17.—18. april

Katja Høst

I observe elements and details in the everyday that trigger my curiosity. Once triggered, I extract, enhance, and distil these elements, whether they consist of ideas we live by, relations we engage in, cultural habits and interactions, or objects we surround ourselves with. By processing the familiar in this way, I aim to pose open ended questions about life and how to live it, as individuals or as a community.

My love for the impossible entity we call reality is endless, hence the medium of photography and video forms a broad part of my production. However, my choice of medium is always project and context dependent, so sound installations, as well as landscaping and sculptural work, can also be found amongst my projects.

Photography, intallation, video and relational estetics

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CV for Katja Høst
f. 09.06.1972 / www.katjahost.com

Photobook publications:
2020: Publication of the photo book: Y-blokka, Orfeus publishing AS (November)
2017: Publication of the photo book: Dasein. Teknisk Industri AS,
2013: Publication of the photo book: Her et sted. Teknisk Industri AS

Solo exhibitions:
2021: Exhibition/workshops, in collaboration with Liva Mork at Tenthaus
2020: A man of one’s own, Digitaliseum Malmö, Sweden (October/November)
2018: As long as there is light, Digitaliseum Malmö, Sweden
2010: IC/OOC, CirculationsCentralen, Malmö, Sweden
2009: The second sex, Svolvær, Norway
2009: The second sex, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway
2008: Blind Spot, at Gallery 44, Toronto Canada
2008: OPERAEN, Christian Frederiks plass and Oslo S (Rom for kunst), Oslo, Norway
2007: The Lonely Crowd, Montréal, Canada
2007: Video Transit, at Porsgrunn train station, Norway
2004: Rannveig, Martin, Heidi, Torkel, Annette, Hege, Stephan, Else og Anne-Sophie,
Lørenskog Kunstforening, Skårer, Norway
2003: Sign painters, Bjørka Project-room in Oslo, Norway
2002: Pausekomma, Bjørka Project-room in Oslo, Norway
2000: til barnerommet, Vigeland Museum in Oslo, Norway

Selected group exhibitions:
2021 osloBIENNALEN – posterproject, Oslo, Norway (The National museum – Architecture) (November)
2020: Nordic Light Photo Festival, Kristiansund, Norway (October)
2019 osloBIENNALEN – postcardproject, Oslo, Norway (presented amongst others at Kunstnernes Hus,
Henie Onstad, Fotogalleriet, Deichman, Visit Oslo, Nationalmuseet, Munchmuseum etc.)
2019: Part of Woodland at The Fall exhibition (Høstutstillingen), Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2019: Uncertain States, London, UK
2018: Red prescription, Trosterudvillaen, Oslo, Norway
2014: Acquried so far…Sara Christensen´s Collection, Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway
2014: Inventing everyday life, Official Manifesta 10 sideprogram, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012: Desire, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
2011: Green gathering, OCA, Oslo, Norway
2011: Supermarket Art Fair, presented by CIrkulationscentralen, Stockholm, Sweden
2010: Gentle Actions, art & ecology project, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Norway
2009: Filmsuppe, Screening at Podium, Oslo, Norway
2008: Mørkeromsbilder, Preus Museum, Horten, Norway
2007: The bigger picture, Screening Programme, Exchange Square, Manchester, UK
2007: Aftermath, video program at Oslo Central Station, Oslo, Norway
2006: Ventetid, Oslo Central Station, Curatetd by Katinka Maraz, Oslo, Norway
2006: Momentum filmprogram, Nordic Art Festival, Moss, Norway
2006: Made in video, Videoart Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006: Spring event, Observatoire 4, Montréal, Canada
2006: Fait à Montréal Made, Museé just pour rire, Montréal, Canada
2005: FABRIK 2-3.05, (exhibition in Swedish art publication)
2005: 100 års nasjonsbygging, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo, Norway
2005: Nytt Norsk Fotografi, Preus Museum in Horten, Norway
2005: Social Democracy Revisited, Apexart in New York, USA
2004: The UKS Biannual III, in Oslo, Norway
2003: Diffusion, a part of Windowshopping in Oslo (www.window-shopping.no), Norway
2003: The Fall exhibition (Høstutstillingen), Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway
2001: Saved by Hot Rod & Diesel, Oslo Kunsthall, Norway
1998: Fotografisk vårutstilling, Fotogalleriet in Oslo, Norway
1997: Østlandsutstillingen, Hønefoss, Larvik and Finnskogen, Norway
1997: Hviskeleken, Ekko gallery in Bergen, Norway
Public art comissions and other art-related work:
2019-21 Sculpture/public art project as part of Haugerudbekken, in collaboration with artist Liva Mork and pupils at Haugerud school og Hellerud college
2019 Lierstranda pilot, Art exhibit in a Container in Lier, in collaboration with artist Liva Mork
2019 Haugerudbekken, 2 more Public art innstallations in collaboratiuon with artist Liva Mork.
and pupils at Trosterud Public Elementary School ,Oslo ,Norway.
2016-18 Haugerudbekken, Public art project in collaboratiuon with artist Liva Mork and pupils at Trosterud Public Elementary School ,Oslo ,Norway.
2017 Public art (video-installation), comissioned by the Norwegian School of Sports and
Sciences, Oslo, Norway
2016-d.d.: Active in an initiative to establish more public art in the multi-cultural area of Haugeruud
/ Trosterud in Oslo, Norway. E.g. curatorial and administrative work to establish a
street art-project at Trosterud Public Elementary School.
2008-2009: Emplyed at Kulturbyrået Mesen; projectmanagement and curatorioal work with public
art projects.
2007: Public art project commissioned for Litteraturens hus (House of Literature), Oslo, Norway
2007-2008 Exhibition coordinator at Fotogalleriet in Oslo, Norway

Grants/financial support for projects:
2019: Project support for Y-Blokka: Vederlagsfondet, Fritt ord & Bergesen stiftelsen
2018: Project support for Haugerudbekken, Minister of culture and Sparebanskstiftelsen
2017: Support for equipment, Extras, Vederlagsfondet
2017: Project support for Haugerudbekken: Kulturetaten & Eckbo stiftelsen
2016: Project support, Haugerudbekken, Sparebanskstiftelsen
2016: Support for book-production ,Dasein, Norske Fagfotografers Fond & Vederlagsfondet
2015: Support for equipment & book-production, Dasein, Minister of culture
2014: OCA, Traveling support for participating in Inventing everyday life, St. Petersburg, Russia
2010: NoFoFo, support for book-production
2010: BKH grant, 2 year grant for artistic peoduction
2008: Oslo City Art Grant for photographers
2008: BKH grant
2008: Project Grant for a book-production
2007: Material support, Minister of culture
2006: OCA, support for solo-show in Montréal
2005-2006: National Grants for young artists, Minister of culture
2005: Norsk Fotografisk Fond, Exhibition supprt
2005: OCA, Exhibition support
2001: Grant for newcomers, Minister of culture
2000: Support for equipment, Minister of culture

Rom for kunst 10 år, Published by Rom eiendom in colaboration with Mesén, 2011
Emergence, Canadian publication edited by Sarah Parsons, 2010
Objektiv nr 2, Norwegian fotomagazine for kamerabased art, 2010
Norsk Kunstårbok, 2008
Bjørka 10 år, 2008
Samtiden 4, 2006
Aftenposten, Intervju,17.06.2005
Om fotografi, nr 1-2, 2005
Norsk Kunstårbok, 2005
FABRIK, 2-3.2005
Morgenbladet, Intervju, 3.10.2004
UKS biannual catalogue, text by Beathe C. Rønning, 2004

2015: Master of Cognitive Neuroscience, Universitetet of Oslo
1999: Graduated at Kunsthøyskolen in Bergen, Department of specialised art – photography
1997-98: Denmark Design School, Institute of Visual Communication (exchange)
1995-97: Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Department of specialised art – photography
1992-95: Examen Philosophicum , Psychology and History of Idea’s, University of Oslo