Hanan Benammar

Hanan can be visited sunday april 19th 12:00—18:00
The address to Hanan's studio is Myntgata 2, 0151 Oslo

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You can use public transit! The nearest stop is: Øvre Slottsgate

A lot of my solo projects are based on a holistic conceptual and physical research around arid and deserted landscapes. The mediums I use span from sound, music and texts to field recordings and different archival strategies. All my projects involve travels and fieldworks as crucial tools to gather information, knowledge, narratives, collective memories, myths and rumours.
Although process oriented and realised on a long time scale, my projects materialize through sound and video installations, performances, situations, concerts, ephemeral public space displays and land art.
My methods are mainly inspired by scientific research: anthropology, ethnobotany and archeobotany in ​"Desert Garden"​ or ornithology in “​Social Weavers”.​
As another element, I am interested in risk as a premise as for example in ​"Ways of Seeing​", as well as processes collectively generated, where my authorial position is challenged, questioned, alienated or simply removed, which is for example the case in ​"One way to a desert" ​or ​"Antiphony"​.
Geopolitical, environmental issues such as desertification and natural resources, strategies of decolonisation as well as traditional oral and social practices are my main areas of investigation. ​I am interested in concepts surrounding the multitude, multiple identities, pluriversal narratives and diversity within diversity, as modes of resistance against generalisations, categorizations and all stereotypical representations of the “multicultural” and “foreign”. My work is built from the inescapable experience of being categorized, and would like to offer alternative ways of looking at and relating to each others.
I consciously use the term project as “throwing (ject) something into the future” and let my work organically and gradually expand, deepen, and transform. Integrated to my practice as an artist, I’m involved in several collective platforms and I am generally interested in initiating collective processes.
In 2015, I co-founded the artist-run-space Vandaler forening (Vf) and have since organized and facilitated over 30 interdisciplinary projects. Vf is a core member of Flatbread Society in collaboration with Futurefarmers and a member of Production Network for Electronic Arts in Norway (Pnek).

Wos le pen knife
Ways of Seeing
Full 3916
Desert Garden

Planned projects and exhibitions

2021: The Last House in Norwegian Contemporary Arts anno 2021, group exhibition curated by Randi Godø & Geir Haraldseth, Nasjonalmuseet/National Museum (Oslo – Norway)
2020-2021: L’arbre à paroles – Public art commission for KORO (Public Art Norway) at Campus Ås’ forest, Norwegian Insitute for Life Sciences NMBU (Ås – Norway)
2020: One way to a desert (extract) in group exhibition AUDIOSPHERE: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet, curated by Francisco López, Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid – Spain)
Desert Garden in group exhibitionAbout Taxonomy (working title), curated by Clelia Coussonnet, Bildmuseet (Umeå – Sweden)
2019-2020: Desert Garden in group exhibition Leave No Stone Unturned [Remuer la terre], group exhibition curated by Clelia Coussonnet, Le Cube (Rabat – Morocco)


b.1989 Algeria/France ◆ lives in Oslo, Norway ◆ onewaytoadesert@gmail.com ◆ +47 98992307


◆ education
2014 MFA at the Dutch Art Institute (The Netherlands)
2012 MFA at the National Art Academy of Oslo
2011 BA / Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques (DNAP) w/ honours of the jury (Paris/Rueil- Malmaison)

◆ solo exhibitions/projects
2020-2021 L’arbre à paroles – Public art commission for KORO (Public Art Norway) at Campus Ås’ forest, Norwegian Institute for Life Sciences NMBU (Ås – Norway)
2020 Social Weavers, Small Projects (Tromsø – Norway)
Social Weavers, AiR Kvitbrakka (Beverlåg – Norway)
2017 Animal Sound Lab II, Musée de la Camargue (Arles – France)
Giraffes don’t whistle, The Edge of Wrong (Cape-Town – South-Africa)
2015 One way to a desert, House of Foundation (Moss – Norway)
Desert Garden, Galleri BOA (Oslo)

◆ selected group exhibitions
2021 The Last House in Norwegian Contemporary Arts anno 2021, curated by Randi Godø & Geir Haraldseth, Nasjonalmuseet/National Museum (Oslo – Norway)
2020 One way to a desert (extract) in AUDIOSPHERE: Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet, curated by Francisco López, Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid – Spain)
Desert Garden in About Taxonomy (working title), curated by Clelia Coussonnet, Bildmuseet (Umeå – Sweden)
2019-2020 Desert Garden in Leave No Stone Unturned [Remuer la terre], curated by Clelia Coussonnet, Le Cube (Rabat – Morocco)
2019 Desert Garden in Vis meg din hage, curated by Kari Skippervold, Kunstnerforbundet (Oslo – Norway)
Norwegian National Autumn Exhibition with Antiphony at Kunstnerneshus/Artists’ House (Oslo – Norway)
2018 Sand constructions w/ Lars-Andreas Kristiansen, Kunst Rett Vest (Drammen – Norway)
Listening Lounge, nyMusikk Nordland (Henningsvær – Norway)
Le Remord Re-enacted, video documentation, Oslofjord Ecologies Extended, curated by Kristin Bergaust, Aalto University (Aalto – Finland)
One way to a desert in Min Kamp, din, og alle andres, curated by Madeleine Park, Podium (Oslo – Norway)
Desert Garden and Other Tales, «Documented Humans», Immigration Office (Washington DC – USA)
2017 Nomenrature (radio play) at Radiophrenia (Glasgow – UK)
Nomenrature, workshop and radio piece, Radikal Unsichtbar (Hamburg – Germany)
2016 Motor Ringer, Lager 001 (Oslo – Norway)
2015 Animal Sound Lab in Menneskeberget, curated by Christian Tony Norum, Munch Atelier Ekely (Oslo – Norway)
2014 Antiphony in Using the Museum, Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven – The Netherlands)
A Place I Have Never Been in Travelling Communiqué, Museum of Yugoslav History (Belgrade – Serbia)
Prenons un air dégagé: We already had no history, «Intervening Space», curated by Yasmina Reggad, The Mosaic Rooms (London – UK)
2013 The Furtive Library, «Gjennom Tåka» UKS (Oslo – Norway)

◆ collective projects / public space / land art
2020-2021 L’arbre à paroles – Public art commission for KORO (Public Art Norway) at Campus Ås’ forest, Norwegian Insitute for Life Sciences NMBU (Ås – Norway)
2019 Karnevalet, co-organized and initiated by Carnival Union (Oslo – Norway)
2018 Between the Lines poster exhibition w/ Stine Hebert, Ane Graff, Liv Bugge and Marianne Heier (Oslo – Norway)
2017 Animal Sound Lab II, Regional parc, Museum of Camargue (Arles – France)
First Supper Symposium, Prologue 3, Interkulturelt Museum, (Oslo – Norway)
2016 Seed Journey, Futurefarmers (from Oslo to Istanbul)
Herbanists at Flatbread Society/Bjørvika Utvikling (Oslo – Norway)
Prologues 1,2 First Supper Symposium (Oslo – Norway)
2015 Lover Man, Rhein river, w/ Mattias Cantzler, Gallery PENG (Mainz – Germany)
2014 Animal Sound Lab I, Orkhon Valley, Land Art Biennial (Orkhon Valley – Mongolia)
2013 Masculine Landscapes, Unnaryd forest, w/ Mattias Cantzler (Unnaryd – Sweden)

◆ selected performances / theater / concerts
2020 Ways of Seeing, Hedda International Theater Festival (Oslo – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Trøndelag Theater (Trondheim – Norway)
2019 Performance w/Ann Rosen, Galleri 21 (Malmö – Sweden)
Concert w/Maja Ratkje, NyMusikk (Oslo – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival (Oslo – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Hedda International Theater Festival (Oslo – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Vår Scene Fest (Tromsø – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Orionteatern (Stockholm – Sweden)
Ways of Seeing, Parken Kulturhus (Ålesund – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Teaterfestival i Fjaler (Fjaler – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Rogaland Teater (Stavanger – Norway)
Ways of Seeing, Blå Grotte (Fredrikstad – Norway)
2018 Black-legged Kittiwake in Coast Contemporary Rugged, weathered, above the sea w/Espen Sommer Eide, curated by Charles Aubin (Svolvær – Norway)
Ways of seeing, Premiere, Black Box Theatre w/Pia Maria Roll, Sara Baban & Marius von der Fehr (Oslo – Norway)
2017 Carnival Union Band, The Planning of Grand Theft Oslo, Ibsen International Conference (Skien – Norway)
Nomenrature, Blurred Edges Festival (Hamburg – Germany)
Improvisation w/ Cara Stacey, The Edge of Wrong (Cape-Town – South-Africa)
Le Remord Re-enacted w/ Camilla Dahl, Oslofjord Ecologies, Galleri RAM (Oslo – Norway)
2016 Brisée, LP w/ Per Platou (Paris), Museum for Digital arts Le Cube (Issy-les-Moulineaux – France)
2015 Feilkontroll «Kvadraturen Kunst Festival», Galleri BOA (Oslo – Norway)
Feilkontroll, «Støy på Landet», Deichmanske Grunerløkka (Oslo – Norway)
2014 Feilkontroll, Fukushima, DAI (Arnhem – The Netherlands)
Feilkontroll, Everything Must Go Festival, Fukushima, Valland Fri Konst, (Göteborg – Sweden)
2011 Feilkontroll, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Opera House (Oslo – Norway)
◆ residencies
2020 AiR Arkhangelsk (Arkhangelsk – Russia)
AiR Kvitbrakka (Beverlåg – Norway)
2018 The Lofoten Sound Art Symposium, NNKS (Svolvær – Norway)
2017 Musée de la Camargue (Arles – France)
2015 Sonic Mmabolela, Pnek Residency Grant, (Limpopo – South-Africa)
2014 ARTIFARITI (Boujdour Saharawi refugee camp – Algeria)
Land Art Mongolia Biennial LAM (Orkhon Valley – Mongolia)
Macura Museum (Belgrade – Serbia)
aria – artist residency in algiers (Algiers – Algeria)
2013 TAAK residency, curated by Theo Tegealers (Marfa, TX – USA)

◆ grants / awards / nominations (selection)
2019 Three years working grant, Norwegian Art Council
BKH project grant for Desert Garden
OCA international support grant for Desert Garden
2018 One year working grant «Billedkunstnernes Verdlagsfond»
Winter Solstice 2018, project grant, Norwegian Art Council
2017 Algeria (Extract of Perfumes), Fritt Ord project grant
Winter Solstice 2017, project grant, Norwegian Art Council
Carnival Union, Karnevalet, project grant, KORO
Human Scarecrows 2.0, Flatbread Society, project grant, Kulturetaten
2016 Sound art Phonurgia Nova Award in Field Recording (Paris – France)
One year working grant «Billedkunstnernes Verdlagsfond» BKH
Production grant for the Winter Solstice 2016
BKH project grant for Social Weavers
2015 Artist house Vandaler forening from Oslo Art Council (Oslo – Norway)
Project grant Norwegian Art Council for One way to a desert
Nomination to DNB Young artist prize
One year working grant «Billedkunstnernes Verdlagsfond» BKH
Exhibition grant for Desert Garden, Fond for Lyd og Bilde Norwegian Art Council
2014 Project grant for Desert Garden Norwegian Art Council
OCA international support grant for Play Ground
OCA international support grant for A Place I Have Never Been
OCA international support grant for Prenons un air dégagé: We already had no history. (Algiers/ London)

◆ artist books / publications / releases
2019 Between the Lines, Torpedo Press (Oslo – Norway)
2018 Risiko og utopi, by Deise Nunes, essay about Ways of Seeing, published by Black Box teater
Flatbread Society Grainfield & Bakehouse: a Common in the Making, by Karolin Tampere, Liverpool Biennial
Essay: Notes from the outer space, ATOPIA kunstlab (Oslo)
2017 De l’autre bout d’un monde, EP, Contour/EoW (Cape-Town – South-Africa)
2016 Desert Garden and other tales, release on label EARWITNESS (Barcelona – Spain)
Brisée, LP WEAPON w/ Per Platou, Freevol art organisation (Paris – France)
2014 A Place I Have Never Been, «UNFOLD» initiated by Doreen Mende (Addis-Ababa – Ethiopia)
2013 Lonely Travelers, artist book, Casco/DAI (Utrecht – The Netherlands)
Desert Garden, Club Donny, clubdonny.com (Rotterdam – The Netherlands)

◆ talks
2019 Is sound political? NyMusikk (Oslo – Norway)
2018 New Odysseys, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival (Oslo – Norway)
Women’s International Day – International Theatre School (Fredrikstad – Norway)
Can art be a meaningful tool for investigation? Open Forum (Oslo – Norway)
One way to a desert: a discussion on freedom, Podium (Oslo – Norway)
2017 Seed Journey/Desert Garden at Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah Biennial (Sharjah – UAE)
2016 Artist Curator/Curator Artist – AC/CA, KhiO (Oslo – Norway)
PRAKSIS, Atelier Nord ANX (Oslo – Norway)
2014 Lonely Travelers, The Netsa Art Village (Addis Ababa – Ethiopia)
2013 Desert Garden, Hortus Botanicus, (Amsterdam – The Netherlands)
One way to a desert, National School of fine-arts Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland)

◆ press (selection)
2017 – 2019: Interviews
Kunne ikke håpet for noe bedre, Dagbladet, 2019 (in Norwegian)
Folk vil se at vi hadde rett, Klassekampen, 2019 (in Norwegian)
Jeg er ikke redd. De skremmer ikke meg., Dagsavisen, 2019 (in Norwegian)
Jeg må bare le av dem, Morgenbladet, 2018 (in Norwegian)
Tilrettelegger for uforutsette situasjoner, Subjekt 2018 (in Norwegian) https://subjekt.no/2018/04/16/tilrettelegger-for-uforutsette-situasjoner/
Art should be free, EE, 2017 (in English) http://eejournal.no/home/2017/5/11/hanan-benammar-art-should-be-free
2019 Antiphony
2019 Desert Garden
2019 Ways of Seeing
Sveriges Radio: https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=478&artikel=7292910&fbclid=IwAR1wj1HETbs9QUCiGbPAu80-S2GIyg1EuHkC0Ju-IANoLEj8BaWJCAyxyA8
Kunstkrikk.no (in English): https://kunstkritikk.com/its-up-to-us-now/
BT: https://www.bt.no/btmeninger/kommentar/i/50rGAe/paa-baertur-i-den-norske-offentligheten
Klassekampen: https://www.klassekampen.no/article/20190617/ARTICLE/190619971
Le Monde (in French): https://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2019/03/29/demission-du-ministre-norvegien-de-la-justice-apres-les-fausses-menaces-de-sa-compagne_5442801_3210.html
Süddeutsche Zeitung (in German): https://www.sueddeutsche.de/kultur/kunst-und-politik-der-minister-und-die-brandstifterin-1.4492557
2018 Ways of Seeing
Scenekunst.no: http://www.scenekunst.no/sak/hva-vi-ser-og-hva-vi-vet/
Radikal Portal: https://radikalportal.no/2018/11/29/a-snu-blikket-ways-of-seeing-pa-black-box-teater/
VG: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/zLBGp9/teater-politikk-og-falske-nyheter
2018 Black-legged Kittiwake (in German)
2018 Between the Lines
Kunstlivet reiser seg mot maktmisbruk, Kunstkritikk (in norwegian)
2016 16 Algerian artists to know now, Art Radar Journal (in English)
2016 Vintervandaler, Kunstkritikk (in norwegian) http://www.kunstkritikk.no/artikler/vintervandaler
2015 Desert Garden (in norwegian): http://www.kunstkritikk.no/kritikk/sjamantropologen
2014 Group exhibition «Intervening Space: From the intimate to the world»
http://www.ibraaz.org/ reviews/70 http:// universes-in-uni- verse.org/eng/nafas/articles/2014/intervening_space

◆ curatorial practice
2018 Co-curator Å våge å leve, film series in Trondheim, Tromsø and Oslo on diaspora, w/Brynjar Bjerkjem, TrAP
Radical Hospitality, Pluss Pluss, Black Box Theatre (Oslo – Norway)
Algeria (Extract of Perfumes) residency project between Vandaler forening (Oslo) and Box24 (Algiers)
2017 Algeria (extract of perfumes), Cinemateket i Oslo, Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, Café Provence (Oslo – Norway)
Group exhibition with Norway based and international artists. Film, video-art, exhibition and poetry readings.
Human Scarecrows 2.0, Flatbread Society (Oslo – Norway)
2016-17 Lydfrokost Series, Vandaler forening (Oslo – Norway)
2016 Black Ice w/Greenpeace Norge, concert, exhibition and screening, Cinemateket (Oslo – Norway)
Human Scarecrows, Flatbread Society (Oslo – Norway)
Since 2015 Co-founder and director of Vandaler Forening (Oslo – Norway)
Since 2015 From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize w/ PNEK (Oslo – Norway)
Since 2012 Winter Solstice night exhibition (Oslo – Norway)
Cross-disciplinary program gathering artists from different artistic fields (visual arts, music, dance, performance etc.)

◆ relevant employment
Board leader of the organisation SALAM since 2017 (Oslo – Norway)
Board member of Production Network for Electronic arts in Norway – Pnek since 2018 (Oslo – Norway)
International Jury Assistant for HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival in 2018 (Oslo – Norway)

◆ memberships
Association for Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK), Association for Norwegian Sculptors (NBF)