27 & 28 April 2019

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Siljeholm, Helle

installation, choreography, dance, video, sculpture

I am a visual artist, choreographer and performer (dancer) based in Oslo, Norway. I hold a BA (hons) from London Contemporary Dance School (2003),and an MA in Visual Arts from the Oslo Academy of Art,KHiO, (2016). My artistic practice today involve video, installation, choreography and performance.

In my work I explore different possibilities to create alternative expectations and/or imaginations related to the present, and possible future (s). I am inspired by concrete and conceptual approaches to art and society, promoted by thinkers and artists such as Franco “Bifo” Berardi: poetry (in an expanded sense) might function as a possible agent for change opposed to what “Bifo” believes to be an impotent political system. And, Joseph Beuys concept of social sculpture: sculpture as activity may structure and shape societies through language, thought, action and object. Amongst others.

I often create work inspired by site(s). I examine different and possible relations between political, social, historical, economic conditions and relationships. Site + context inspire the conceptual framework and fuel the artistic investigations that create the base of each work.

The Richest Man in Gaza- Landskapsforestillinger. Installasjon. 100 Sqm. Solo. 2018. Mixed media.
01nyhklatreskulptur 7
The Mountain Body. Choreography/painting/Sculpture. Detail. Part of Nodes on rocks and other social landscapes
A Tale On Borders. Video. 43.42 min. Film by Helle Siljeholm Siljeholm/Christophersen production. 2018.
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The Worlds Northernmost Chinatown. Artistic director/curator Barents Spektakel 2019. Kirkenes. Norway. international art festival.

Planned projects and exhibitions

Fremtidsverket Rosendal. Choreography / installation. .
Jan. 2020. Trondheim. Artistic director. project involves several collaborators.
Co- production: Teaterhuset Avant Garden / Rosendal Theater.

RAVE. Installation / Concert. Solo. April 2020.
VEGA Arts Copenhagen. Curator Matthias Borello.

The Mountain Body. Choreography / sculpture / painting in mountains. TBC.


hellesiljeholm@gmail.com/mob: (+47) 478 00 907/www.hellesiljeholm.com

2014- 2016 : MA Visual Arts, Academy Of Fine Art, Oslo, Norway
2000- 2003: BA (Hons) Contemporary dance, London Contemporary Dance School, UK 1997- 2000: Nøtterøy Videregående Skole, Nøtterøy, Norway

2019: Artist Grant younger artists (2 yrs, visual art). Norwegian Arts Council
2018: Artist Grant, emerging artist (BKV) 1 yr.
2016: Establishing grant, visual artists, Norwegian Arts council
2015: Hans Christian Osterǿs minnepris.
2014: Artist Grant younger artists (3 yrs, dance) (Norwegian Arts Council)
2011: The International Ibsen Scholarship Award 2011.
2011 & 2009: Artist grant (development and equipment) (Norwegian Arts Council) 2008 &2013: Reise- og viderutdanningsstipend (FFUK)
2007: Vestfold fylkeskulturstipend (establishment)

Selected committee member for dance, Arts Council Norway 2018- 2020. Board member Traavik.info 2017-

Selected works: group exhibitions, performances and solo – works. 2019:
NODES: Fremtidsverket Rosendal, Rosendal Teater. Choreographic work. Artistic direction/conceptual development. Trondheim.
BS 2019- The Worlds Northernmost Chinatown.
Artistic Director/lead curator for Barents Spektakel 2019. Kirkenes.
A Tale On Borders. Video. 42.43 min. Film/direction/edit/ production. Beirut, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout. Group Exhibition. Curators: Marianne Hultman & Ýrr Jónasdóttir w/ Birta Guðjónsdóttir. Group Exhibition. National Gallery of Iceland (Is)

NODES: Avant Fini Teaterhuset Avant Garden (part 1). Choreographic work. Artistic direction/conceptual development.
The Richest Man in Gaza- landskapsforestillinger. Solo- exhibition. Akershus Kunstforening (NO). Curators: Rikke Kommisar and Martina Petrelli
A Safe Guide to WMD ́s Video installation. Athens Biennale «Anti» 2018 (Gr.) Curators: Poka-Yio, Stefanie Hessler and Kostis Stafylakis
A Tale On Borders. Video. 42.43 min. Group Exhibition. Beirut, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout. Curators: Marianne Hultman & Ýrr Jónasdóttir w/ Birta Guðjónsdóttir. Ystad Kunstmuseum (SV)
A Tale On Borders. Video. 42.43 min. Group Exhibition. Beirut, Beyrut, Beyrouth, Beyrout. Curators: Marianne Hultman & Ýrr Jónasdóttir w/ Birta Guðjónsdóttir. Oslo Kunstforening (NO)

Noder om stein og andre sosiale landskap. Social sculptural project. Jugendstilsenteret – KUNSTMUSEET KUBE/Høstscena. Ålesund.
Area Y: Border intervention in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Produced by Siljeholm/ Christophersen. Co- produced by Sareyyet Ramallah. Palestine.
Looking at chemicals: Solo- Exhibition. Fotogalleriet. Nordic Anthology#2. Oslo.
Nodes on stars, fish and the social: 72 h. social choreographic work (3 consecutive days). Co-prod: Black Box Teater & Teaterhuset Avant Garden at Black Box Theatre, Oslo.
The Tempest Society by Bouchra Khalili. Assistant. Dokumenta 14. Athens and Kassel.
Debates on devision. Devising and performing role as host in art work by Gluklya (Natalya Pershina- Yakimanskaya). Deichman library Grunerløkka and RAM gallery Oslo.

Selected solo exhibitions /works:
Siste Skrik –An art auction. Performance. Curator: Siri Forberg. Monsters of reality- Mimesis Machine at National Theatre/ Ibsenfestivalen. Oslo.
Selected group exhibitions/ group work:
Looking at chemicals Video.8 min. Curated by Susanne Winterling and Saskia Holmkvist. September 2016.
Malmø kunsthall / Nordic film festival. Sweden.
Instructions to sing a song Video installation, Shiyavavo Biennual, Russia.
R= HO or CH3: Film Installation made of multiple video projections and sculpture objects coated in cellulose acetate. MA Graduation show. Kunstnernes Hus. Oslo.
Nå løper vi! A stage production by director Pia Marie Roll. Choreographer/story developer. Touring Norway and internationally.

Dance of the dead. The funeral. Performance. Hamburger Bahnhof museum Berlin. Dance of the dead. Interviews. Video. Hamburger Bahnhof museum Berlin.
Chambre d’Amis. Group exhibition, initiated by Dorit Margreiter and Rike Frank. Semperdepot akademie der bildende kunste, Vienna.
Performing the Black Mountain Archive. Project and exhibition. Initiated by Arnold Dreyblatt. Invited by Dag Erik Elgin. Hamburger Bahnhof museum Berlin.
Area Y: Premiere. Danceperformance. A Siljeholm/Christophersen production. Co-production with Sareyyet Ramallah. Palestine.

2014- 2005: Selected dance/video/ performance works,
A day at the pool: Video. 7 min. Open Academy, KHIO. Norway.
A day at the pool: A site specific performance. St.George Hotel. CO2- festival. Beirut, Leb.
Collaboration project with Sareyyet Ramallah (3 years): Siljeholm/Christophersen received a 3 year development grant together with dance organisation Sareeyet Ramallah from NRO. The project shall enhance the dance scene in Palestine. (2014/15- 2018)
Moving Society, Addis Abeba A public space performance project by Fiksdal/Skjeldal/Christophersen/ Siljeholm co-produced by Alle School of Fine Art and Design in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (2012-2014).
Miss Vertigo. Solo dance project. Co- produced by: Pikene på broen, RAS Regional Arena for Samtidsdans, Regionala danscentret i Osterbotten Finland, Teaterhuset Avant Garden & Black Box Teater. (2013)
Valley of the moon A commissioned work of Siljeholm/Christophersen by The National Centre for Culture and Arts – King Hussein Foundation, Jordan. (2011- 2013)
Orient the day. Ibsen in Beirut Concept, context and production. Siljeholm/Ghossein/Issa. 2 Lebanese theatre companies; Zoukak and director Aida Sabra. (2011- 2013)
Liberty, equality, fraternity or death. Choreographic work. Siljeholm/Christophersen. Co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group. (2012)
Snik og Snok på månen. dance performance for younger audience. Film, dance, animation. Supported by Kunstløftet, Nordic Culture Fund, FFUK, UD/DTS, Riksteateret and Dansearena Nord. Produced by Siljeholm/ Christophersen in cooperation with Dramatikkens Hus,Teater Innlandet and National Center for Culture and Arts, Amman. Toured 2012; Norway, Middle East, West Nordic Countries. (2011)
A perfectly safe hide-out. Site specific performance. Siljeholm/Christophersen/Halsøy. Beirut Street Festival. Lebanon. (2011)
Norma Jeane. A dance performance. Siljeholm/Christophersen/Halsøy/Mari Sømme Hammer. Co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim. (2008/09)
Eventyrlige Eventyr (Adventurous Adventure) Dance performance for children (5-10 y) using dance, theatre, film/animation, text and music. A Siljeholm/Christophersen production. Seen by over 15 000 audiences & performed over 150 times in Norway and abroad. (2006/07/08)
Treffpunkt Siljeholm/Aker Johnsen/ Ånesen: a work on voice, composition & choreography. (2006). Perlevenner Siljeholm/Reuter/Hoffgård: sculpture and dance work. Dansens Hus. 2006.
Jernkvinnen Siljeholm/ Hoffgård: sculpture and dance work. Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus. 2005.

Teaching/lectures/workshops and texts:
2017: Text: Koreografi i stillstand. working in Palestine. Carte Blanche magazine.
2017: Talk: Ser ikke skogen for bare trær. On Norwegian cultural politics and the arts. With Ingri Fiksdal. Part of seminar on the political in live arts. Oslo Theatre Festival/Black Box Theatre.
2017: Presentation: Working in other contexts for 3rd year BA students dance. KHIO.
2016: Mentor for choreographers in Palestine, creating productions for a younger audience.
2016: Teaching: Choreography and improvisation, dance history and reading groups. Summer school for dance Ramallah. Palestine. Initiator: on of 3 initiators of the Ramallah summer school for dance. Palestine. 2016: Talk: Entaglements of occupation and cultural aid. Rikskonsertenes Conference: Music Cooperation with Development Countries.
2015/2014: workshops in TOT, Release technique, Improvisation and choreography. Palestine.
2014: Speaker at Seminarium#3 in Bergen. BIT Teatergarasjen.
2014: Teaching at Praxis Oslo
2014: Text: for the seminar on nationbuilding in Europe in an area of crises. Tromsø. Norway.
2014- 2012: Writer for På Spissen. Magazine for dance in Norway.
2013: Seminar: on working with Ibsen at AUB, Beirut.
2012: Speaker at Seminarium#1 in Oslo. Dramatikkens Hus.
2012: Proda classes (professional training classes) as part of Kortreist Dansefestival, Norway
2012: Workshop in CI for VIB, Trondheim, Norway
2011: Invited to the seminar ‘Dance and Society’, Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival
2010-2011: Project and performance work at Solbakken Folkehøyskole 2010 to Dec 2011.
2010-2011: Project and performance work at Norsk Skuespiller Institutt 2010-2011
2008-2012: Workshops in contact imp.; Sareyyet Ramallah, Palestine and Maqamat Dance, Lebanon
2010: Invited participant at Kedja Reykjavik, Nordic-Baltic conference for dance
2010: Invited to conduct workshops in contact improvisation as part of Beirut International Dance Platform and Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival
2010: Invited to conduct seminar on interdisciplinary and multimedia works Amman Contemporary Dance Festival 2009: Invited participant at Kedja Oslo – Dance and New Media, including pre-workshop with Johannes Birringer

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