17.—18. april

Per Hess

My art and my studio are a free space, a mental thinking space for possibilities and ideas.
Both hand, head and heart are my friends.

The light and the transparency of the colors awaken me, both expressively and conceptually. My works are commentary; political, philosophical, ecological, metaphysical and phenomenological.

In my recent work, I use neon, the universe’s lighting technology in miniature. I have found a technique where I put together many colored glass tubes into a neon rod. Each rod becomes an object, while many rods mounted together become a light painting or a light sculpture that communicates with light.

A connection between colors and sound is elaborated in performances.

painting, drawing, photography, neon technology, screen printing, sculpture and installation.

Bilde 01
Installasjon til kveldens performance Neonmeditasjoner og frisen Fresh Water Coloured by Glacier Algae på veggen bak. 100 x 450 cm. Lydgalleriet Bergen 2019
Bilde 02
Neonmeditasjoner Deichman Grünerløkka 2019
Bilde 03
Neon skisse 200 x 200 cm. 2020
Bilde 04
Risto Holopainen/Per Hess Performance Neonmeditasjoner Bærum kunsthall 2018

Planned projects and exhibitions

Festival exhibition Silver Mind, Kongsberg Jazz Festival 2021, Kongsberg Art Association.
Invites to the seminar High Technology and Humanity, Kongsberg.
Performance Neon Meditations, Kongsberg Jazz Festival.


Per Hess
ARTISTIC CV. 1968-2021
Selected exhibitions

1946. 20. 01. Kongsberg. Lives and works in Oslo.

1970-1973. Statens Håndverks og Kunstindustriskole.
1973-1979. Statens Kunstakademi.
1980. Continuing education Germany, France, Italy.

The consultant register KORO.
Project manager art.

Study stay, Artist in Residence
The Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Georgia, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Egypt, Italy, Germany, France.

Member of
Norwegian Visual Artists, NBK.
National Association of Norwegian Painters, LNM.
Norwegian Sculptors’ Association NBF.
Transformer artist house.
The Artists’ Association.

Separate exhibitions
2021. “Silver Mind”, Festival Exhibition, Kongsberg Jazz Festival.
2019. NOTAM, Oslo.
2019. “Neon Meditations”, Sound Gallery, Bergen.
2016-2017 “Sudden Shower”, Atopia Artlab, Oslo.
2015. “Yellow”, Gallery LNM, Oslo.
2015. “Room # 7”, Lynx Gallery, Oslo.
2015. “Behind the Stars”, Kunstplass 10, Oslo.
2014. “Room # 6”, TRAFO Art Gallery, Asker.
2013. “Room # 5”, 55th Venice Biennale, Colatteral Event,
Palazzo Bembo, Venice.
2012. “White is the new Black”, Gallery GAD, Oslo.
2010. “Monet – Money”, Gallery1, Sandvika.
2005. “Down to business”, Hå Old Rectory, Jæren.
2004. “Down to business”, Gallery LNM, Oslo.
2003. “Blue”, Uffizi Gallery, Bærum.
2001. Uffizi Gallery, Bærum.
2001. “White border”, Artist center of Buskerud, Drammen.
2000. “Sequenz 1”, Høvik.
1999. “Specially Colored”, Kongsberg Art Association.
1993. “Color pictures”, Gallery LNM, Oslo.
1991. “Øyeporten”, Gallery Gimle, Oslo.
1986. Gjøvik Art Association.
1986. Kongsberg Art Association.
1985. Glomdalsmuseets Galleri.
1985. Hamar Art Association.
1980. Kongsberg Art Association.
1979. Domus Manglerud, “An experiment”, Oslo

Group and group exhibitions
2021. Oslo Open.
2020. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019. “Neon Meditations”, Lydgalleriet, Bergen.
2018. Oslo Open.
2018. Bærum Kunsthall, “Neon, Argon, Krypton”.
2017. 57 Venice Biennale, Palazzo Mora, Venice.
2017. Oslo Open.
2016. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2016. Cite des Baux Arts Gallery, Paris.
2016. Oslo Open.
2014. Oslo Open.
2008. “Move back to the start”, Gallery 0047, Oslo.
2005. “Contemporary”, TRAFO, Oslo.
2005. “Eikaas students”, Jølster Museum.
2003. “Sequenz 2”, Høvik.
2000. “Marshmallow Man”, Oslo Open.
1995. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
1994. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
1992. Østlandsutstillingen.
1989. LNM Gallery. Oslo.
1987. “11 from Ekely”, Hå Gamle Prestegaard, Jæren.
1986. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
1985. Stavanger Art Association.
1984. Ekely exhibition, Oslo.
1983. Ekely exhibition, Oslo.
1980. Oslo Art Association.
1979. UKS Spring Exhibition, Oslo.
1979. Polaris Group, Ski Art Association.
1979. Steinkjær Art Association.
1979. UKS Travel Exhibition Northern Norway.
1978. Oslo Art Association.
1978. UKS Spring Exhibition, Oslo.
1978. UKS Drawing Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo.
1977. Ski Art Association.
1976. Gallery 27, Oslo.
1975. “7 young”, Gallery 27, Oslo.
1968. First exhibition, Kongsberg.

2021. Kongsberg Art Association, Kongsberg.
2020. The autumn exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019. “NOTAM 25 years”, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019. Deichman Library, Grünerløkka, Oslo.
2019. “Neon Meditations”, Lydgalleriet, Bergen.
2018. Bærum Arthall, “Neon, Argon, Krypton”, Bærum.

Public gatherings
2001. Art Fund for public buildings. KORO
1997. Art Fund for public buildings. KORO
1988. Riksgalleriet / The National Gallery.
1986. Kongsberg Art Association.
1979. Ski Art Association.
1979. Steinkjær Art Association.

2021. Kulturrådet exhibition scholarship.
2020. Ingerid, Synnøve og Elias Fegerstens foundation scholarship.
2020/23. NBK 3-year work scholarship.
2019. NBK project support.
2018/19. NBK 2-year work scholarship.
2017. Norwegian Cultural Fund, project support.
2017. Rune Brynestad Memorial Scholarship.
2017. I. L. Langaard Foundation, Scholarship.
2016. I. L. Langaard Foundation, scholarship stay Cité, Paris.
2016. NBK 1-year work scholarship.
2015. BKH scholarship.
2015. NBK 1-year work scholarship.
2014. Norwegian Cultural Fund, exhibition scholarship.
2013. NBK project support.
2013. Oslo City Exhibition Scholarship.
2006. Oslo City Culture Scholarship for visual artists.
2005. Sasakawa Foundation: Scholarship for studies of recent
art in public space in Japan.
2004. I. L. Langaard Foundation.
1996. The state of Norway, Guaranteed income for Artists.
1986. BKH Scholarship.
1972 Haakon the 7th scholarship.

Art in public spaces, works performed.
2011. Gjerpen School, Skien: “Tracks”.
2006. University of Stavanger: “Urban structures”.
2001. Drammen Police House: “Bridges”.
2000. (1994-2000) Rikshospitalet i Oslo: “Frø”.
2000. (1994-2000) Rikshospitalet i Oslo: “Via”.
2000. (1994-2000) Rikshospitalet in Oslo: “Total concept color”.
1999. Norwegian Media Companies
1995. Art Fund for Public Buildings (KORO): “Fri”, Oslo.
1993. City Hall, Kongsberg.
1991. Radiumhospitalets Pharmacy: “Slangen”, Oslo.
1988. Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.
1986. Den Norske Bank, Kongsberg.
1984. Hotel Continental, Oslo.
1984. Hotel Conti Hansa, Kiel.
1982. The Kiel ferries M / S Ragnhild and M / S Harald.

2021. “High technology and humanity”, Wordshop, Kongsberg.
2018. “Contribution to Goethe’s color theory” André Bjerke.
Working group text / design book.
2014. Artist Book. “The Chinese Box”.
2003-2006. “NeonNeos. Oslo – Berlin ”. Supported by
Norwegian Cultural Council.

Consultant / curator, art in public spaces
2013-2020. New Deichman Library, Bjørvika, Oslo.
2015-2016. Trandum Immigration Reception Center III,
2013-2015. Trandum Immigration Reception Center I and II,
2012-2015. Edvard Munch High School, Oslo.
2012-2013. Expert committee for the appointment of a professor
to master’s degree; Art in public space, KHIO, Oslo
2013. KORO-appointed committee “Monument to Christian
Frederik ”, Eidsvolls plass, Oslo. Finished.
2011-2012. “The portrait wall” Det norske teater, Oslo.
2009-2012. Project manager art. “Kilden” Theater and concert
hall for Sørlandet, Kristiansand.
2008. Jury chairman competition “Landmark Lohavn”,
Bjørvika, Oslo.
2007-2008. Nordland Central Hospital, Bodø,
Concept color / aesthetics.
2007-2009. Stavanger Concert Hall. “Red concrete”.
2006-2008. Curator. Aker Solutions Head Quarter, Snarøya.
2005-2006. Curator. Asker and Bærum HF Hospital, Sandvika.
2005-2007. KORO’s Purchasing Committee IV.
2003-2005. KORO’s Purchasing Committee III.
2003. St. Olavs hospital Trondheim: Concept color.
2002-2003. National Policy Center – Eidsvoll 1814, Eidsvoll.
2001-2002. Akerselva Nursing Home, Oslo.
1995-1999. University Library, University of Oslo.
1996-1997. Svinndal environmental street, Svinndal.
1995-1997. Stenbråten School, Oslo.
1995-1996. Askim nursing home, Askim.
1993-1994. Helga Engs bygg, University of Oslo.
1992-1995. Faculty of Law. University in Bergen.
1992-1995. Business School. University in Bergen.
1992-1994. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen.

Professional discussion
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References 1970-1990 are not updated.

Written work
2021. “Silver Mind”, Kongsberg Art Association. Catalog.
2020. “The Art of Insensitivity” Klassekampen.
2018. “Neon, Argon, Krypton”. Bærum Kunsthall. Catalog.
2018-2009. Div posts. Aftenposten, Morgenbladet,
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Main text Power Ekroth.
2008. Art in Aker Solutions Head Quarter. Pocket catalog.
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2007. Co-producer. Other art rooms – Other contexts.
12 projects. KORO.
2004. Co-producer. DIALOGUE – Art and place make sense,
11 projects. KORO.
1999. Article: Johannes Rød “The decoration of
University Library, Oslo ”, Gyldendal.
1996. Editor: Utsmykkingsfondets årbok
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1986. Editor “Handbook for Norwegian visual artists”.
1982-1985. Editorial member “Billedkunstneren”.
1980-1982. Editor of “Billedkunstneren”.

2020 Visual art. “It started with Neon” 2016. Mina Storhaug
2018 Kunzt: https://es-la.facebook.com/KUNZT.no/posts/
interview: m% C3% B8t-per-hess
the artist / 1617349611695548 /
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2019. “Om lys”, AHOdesign, Oslo
2019. “Sunset session special” in Skyspace, Ekebergparken,
2017. “Touch points”, KORO seminar on art and hospitals.
2004. “Dialogue”, KHIO, Oslo

2019. Bærum Arthall. Exhibition jury member.
2018. I. L. Langaard Foundation. Jury member.
2002-2014. Transformer artist house. Oslo. Board chairman /
Board member.
1984-1990. Ekely artist housing association. Chairman of the
1983-1985. Scholarship Committee. Appointed member.
1982-1985. Board of Visual Artists. BKS. Board member.
1982-1984. Nordic Art Association. Board member.
1980-1982. Norwegian Visual Artists’ Professional Organization.
NBFO. Board member.
1979-1980. Oslo Visual Artists. OBK. Chairman of the Board.
1978-1979. Oslo Visual Artists. OBK. The interim board.