17.—18. april

Andreas Olavssønn Rongen

My praxis is project based, where I approach the performative capabilities of materials from a poetic perspective. Usually, I work in a multidisciplinary manner around a thematic core, attempting to luminate situations of presence and exclusion.

A project called Studie med brukket arm (Study with a broken arm) has been my main focus the last two years, expanding on materials collected over some months in Tangiers, spring 2018. Following a recurring interest for harbour cities as hubs of information exchange and performative exploration, the works attempts to problematize some lived experiences and their representations in the pictorial and literary travelogue tradition.

Sculpture, textile, installations, video

En scene for seg selv (2020)
En scene for seg selv (2020)
Refleksiv handling (2020)
Refleksiv handling (2020)
Selvportrett som egen fremmedgjøring (2020)
(selportrett som egen fremmedgjøring) (2020)
Studie med brukket arm 7 (2020)
Studie med brukket arm #7 (2019/2020)


Andreas Olavssønn Rongen
f. 1989

2015-17 Kunstakademiet i Oslo, MFA
2012-15 Kunstakademiet i Oslo, BFA
2010-12 Nordland Kunst- og filmfagskole

Selected exhibitions:

Høstutstillingen / Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo (group)
Souvenir / RAM Galleri / Oslo (group)
A IS A GUESS AND A PIECE / Louise Dany / Oslo (group)

Destiny’s Gratinée / Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo (group)

Alltings början / Hildelund Konstfestival / Västra Ämtvik, Sverige (with Miriam Hansen)

Space 4235 at NESXT Independet Art Festival / Torino, Italia (group)
Natur och kultur / Hildelund Konstfestival, Västra Ämtvik, Sverige (group)
Bare gutter bor her nå / Destiny’s Atelier / Oslo (solo)
Avgangsutstillingen MFA / Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo (group)
Holistic Hangout / Munkegata 1 / Oslo (group)

Fellesareal² / Munkegata 1 / Oslo (group)
VOL 2 / Galleri Seilduken / Oslo (group)
Lunedi / PODIUM /Oslo (med Florian Gutzwiller)(group)
Street food, street view / Galleri Bokboden / Bergen (film program)

JAAT II / KHIO / Oslo (with Tom-Hadar Elde, Janne Maria Lysen, Andreas Öhman)
opposite jerry / PORTNERgalleriet, KHIO / Oslo (with Janne Maria Lysen)
(intermezzo) / Space 4235 / Genova, Italia (with Øystein Larssen)
Avgangsutstillingen BFA / Kristian Augusts gate 15 / Oslo (group)

JAAT / Seilduken / Oslo (with Tom-Hadar Elde, Janne Maria Lysen, Andreas Öhman)
____ / Galleri Fisk / Bergen (with Øystein Larssen)
Skippertak / Galleri Blunk / Trondheim (with Øystein Larssen)
Work, out / Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo (with Øystein Larssen)

KAKA / Akademirommet, Kunstnernes Hus / Oslo (group)
Scener fra unndragelsen / 180degreegallery, KHIO / Oslo (solo)
Education Reversed / Fotogalleriet / Oslo (med Sam van Strien)(group)
Five minutes from the place I live / Lilandgården / Kabelvåg (with Øystein Larssen)
While you were out / Andre Siden / Bergen (with Øystein Larssen)

Forfra / Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter / Svolvær (group)
As time goes by… / Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter / Svolvær (group)

2020 – Ettårig arbeidsstipend, BKV
2019 – Ettårig arbeidsstipend, BKV
2017 – Diversestipend for nyetablerte kunstnere