27—28 April

Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse

The address to Jo Mikkel Sjaastad's studio is Brannsone A, Myntgata 2 B, 0151 0151
The studio is open Sunday April 23rd

I work with questions surrounding work and leisure in a modern, relatively automated reality, and with the position of the animal in the human centered world.

Through enlivening, I let objects and creatures speak for me. With an inviting aesthetic, humour, rethorical and magical-realistic tricks, I try to make art about serious topics that still make people happy, hopeful or confused – from a social, commons-oriented perspective.

I find inspiration in processing popular culture, in critical and artful memes, in questions about city planning and local politics, in movements like quiet quitting, and in public debates about common values and basic societal principles. And in animals online and in the streets, that continuously illustrate alternative ways of using public space and things – and through their actions underline the community that exists between all living creatures.

installation, text, sculpture, music, drawing

Vegan Music, Elektrokassett, 2022, cassette with the project (OoO) Object-oriented Ontology, i collaboration with Eirik Abri. 100 copies of cassette containing 45 minutes of ontological techno.
Abandoning hope is a violent act, 2022, - P a l m e r a -, Bergen Installation, sculpture, performance, text, sound/music, smoke, hand engraved glasses. The horse Starship Beauty (from Dance Music For A Horse That Does Not Exist, 2019) is hoisted up into the air, and spins around and around, it’s their retirement party! The visitors are handed a carrot juice rosé mimosa, and are informed that the glass is theirs to keeop. Each of the aprox. 100 glasses has the statement "Abandoning hope is a violent act." engraved into their surface, and drawings of small animals. A hectic and intense techno music pumps out of the boomblaster in the corner as the room fills with smoke after the retirement speech has been held, and the retirement gift, a watch, is mounted safely in Starship’s shelf.
1 thesecretfile1
"L. Moon – The Secret File" - Galleri Toll, Stockholm, 2021, Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse installation, text, sculpture, performance. Speculative kiosk novel written for the exhibition context and printed in an edition of 300. Shown at Galleri Toll; a display window in a subway station in Stockholm.
Høstutstillingen 2022, Kunstnernes Hus Profound Statement, 10 minute long pertformance performed by car. Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse (developed together with The Walking Stick) Voice actor: Eli Mai Huang Nesse Photo: Jannik Abel see video from performance at The Walking Stick in 2021 below.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Group show «Ominous Lifeforms», Studio Halv, Oslo, 20.01 – 20.02

Launch of cassette «Vegan Music» with (OoO) Object-oriented Ontology (collaboration with Eirik Abri)

Group show «We are not welcome here», Startblokka, Oslo, fall 2023

Post master program «OPI LAB» at Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm


Jo Mikkel Sjaastad Huse (1991)
tlf: +47 97733834,
mail: jomikkel.s.huse@gmail.com

2022 – 2023 Post-master, Of Public Interest (OPI) Royal Institute of Art (KKH), Stockholm
2017 – 2019 MFA at Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts (KHiO)
2018 (vår) Exchange to Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (KKH)
2015 – 2016 Writers study 2 at University in Tromsø, Art Institute (UiT)
2014 – 2017 Bachelor at Kunstakademiet i Bergen (KMD in UiB)
2013 – 2014 Rethorics at University of Oslo (UiO)
2012 – 2013 Strykejernet pre-school for art, Oslo
2011 – 2012 Writers study, Telemark University College.

solo shows:
2022 - p a l m e r a -, Bergen – Abandoning hope is a violent act
2021 Galleri Memphis, Oslo – L. Moon – The Secret File
2021 Vandrestaven Udstillingspunkt, Oslo – Profound Statement
2021 Galleri Toll, Stockholm – L. Moon – The Secret File
2017 Galleri Fisk, Bergen – Keyboard Clean. Collaboration with Eli Mai Huang Nesse
2016 Galleri Bokboden, Bergen – Dog Show
2015 Galleri Skylight, Oslo – postmoderne produktorientert individualisme
2014 Exhibition on facebookevent – Spaghetti Lifestyle

group exhibitions, publications etc:
2023 (upcoming) Startblokka, Oslo – “We are not welcome here”
2023 Studio Halv, Oslo – “Ominous Lifeforms”

2022 Oslo Kunstforenings christmas calendar, Oslo – “Dog Stare DVD (looping)”
2022 Vandaler Forening Winter Solsitce, Kroloftet, Oslo – Concert with (OoO)
2022 Høstutstillingen på Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo – Profound Statement.
2022 cassette on Elektrokassett. (OoO) – Vegan Music.
2022 contribution to Stockholm based publication RE: RE:ENCHANTMENT.
2022 Soundscape for Eli Mai Huang Nesses “Shapeshifting”, Istotop, Bergen
2021 Periferien concert series, Oslo. – 5 improvised, site specific concerts in public space. (OoO) – Et Rotsystem av Lyd
2020 Oslo City #, BO, Oslo. Animal Sanctuary, concert and video with (OoO)
2020 Godthaab, Oslo “Mayonnaise Calligraphy" & “archive of pictures of animals from norwegian web newspapers” – Bergen Art Academy Label (:b concert and video.
2019 Vandaler Forening Winter Solstice, Kroloftet, Oslo – Kollege Kitchen
2019 Kunstnernes Hus, MFA show, Oslo – PLURAL PLUR
2019 Breadbox Contemporary, Oslo – I, SCOOTER med (OoO)
2019 Technokjeller at Hausmania, Oslo – Dance Music For A Horse That Does Not Exist (concert) – Bergen Art Academy Label (:b
2018 Vandaler Forening Winter Solstice, Teknisk Museum, Oslo – Artist Talk, concert with (OoO)
2018 Galleri Q, København, Dreamy Eyes of Wonder
2017-18 Monthly Exam Show, MFA self organized shows.
2018 Färingsö womens prizon, organized by Annika Eriksson, part of education at KKH
2017 The Wrong Biennale, Internet, «Equivocations»-pavillion – After Two Hundred Years, It’s Time For An Afterparty. collaboration with Hampus Behm, Helle Lindskog og Eugene Sundelius von Rosen.
2017 New Contemporary Art Museum – BFA show, Bergen.
2017 Prøverommet curated by FELT, Blom, Bergen – Vernal Equinox,
2016+17 Galleri Bokboden, Bergen – Bokboden Sculpture park 2016 & 2017,
2016 Deichmanske Main Library, Oslo – Kollege: Selve Tidsspøkelset, (performance with Kollege)
2016 Narves1biblioteket, magazine, Oslo – Mennesker Med Håp For Fremtiden 2
2015 Edvard Munch Haus, train platform, Warnemünde, Germany – By the Way.
2015 Rom 8, Bergen – New Artistic Research,
2015 Kurant, Tromsø – Letter of intent

2023 Miscellaneous grant, Oslo Kommune
2021 Project support for sound recording, Audiovisual Fund, Arts Council Norway
2021 Project support for newly established artists, Arts Council Norway
2021 Project support, BKV/NBK
2021 Miscellaneous grant, Arts Council Norway
2019 Miscellaneous grant for recently graduated artist, Arts Council Norway