Monica Flakk

Monica can be visited saturday april 18th 12:00—18:00
The address to Monica's studio is Økern Torgvei 1, 0580 Oslo

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You can use public transit! The nearest stop is: Økern (Okern) Line 5 -Vestli

The core of my work are rocks. Geological time and phenomenon are overarching theme, with underlying references to art history.
I use the photography as a tool to develop hidden layers of information and aspects of the stones. The photography manipulates scale and suggests new landscapes that have no geographical location. The photos are without human presence; it opens up a hidden world that shows us how the objects were before we arrived, objects as they are when they are for them self and that they will outlive us.
Through the reduction of the photographic fragment one can sense monumentality, suggesting an alternative understanding of geological time.

The work explores the anonymous stones, void of any intrinsic material value. The stones I pick up from the ground tell stories of their geological cycle and how it ended up there. They often have sharp lines and edges that show a rawness and detail on the surface.
Through detailed castings, the stone goes from original to copy. The copy represents the stone only through shape and surface. The outer shape and surface tells us about the stone as a witness of deep time. The stone’s shape becomes clearer when reduced to surface and taken out of its original context, its geological cycle. I put the stone copies into new contexts, where attention is paid to their immediate visual information. Traces of time.
The different aspects the work contains, shall show us the extremity of the life of the rocks, from fragment to the monumental mountain ranges.

Sculpture, photo


Planned projects and exhibitions


2020 Group Exhibition, LUMEN Studio, London

2020 Solo Exhibition, Oslo



2012- 2014 Master of Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2009- 2012 Bachelor of Arts, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway

2008- 2009 Strykejernet Art School As in Oslo

2007- 2008 Prosjektskolen Art School AS in Oslo


2019 Group Exhibition, “Tune In”
+ + Black Box Theatre, Oslo

2019 Duo Exhibition with Ingri Haraldsen, “Remember that you are powder” SpazioGamma" Milano, Italy

2018 Group Exhibition, Galleri PULSAR, Antwerpen, Belgia

2017 Group Exhibition “BIRDFEEDERS” Altan, Vestfossen

2017 Group Exhibition “Omformulerte forekomster” Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo

2017 Group Exhibition “LUCIA” Blomqvist / QB Gallery, Oslo

2017 “Mazes, Nebulae, Sedimentations” House of Foundation, Moss

2016 Solo Show “The Dust Has Settled” Nopace, Oslo

2016 EKPGO (En kollektiv psykogeografisk guide til Oslo)

2016 Pushwagner Window Box, Oslo

2016 Timebag Art Show ,Medellìn, Colombia

2016 Group Exhibition, P < I > L , Vestfossen

2016 Art Collection, Imago Mundi, Italy

2016 Group Exhibition ,“MMMMMMMMMM” NoPlace , Oslo

2014 Group Exhibition, “Knock Knock”, The Assosiation of Norwegian Sculptors, Oslo

2014 “Fragment” Exhibition with Maria Bjørlykke at Bakketunet, Bjørke

2014 MA Degree Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo

2012 BA Degree Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo

2011 Group Exhibition, “Do I Have to sign up before I die” , Oslo

2009 Degree Exhibition, Strykejernet Art School, Oslo

2009 Group Exhibition, “You could let it grow” Gallery Brenneriet Oslo

2008 Degree Exhibition, Prosjektskolen Art School, Oslo

2007 Group Exhibition, Summer Exhibition Ørsta Art Association Ørsta


2019 -2021 Work Grant KULTURRÅDET (Arts Couincil Norway)

2015 GNIST Stipend Sparebanken Møre (The Saving Bank Møre)

2015 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, 1år/ 1 Year (Visual Artists Remuneration Fund)

2014 Diversestipend, KULTURRÅDET (Arts Couincil Norway