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Moi, Ebba

socially engaged art, art in public space

I mainly work with art in public space, as an artist and curator for various public art commissions. I work mainly with participation and site-specific as a method, where I relate to a public outside the “white cube”. This has resulted in many different initiatives and cooperations, such as the artist-run space Tenthaus and Tenthaus Artist Collective, a space characterised by an open, process-oriented participation in the arts, as well as an ongoing artistic collaboration with artist Anna Carin Hedberg. Participation and interaction have been a central part of my work, with a desire to look at representation in terms of both gender and ethnicity. Participation is for me about inclusion, such the participation of school classes or individuals, in a work of art or the art scene, with a desire to influence the community structures where decontextualising and decolonisation are in focus.

Member of NBK, NBF

4 blå og grønn
Fargene i Ski, 2017/18. Temporært kunstprosjekt for ny jernbanestasjon i Ski. I samarbeid med Anas Salameh og Ski ungdomsskole.
11. male
Fargene i Ski, 2017/18. Temporært kunstprosjekt for ny jernbanestasjon i Ski. I samarbeid med Anas Salameh og Ski ungdomsskole
3. fra venstre
Fargene i Ski, 2017/18. Temporært kunstprosjekt for ny jernbanestasjon i Ski. I samarbeid med Anas Salameh og Ski ungdomsskole
Tssk moi og hedberg 16
Plattform Huseby. I samarbeid med Anna Carin Hedberg og Huseby skole

Planned projects and exhibitions

Carnival – an intercultural protest, with Tenthaus Artcollective, March 2019.
Curator for BA graduation show, Art academy 2019
P1 – mobile studio. A mobile residency for artists to connect to schools. A collaboration with LevArt and PARK with Tenthaus Artcollective. Summer 2019 -


Selected biography

Ebba Moi
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway
Born in Örebro, Sweden in 1971


Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway, 1995-99
Houvedskous art school, sculpture dep, Göteborg, Sweden, 1993 – 95
Steneby School of Foundation, 1991 – 93

Curatorial and collaborative Projects
2011 –
Tenthaus Oslo artistrun space in Oslo and with Helen Eriksen and Stefan Schröder. www.tenthaus.no
2003 – long term collaboration with artist Anna Carin Hedberg. . www.tenthaus.no
2000 – 2007
New Meaning. Magazine project for young people with immigrant background in Trondheim in collaboration
with Gry O Ulrichsen and Anne Berntsen. Released five magazines. www.newmeaning.no

Exhibitions and public art projects in selection
A moment of Trust – exhibition with Tenthaus artist collective at Culb Solo, Breda
Winter Depot – exhibition with Tenthaus artist collective at galleri Box in Göteborg
The colours of Ski, a temporary art project at Ski station in cooperation with Anas Salameh and pupils from Ski Youth School. KORO, Public Art Norway
A Work, participatory artproject with Tenthaus Oslo, The Annual Autumn Exhibition
Changes in the Norwegian landscape, TSSK, Trondheim together with Anna Carin Hedberg
Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, Vigelands museum, Oslo
Geological changes. Performance as a part of Det jeg sier og det du forstår – en radiosoaré at Høstutstillingen, Curated by Yngvild Færøy og Søssa Jørgensen
I am your telephone and I love you. Museum for Contemporary Art, Oslo w. AC Hedberg
Oslos geology og landforms, Tenthaus Oslo w. AC Hedberg
1814 revisited – the past is still present, Akerhus kunstsenter, Norway
Live radio: Kulturens vilje eller K- k- kulturpolitikk? event and radioshow at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and Konsthall C Stockholm
Lademoen art dialogues, Babel, Trondheim, Norway
Me and the Storyteller Kristiansands Kunsthall w. AC Hedberg
I want to tell you of great things… Projectroom Carl Berner with Helen Eriksen and Stefan Schröder
Planka i Tromsø 2. Curator Helga – Marie Nordby
Packed!! groupshow at Tenthaus Oslo
Nobelprize.no w Alt for Hersleb. Curator Aeron Bergmann og Alejandra Salinas
2010 – 11
Alt for Hersleb project with Hersleb elementary school in Oslo
2009 – 2011
Kunstnerne på Sinsen a project about working artists at school
Wherever Water Flows, community project with youths living in Groruddalen Oslo w Ingrid Lønningdal and Mesen
Creating Public Communities, workshop for asylumseekers organised by Hjørdis Kurås og Ateljé Nord, Oslo
The artists at Sinsen,public art project w. workshops in a school in Oslo
Webproject for Hedemark public library, Kongsvinger, KORO/Public Art Norway
*Norbita, seminar, launch of webmagazine, Kulturnett Østfold and Punkt Ø
Figurations, outdoor exhibition at Skulpturpark Øst, Oslo
Somewhere particular, The White Tube, Tøyen subwaystation
*New Meaning/dialog, workshop and mural, Generator, Trondheim

  • Norbita, webmagazine
    LARM festival, contribution to cd, book, performance with AC Hedberg, the Culture house, Stockholm
    Ballongmagasinets soundbook, publication, illustration of sound art project, contribution with AC Hedberg
    Rethinking Nordic colonialism. Contribution to DVD Box Set and launch of the Box in Oslo with New Meaning
    Manual, publication, contribution, the art of making a fellowship
    Changing art distribution channels – seminar, Avant Garden Trondheim
    Who is claiming that our family is more important than others? exhibition at IKM, International Culture Center and Museum, Oslo with New Meaning
    March 8 manifest, Bang -. Street, Stockholm with New Meaning
    The Idea of North, soundwork with AC Hedberg, curator Ballongmagasinet
    Practices of Tallinn, text for book in the artproject Tricht-Linnburg, curator Liina Siib
    Bang, insert in Swedish feminist magazine
    New Meaning Radio part two, Internet radio for NRK ULYD
    Neighbourhood, exhibition at Bastard, Oslo

Preus photo museum

2016 Tenthaus Toolkit – Artists in Schools. Introduction text. Published by Tenthaus Oslo

2012 Kunst i Oslo – Oslo Kommunes utsmykkingsordning, Kulturetaten Oslo Kommune, Oslo
2007 Ballongmagasinets anniversary book with AC Hedberg
2006 LARM
2006 Manual oppslag i kunstpublikasjon
2005 Practices of Tallinn Tricht-Linnburg oppslag i kunstpublikasjon. Kurator Liina Siib

Public Commissions
2012 Frydenberg ungdomsskole, Oslo
2011 Changes in the Norwegian landscape, video at Lørenskog Hus w AC Hedberg
2010 Wings of a King, Hedemark public library, Kongsvinger, Norway

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