Manfred Oberbauer

Manfred can be visited saturday april 18th 12:00—18:00
The address to Manfred's studio is Konghellegte 5, 0569 Oslo

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You can use public transit! The nearest stop is: Rosenhoff tram 17

Since 25 years I am doing watercolors where ever I am moving about.They are a kind of documentarian stories of the environment which I experience. The daily live I am interested in. Sure I am also showing the big attractions because they show the culture and describes a nation and people. But also then I put it in a daily live context to shut out romantic feelings. Lamposts, garbage pins, traffic signs, ventilasjon, cars, building sites, …the whole infrastructure is included.

My works have documental karakter, but are naturally subjective. I choose my motives to express a certain zeitgeist and environment.
In my works I am also interested in topography ( environmental situation, communication…), history and the political and social background.
Generally do I try to show « the feeling of a place».


Untitled deichmanske bibliotek oslo 07.11.17 76x94cm
Untitled-Deichmanske bibliotek Oslo 07.11.17
Untitled maria theresiamonument wien 12.09.18 28x42cm
Untitled-Manria Theresia monoment Wien 12.09.18
Untitled blingate i 20. wien 11.09.19
Untitled-blindgate i 20. Wien 11.09.19
Untitled skysstasjonen ved gamle rideveien til hadeland 23.04.18
Untitled-ruin av skysstasjonen ved gamle rideveien til Hadeland 23.04.18


Chemical ingeniør i Austria 1972 – 1977
Studies at Laura Ashley Art School in Sydney 1988 og 1989

Individual shows:
Galleri Øst, Oslo – 1991
Leide tomme bedriftslokaler til visninger, Oslo – 1992 og 1993
Albin Upp, Oslo – 1994, 1995 og 1997
Kværner Lysaker, Lysaker – 1997
Galleri Kampen, Oslo – 2008, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
Lørenskog Kunstforening – 2009 og 2014
Neste show Galleri Kampen 2020 and sommerkafe Stardalen Jølster 2020
Kollektive shows:
Vøienvolden Gård, Oslo – 1993, 1994 og 1995
Hotel Christiania, Oslo – 1996
Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo – 1999
Galleri Eleoni, Oslo – 2000
Abel Kunsthandel kommisjonssalg
Østlandsutstillingen (bl.a. vist i Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck (Tyskland) – 2008 og 2009
Torshov-bilder 2011
Sommerutstilling I Nordtrøndelag Fylkesgalleri – 2013

Purchased by:
Museum Nordtrøndelag in Namsos 2013

Decorationworks at:
Sintef – Oslo, 2010
Sintef / University of Oslo, 2011


Born 1958 in Austria, living in Norway since 1990