Mamta B. Herland

Mamta B. can be visited saturday april 18th 12:00—18:00
The address to Mamta B.'s studio is Galleri Schæffers gate 5, 0558 Oslo

Mamta Baruah Herland is a visual artist born in India living in Norway since 1987. She works in various medium of art such as paintings, photography, digital fine art and video art, often incorporating sensitivity with existing technologies as part of a process to create works that can sometimes be defined as an Art of synthesis. Despite her various approaches to different tools and mediums the content of her works is always emotional and reflective. And, in her recent whimsical images, in the series Human-Nature, she paints a visual connect between realities – a deep relationship between human and earth – a narrative space between the real and fantasy world.

Mamta B. Herland, Enlightment I, Maleri, 2015
Mamta B. Herland, Enlightment II, Maleri, 2015
Mamta B. Herland, Enlightment III, Maleri, 2015
Mamta B. Herland, Enlightment IV, Maleri, 2015