESTRAL MEMORY, buried deep below, where it is archived safely to allow us to function rationally in everyday life.

I promise you, anyone who has ever dreamed or felt fear of death knows that THAT ancestral monkey-world is there, just below the surface!

My task as an artist is to explore that realm just below the surface. To Lift the Veil of rationality and draw a picture of our ancestral insanity.

My task is to search for that INNER APE, stick him with a pin and get him excited and then let him out of the cage. My task is to create a roadmap that may help others explore their own MAD MONKEY. Sure, the monkey cannot stay out of the cage for too much time. That would be dangerous.

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Planlagte prosjekter og utstillinger

november 2016. Ingen utstillinger planlagt i 2017



Åpent på: Søndag


HMG6-5, 5.etg

Hausmanns gate 6, 0186 Oslo
Hausmanns gate trikk 11/12/13/17 og buss 30/31



jeg deler mitt atelier med 9 andre kunstnere.