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Mugaas, ALBUM - Eline

Fanzine, Collage, Publishing

Created entirely from found images, ALBUM collects the first ten issues of a zine by the same name begun by Eline Mugaas and Elise Storsveen in 2008. Comprised of full page photographic illustrations, advertisements, and other ubiquitous media images culled from etiquette manuals, cookbooks, travel magazines, craft books, fashion magazines, and sexual manuals, ALBUM reflects the popular imagery found in Scandinavian households from the 1960s through the 1980s. The chosen imagery is then arranged across spreads, creating a sophisticated and humorous reading organized by a series of heavy themes such as  the lonely man, femininity, architecture, family, outer space, and nature. While seemingly whimsical, ALBUM provides a sophisticated meta-narrative on the human body, sexuality, and the social lives of images that places the reader in an uncanny arena that showcases how our media likely reads us.

Member of UKS, FFF, NBK

Eline mugaas installation album målmo kunsthall 2017
ALBUM Målmo Kunsthall
Eline mugaas installation whitecolumns 2014 album
ALBUM White Columns
Eline mugaas daddy album poster 2017
Eline mugaas collage album forced 2015
ALBUM Forced


a Collaboration between Elise Storsveen and Eline Mugaas

2018, Case Studies, Curatorial Research Bureau, Yerba Buene Center for the Arts, San Fransisco, USA
2017, Subjektiv, kuratert av Objectiv, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2017, Subjektiv, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden
2017, PUNK, Fotobokfestivalen, Oslo

2016, How to Feel Like A Woman, Entreé Bergen Norway

2015, Young Pioneers, Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo, Norway 

2015, ALBUM, The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard Massachusetts,USA
2015, The Summer Show -ALBUM, White Columns, New York, USA
2013, Collaborating and curating a exhibition with Kunsthall Oslo, Oslo, Norway

2013, Release for ALBUM#8

2012, Millennium Magazine, MoMA, New York City, USA
2012, Reality, Release for ALBUM#6

2012, Release ALBUM#7 Ed. Varie, New York City USA

2012, ALBUM#7 “Millennium Magazines”, curated by Rachael Morrison and David Senior, at MoMa, New York, USA
2012, Human Valley’s Spring Chapter, curated by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Tristan Bera, at Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland

2012, Journal dúne chambre, Galerie Crévecæur, Paris, France 

2012, Contributing to ”Coop Fanzine #2” with ALBUM#1/2

2011, Building the ALBUM Kiosk
2010, Release for ALBUM#4

2010, Exhibiting at ”Fotografisk vårutstilling” at Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway

2010, Exhibiting at ”Thank you for sharing” at D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, Germany

2009, Release for ALBUM#3 at Printed Matter, New York, USA

2009, Release for ALBUM#3 og curated Christmas Market at Prosjekt 0047, Oslo, Norway
2009, Release for ALBUM#2 and curated groupshow at Prosjekt 0047, Oslo, Norway
2008, Release for ALBUM#1 at Prosjekt 0047, Oslo, Norway

Grants and Awards
2014 OCA’s International Support Programme
2009 OCA’s International Support Programme

Available Publications
Printed Matter, Inc., 231 11th Ave New York, NY 1001
Teknist Industri, C. A. Pihls gate 1 0273 OSLO
Primary Information, 155 Freeman Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Space Corners, 1721 Lowrie Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Selected Bibliography
Danby Choi og Live Drønen, “Jeg foretrekker å ta bilder som en sekundær aktivitet, nesten så jeg ikke merker det selv” Subjekt, 06.05.2017
“Interview: Eline Mugaas & Elise Storsveen” 03.20.2014
Fan Zhong, “Reading Between the Lines” W Magazine, 25.09.2014

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