17.—18. april

Damla Kilickiran

Magic, PSI (parapsychological phenomena), intuition and gnosis are examples of concepts that in various degrees describes non-verbal mindsets and gestures; a position within a boundary where “meaning” and “experience” is blurred. I incorporate these methods applied to achieve these states in my work process, as a way to alter my subjectivity and approach the body’s own iconography through an intuitive image production. Mostly through the mediums of video, drawing, sculpture and text.

Purpur glimpse
Purpur Glimpse
Gates Of Coagulum
On sense and glyphs
On Sense and Glyphs

Planned projects and exhibitions

In January 2021, Viktor Pedersen and I will have an exhibition at the artist-run gallery K4, which will thematically explores psychic intimacy in the shape of a video and sound installation, as well as a recorded telephone conversation. In April I will have my first big solo exhibition at UKS, and for that reason I want to investigate what a selection of infrastructural objects scattered in Oslo have for potential as places, spirits and transformative forces in relation to a body they are not intended to function for. In June, I will participate in the Biennale in Gothenburg with a further development of a previous work, “On Sense and Glyphs”, which I showed in Kunstnerens Hus at the graduationshow earlier this year. And at the end of next year, I will have a soloshow at Galleri Memphis, which is a studio-exhibition-room initiated by artist Espen Iden.