17.—18. april

Kaare Ruud

I am interested in almost banal concepts such as time, nostalgia, durability and language. Among other things, I work with this by recontextualizing utility objects that have an attraction to the past that is constantly returning to the limelight as “trendy”. Examples of this are Manila furniture, the Monoblock chair, or more specifically the Respatex series whose intention was to imitate design with the working class as the target group.

By working abstractly with utility objects that have a nostalgic or personal value to me, I question what appropriation of class identity means.

Working autobiographically opens a portal for me that I use to depict structures in society through poetry and visual devices and with this I want to give a tongue to objects that do not have a body.

Sculpture, Installation, performance, text

Verk 1 jan kaare ruud
Proposition part I: stage II & III
Verk 4 jan kaare ruud
Verk 3 jan kaare ruud
E sku gjett eilt e æg å har om dæ betydde at e fortsatt såg opp te de
Verk 2 jan kaare ruud
I am not the same when I need you

Planned projects and exhibitions

I am currently working on a solo exhibition in March 2021 at Norsk Billedhoggerforening. The title of the exhibition is “Album” and refers to something that is both nostalgic and dying as a photo album, but also a music album. In the basement of the exhibition space, bronze sculptures, garden furniture and garden tools are stored today, where the stored artworks are either left behind as heirlooms or from the old structure of sending in artworks for open calls. The artworks that now stand in the basement, I will move up to the main hall which is located directly above the basement room. In the empty basement, I will show an installation with works that consist of minimalist anthropomorphizations of everyday objects, as well as animated plastic chairs. In the main hall, I will recreate the basement in its entirety together with a multi-channel sound installation that consists of the voices of the pensioners’ choir Gausdals venner.

In june 2021 I’m showing new works at the window-gallery Galleri Toll in Stockholm. Here I will present second part of a prosjekt with meal beetles and mealworms. These organisms have a bacteria in their body which make them able to digest styropor in styrofoam. In my collaboration with these animals, I feed them with objects that represents time and speed such as bicycle helmets and other objects that has styrofoam as an essential material to protect the user. This is a continuation from a project I presented at Hulias in October 2020, where I presented the project in tubs filled with objects that related to the history of the space and/or the architecture. The objects in styrofoam were slowly teared down by the animals under the exhibition period, and this is something I want to experiment with in the future.

I also have two curatorial projects going on for 2021-2022, but at the moment I am focusing on my own artistic projects, as the concept of the exhibitions are not able to be done as long as there are corona restrictions.


2018 – 2020 MFA, Kunstakademiet, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo
2015 – 2018 BFA, Kunstakademiet i Bergen
2013 – 2015 Strykejernet kunstskole AS, Oslo

Solo exhibitions
2021 Galleri Toll – curated by Maria Toll, Stockholm (upcoming)
Album – Norsk Billedhoggerforening, curated by Silja Leifsdottir, Oslo (upcoming)
Kontoret på Kunstnernes Hus – Oslo, Duo-exhibition with Camilla Edström Ödemark (upcoming)
2020 Breadbox Contemporary – curated by Jasper Siverts, Oslo (upcoming)
Hole – Oslo, duo-exhibition with Mikkel Carlsen (upcoming)
As long as everyone’s satisfied (I’m happy) – Online
Feistmuggjen – Norsk Billedhoggerforening, curated by Silja Leifsdottir, Oslo
2019 Summoning bird: Improvising a Scandinavian noir bedtime story – Løvens Hule, Oslo, duo-exhibition with Marthe Ramm Fortun
2018 Excavating a Living Room – Low Standards, Oslo.
2017 A bitch called Harold – Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, duo-exhibition with Amalie V. Olsen
A body without organs – Galleri Fisk, Bergen.
2016 Anomaly – C.S. gate 53, Bergen, duo-exhibition with Lasse Hieronymus Bo
Constructed Canyons – gate 53, Bergen, duo-exhibition with Lasse Hieronymus Bo
2015 Livet er en dans på roser – Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo.
2014 Senebetennelse – Strykejernet Kunstskole, Oslo, duo-exhibition with Eirik Abri og Victor Guzman

Selected group exhibitions
2020 Den siste festen – QB gallery, Oslo (upcoming)
Gruppeutstilling med FKDS – Akademirommet, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo (upcoming)
Subsisting – Hulias, Oslo 

Avgangsutstillingen 2020 – Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
Vestlandsutstillingen 2020 (VU20) – Travelling group exhibition curated by Elise By Olsen.
2019 Close to cancellation – Seilduken 1, Oslo
BEHEMOTH – Akademirommet, Oslo
2018 Master splash – Seilduken 1, Oslo
Got it for cheap, Velvet Ropes edition – Galleri Golsa, Oslo.
Nowhere / Now here – Strømgaten 1, Bergen.
2017 After school special: Voluptuary Soiree – Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen.
Høstutstillingen – Kunstnernes hus, Oslo.
2016 Calculated risk: Reduced woodcut – Vaskerelven 8, Bergen
Offline – Galleri Fisk, Bergen.
2015 Dark Mirrors – Strømgaten 1, Bergen.
Strykejernet Sommerutstilling – Strykejernet Kunstskole, Oslo.
2014 Strykejernet Juleutstilling – Strykejernet Kunstskole, Oslo.
Strykejernet Sommerutstilling – Strykejernet Kunstskole, Oslo.
2013 Strykejernet Juleutstilling – Strykejernet Kunstskole, Oslo.

Grants etc.
2020 Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond – Prosjektstøtte
Kulturrådet – Prosjektstøtte for visuell kunst
FKDS – Fondet for Kunst & Design studentert – Atelierstipend på baksiden av
Kunstnernes Hus i ett år.
Kulturrådet – Diversestipend for nyetablerte kunstnere
2019 Billedkunstnernes hjelpefond – Stipend for kunstnere under utdanning
Volden legatet
2018 Volden legatet
2017 Volden legatet
2016 Volden legatet
2015 Volden legatet

Events and initiatives
2023 Å formidle vanskelig materiale
Kurator for et stedsspesifikt prosjekt rettet mot selvmordsforebyggelse i mindre bygder i innlandet.

2022 I can’t believe this could happen in our neighborhood
Kurator for en reisende gruppeutstilling rundt omkring i Norge som undersøker møter mellom flyktige installasjoner og temporære visningssteder.

2020-2020 ?box
Redaktør og samarbeidspartner med Jasper Siverts om et online magasin ved navn ?box med nye lanseringer annenhver uke.

2019-2020 Breadbox Contemporary
Kurator og direktør for et alternativt visningsrom som finner sted i SiO kantinen i Fossveien 24 som nå driftes av Jasper Siverts.