23.—24. april

Live streamed studio visits

In 2021, Oslo Open took place digitally due to the pandemic, with live streamed visits. In 2022 we could finally meet in person again, but we were also excited to continue digital studio visits, so that more people can join our program! Morgenbladet columnist Ragnhild Brochmann, artist Marthe Elise Stramrud, and Marie Saxeide and Christian von Hanno from Atelier.as invited our audience to take part in studio visits with eight different artists. The visits were streamed live on our Instagram.

March 31 2022
Ragnhild Brochmann and Marthe Elise Stramrud at a studio visit in 2021.
Our stunt reporters Ragnhild Brochmann and Marthe Elise Stramrud at a studio visit in 2021. This year, they meet new artists. Photo: Jan Khür

On Saturday you could follow Ragnhild Brochmann and Marthe Elise Stramrud around the city. They started the day visiting Vibeke Tandberg in her large atelier at Tøyen Trafo, where she has been casting a taxidermied horse, and finished their tour at the idyllic Hvervenbukta, where Anne-Lise Stenseth has her atelier right by the sea. Brochmann is an art and fashion historian, who is well known for her advice column “Estetikeren” in the Morgenbladet newspaper, where she answers questions regarding style and aesthetics. Stramrud is not only an artist, but also the former director of Oslo Open, and she managed last year’s studio weekend.

On Sunday you could join Marie Saxeide and Christian von Hanno when they travelled to Mette Lorentzen in the Sogn allotment garden, to visit one of the most charming ateliers in Oslo. They then visited Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang to have a look at her fantastic brush collection, which she uses for her calligraphic ink paintings, before ending their day at Montebello. Saxeide and von Hanno also participated in last year’s live-streamed visits. They both work for Atelier, a digital platform for buying artworks directly from artists.

The studio visits were streamed live on Oslo Opens profile on Instagram. Through our digital program, anyone could join us for personal and informal meetings in the artist studio, no matter where in the world they are based.

Saturday, 23 April

12.00 Vibeke Tandberg (in Norwegian)
14.00 Gabrielle Paré (in English)
15.00 Jens Hamran (in Norwegian)
17.00 Anne-Lise Stenseth (in Norwegian)

Sunday, 24 April

12.00 Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang (in Norwegian)
13.00 Mette Lorentzen (in Norwegian)
14.00 Anne Ingeborg Biringvad (in Norwegian)
14.30 aeaeaeae 43434343 (in Norwegian)

The video recordings from the live streamed studio visits will be released on Oslo Open’s Instagram during summer and autumn 2022.