Lene Baadsvig Ørmen

Lene can be visited sunday april 19th 12:00—18:00
The address to Lene 's studio is Christian Krohgs gate 2, 0186 Oslo

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You can use public transit! The nearest stop is: Lilletorget

Lene Baadsvig Ørmen’s sculptural practice resonates with anthropological research: ideas and imagery of archaeology, prehistoric cultures, and spiritual rituals all feed her work.

Traditionally, sand casting of objects involves a definite and controlled process where the mold being cast is predetermined. Ørmen performs the entire casting process, of the aluminium and bronze sculptures herself, and has developed a particular method where she emphasizes an exploratory approach to her materials. Her work often oscillates between being two-dimensional reliefs and three-dimensional sculptures. She seeks an ancient gaze at the world, discovering references to her own time. By reminding us that archaeological findings are based on a system of dating based on assumptions or guesswork, she challenges the established view that history is an ongoing chronological development. With no direct reference to any defined point in time or particular system of meaning, Ørmen’s works could be fragments from fictitious civilizations; they exist within circular timelines and foster spaces between or beyond the past, the present, and possible futures.


Forsee Thy Tingling Thumb


2011-2013 Statens Kunstakademi i Oslo (MFA)
2005-2008 Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen (BFA)
2007 Estonian Academy of the Arts (Erasmus)
2004-2005 Mølla Kunstskole i Moss


2019 Billedhuggerforeningen (solo)
2016 ”Soliloquy” / Gallery Augusta- HIAP, i Helsinki
2016 ”Fret Not Upon Thy Blue Funk” / Kunstnerforbundet, i Oslo
2015 ”X4” (Dear Darkling) / Stavanger Kunsthall
* curated by Hanne Mugaas
2015 ”Dear Darkling” / UKS, i Oslo
* curated by Johanne Norby Wernø
2014 ”TURBID” / Another Space, i København
2012 ”Visse Ting Lærer Man Bare Å Kjenne i En Tilstand av Ruiner”/
Galleri Storck, i Oslo


2019 Fiskars Village Biennale, Finland
* curated by Jenni Nurmenniemmi
2018 ”Klorofyll og Kapital”, Akershus Kunstsenter, Oslo
2018 ”Nouveau Naive”, RAM galleri, Oslo
2017 Viborg Kunsthall, København
* curated by Louise Sparre
2017 ”It Might Be Cold Out There, But It Is Warm In Here”, Vestfossen
*curated by av Kenneth Alme
2017 ”Nothing You Have To Understand”, Galerie Mikael Andersen, i København
*curated by Kristian Touborg
2017 ”Galleri Bunt”, Skulpturbiennalen, i Oslo
*curated by Sverre Gullesen
2017 ”Sculpture Club”, Podium, i Oslo
*curated by Anna Daniell
2016 Tegnebiennalen ”Skissen”, i Oslo
* curated by Elise Storsveen
2016 ”Neolithic Grafitti” ved QB Gallery, i Oslo
* curated by Magnus Vatvedt
2015 “Self-storage” / BETON, i København
*curated by Another Space
2015 “Menneskeberget” / Muchs Aterlie
*curated by Christian Tony Norum
2015 “Hybrid Poplar Trees” / Fat Relic, i London
*curated by Alvin Tran
2014 “The Eternal Quest For the Denial of Death” / PSM gallery / Berlin
2014 “One Eyed Date” / Autocenter, i Berlin
*curated by Andreas Schlegel
2013 “The Shoe Show” / Podium, i Oslo
*curated by Goutam Gosh
2013 “The Gadering”, GAD, i Oslo
*curated by Espen Lomsdalen, Joachim Cossais & Maria Sundby
2011 “OPINIÃO 011”, Centro Cultural Emmerico Nunes / i Sinés, Portugal
2010 “Østlandsutstillingen” / Østfold Kunstsenter, i Fredrikstad
2009 “Irreverent Upstairs God” / PM Gallery, i Berlin
*curated by Mikhel Proulx
2009 “MUDshow#2” / (pop-up utstilling), i København
*curated by Birk Bjørlo
2008 “Simultanugmosia” / Fotogalleriet, i Oslo
2007 “Rom For Kunst” / Fasaden til Oslo S
2007 “Høstutstillingen” / Kunstnernes Hus, i Oslo


2019 Oslo Municipality
2019 The Norwegian Parlament


2016 HIAP, Helsinki
2015 Residency Unlimited, New York