17.—18. april

Munan Øvrelid

I make figurative paintings, often in oil and large formats. The painting’s ability to fascinate and attract through fantasies and illusions of life and energy fascinates me. My paintings are open for multiple interpretations and have both rooms and objects from the present and the past. I am interested in the meticulous, concentrated gaze that the process gives me, and which I hope the viewer becomes infected with.
I am concerned with the relationship between the world and our inner images of it. My images are created in a merry oscillation between time and space. From 15th century tapestries and paintings from art history, to feathers, wings, tomato soup, sticks, gloves, lanterns, apples, flowers, laundry and weird headgear. I paint rooms on surfaces of surfaces, I make paintings of paintings of paintings, and rooms with carpets on surfaces on paintings. The rooms contain things that do not have a clear meaning, but that have potential as symbols or beings. A sensual melon opens, dead fishes stare blankly out of the painting, while the butterflies have a lively gaze on their wings. The tomato
soup gallantly presents itself, the stick holds a hat and is reminiscent of the spears in the room behind, the canvas has a ripped hole opening towards a hovering apple.
I try to awaken a collective imagination, tease the eye and surprise the thought. In the flight between surface and space, interior and exterior, stillness and movement, light and shadow, humor and sorrow, a myriad of interpretive possibilities can arise. With concentrated gaze and meticulous strokes, I have painted life cycles, deaths, rebirth, life- affirming maelstroms, as from an old depth, shadows from strange beings, on the edge of the cliff. And shadows of actions and beings outside the painting that allow the illusions of the rooms to extend beyond the surface, and into our inner rooms. Rooms that have the sensation of always moving in the peripheral vision.


 a unicorns death and the birth of speculative symbolism, 2020, oil on canvas, 200  x 220 cm
A Unicorns Death and the Birth of Speculative Symbolism, 2020, Maleri 200cm*220cm
 a throw of the dice, 2020, oil on canvas, 190  x 190 cm
A Throw of the Dice, 2020, oljemaleri, 200*200cm
 landscape with man hypnotised by nature, 2020, oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm
Landscape with Man Hypnotised by Nature, 2020, olje på lerret, 150 x 120 cm,
Kultur 2019
kultur, 2020, oljemaleri, 180*200cm


04-06 The Art Academy in Trondheim, NTNU, Master 05 The Art Academy in Malmø, Sweden
01-04 The Art Academy in Trondheim, NTNU, Bachelor 99-01 Strykejernet Art School, Oslo
2022 Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2020 Gallery Haaken, Oslo
2018 Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2016 The Ozeanic feeling, the Restroom ,Berlin
2015 Fugl far tall. Øyne hånd. Trøndelag center for contemporary art, Norway
I am I follow, No Place, Oslo
2014 Stein vann vind fugl blomst, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo
2013 Birds, Father and Mathematics, Prinz George Raum fur Kunst , Berlin, Germany 2012 W17, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
2010 An encounter like a flash, from now to the end of consciousness, UKS, Oslo,
2007 Resignation, Skånes kunstforening, Malmø, Sweden
Background pictures for a new world, Galleri Galuzin, Oslo Norway
2020 Telemark Kunstsenter, Skien, Norway Eres stiftung, Munich, Germany
2019 Høstutstillingen, Oslo Stilleben, QB gallery, Oslo
Tokonoma, London
Olje og begjær, Blomquist og QB, Oslo Freigänger, Berlin
2018 Kaleidoskop, Island ,Oslo
2016 Tegnebienalen Oslo
2015 RE/ACT The Art of breaking and buildingPrinz Georg, Raum fur Kunst, Berlin
Xerox, barbarbette, Berlin
2014 Foaje exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Solos3, OZEAN, Berlin art week, Berlin
RORO, Skaftfell center for visual art, Island
HOTEL shabbyshabby, Raumlabor Berlin, Mannheim
Distant Observation-Fukushima in Berlin, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
2013 Balbakken, October – April, with Marcellvs L, Galleri Luisa Strina, Sau Paulo Landscape and the Contemporary Romantic, Kunstverein Springhornhof, Germany 24 Spaces, Malmø Kunsthall, Malmø Sweeden
The limits of my language, PlatformStockholm,Stockholm, Sweeden
2012 The Running Room. Space for Art and Industy, New York New horizons, Neukøllner kunstverein, Kunstraum T27, Berlin Whun Eech Uhnd Evry-Whun Whu, NoPlace, Oslo
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Kommunikation der Liebe, Tokyo Wonder Site Space Berlin, Bethanien, Berlin Rom for stein og hjort, Kunstmuseet Kube, Ålesund,
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Stavanger Kunstforening, Haugesund Kunstforening, Norway
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Hå Gamle prestegård, Nærbø
Tou scene, Stavanger
Wohnungsaustellung 1 Wedding, Berlin
The forgotten Bar project, Berlin
Randi Nygård og Munan Øvrelid presenterer. . . Dortmund Bodega, Oslo
2009 Darkness descends, Grossman Gallery, Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, USA and Chashama, New York, USA
Newspeak, Gallery Babel, Trondheim,
Art Recipe Oslo-Kabul!, Gallery Podium, Oslo,
Meteorfestivalen, Rom8, Bergen Norway 2008 Nationalmuseum, Lavafeld, Berlin, Germany
Shifting Schisms, Gallery Rekord, Oslo
Let there be light, Elementi, Bitola, Makedonia
Rykk tilbake til start, Prosjekt 0047, Oslo
Let there be light, Kristiansand kunstforening, Kristiansand Norway
2019 Vederlagsfondet 3year working grant 2018 Ingrid lindbæck langaard stiftelsen
Fegersten stiftelsen
Project grant Kulturrådet Vederlagsfondet 1year working grant
2016 Vederlagsfondet 1year working grant 2015 Statens utstillings stipend
2014 Project grant Kulturrådet
Project gantr, Vederlagsfondet, NBK, Norway International support, OCA
BKH 2-årig arbeidstipend
2013 Vederlagsfondet 1 årig arbeidstipend
International support, OCA 2012 Project grant Kulturrådet
atelier støtte, BKH, Kunstnernes hus
International support, OCA 2011 statens arbeidstipend 2 år
atelier støtte, BKH, Roma International support, OCA Project grant Kulturrådet
2010 Vederlagsfondet 1 year working grant utstillingstøtte, kulturådet
prosjektstøtte kunst og ny teknologi kulturrådet
prosjektstøtte, Vederlagsfondet, NBK, 2009 Vederlagsfondet 1 år arbeidsstipend
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Vederlagsfondet 1 år arbeidsstipend
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2020 URRA El Tigre Argentina
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2011/2012 W17, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2011 Skandinaviske forening, Roma, 2009 Skandinaviske forening, Roma,
public comission:
2014 Munkerudskole , Oslokomunes Kunstsamling.