Johan Knoff

Johan can be visited saturday april 18th 12:00—18:00
The address to Johan's studio is Kjelsåsveien 145, 0491 Oslo

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You can use public transit! The nearest stop is: Kjelsås Station


I am doing a series of paintings that I have named: 20th Century – My Century. These works are large in format, cumbersome to make, and expensive to carry on. It may seem confusing that I use well-known works from art history as an arrangement for these paintings, when they are about the 20th century. But with these works I point out quite consciously the European cultural heritage, which is the Greek – Roman and Christian heritage.

Painting, assemblage, acryllic paste on canvas

Krig og barndom
Johan Knoff. Krig og barndom (150 x 195). Maleri og assemblage, 2019
Steinhoggerne iii
Johan Knoff. Steinhoggerne III (140 x 200). Maleri og assemblage, 2017
Swan of tuonela
Johan Knoff. The Swan of Tuonela III (135 x 180). Maleri og assemblage, 2019
The swan of tuonela ii
Johan Knoff. The Swan of Tuonela II (120 x 150). Maleri og assemblage, 2018

Planned projects and exhibitions

I am currently working on a series of portraits of the famous and notorious Danish poet Yahya Hassan. The reason I am concerned about him is that in my youth I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and lived in miserable conditions in Nørrebro. At the same time, like Yahya, I had major mental health problems.


Johan Ulrik E. Knoff
Born on Ringsaker 1935

Art history and classical archeology at the University of Oslo
The art academies in Oslo and Copenhagen
Important Separate Exhibitions:

Artist’s House, Oslo.
In Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Bergen, Trondheim, etc.

Important public exhibitions:
Autumn Exhibition.
Østlands exhibition.
Charlottenborg in Kbh.
Cité International des Arts in Paris.
Art Bank in Hamar.
Norwegian POP 1965-1974, Henie-Onstad art center Høvik. 2015

National Museum of Art and Architecture (National Museum and National Gallery).
Norwegian Cultural Council.
Sør-Trøndelag county.
Hedmark county.
Oppland county.
County of Akershus.
Some municipalities: Ringsaker, Hamar, Lillehammer, Nesodden, Varhaug. District College of Lilleh.
Sports College in Lilleh.
Norwegian tipping a / s.

Ringsaker Opera, Brumunddal.
Nes Culture House in Ringsaker
Norwegian Road Museum, Fåberg
Culture house, Vinstra

Some recent separate exhibitions:
Well, King Swingers. November 2015.
Gallery Fjøset.
Åsnes art association. November 2015.
Fykeshuset in Hamar – under the auspices of Kunstbanken
Hamar Art Association, 2018.

Latest public exhibitions:
Norwegian pop art, 1965—1974, Henrik-Onstad art center. 2015
The Freezing Artists, BOA, October 2017.

Last separate exhibition:
Hamar Art Association, 2018

Scholarship Langaard
Stay in Paris Cité. 1993, 1996, 1998, 2003/04, 2007/08
Artists Association: Fritz Thaulow Atellier, 2010