27 & 28 April 2019

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Jacobsson, Ewa

Installation, visual objects with sound source.

Visual artist, sound artist, composer.
Advanced technique combined with low-tech reflects my interest in the transportation of importance and meaning, existentially or politically, through different medias. Audience, people passing by and chance included.
Sound collecting since the early eighties. I collect visual castaway elements from actual sites, and use materials as marzipan, oil, steel, wire, photo, drawing.
Site-specific installations with visuals, sound and preparation of spaces, pure sound composition and live performance. I work at exhibition and concert spaces and in other contexts, including works for the street and/or involving the audience.

Member of NBK, BOA, NKF, FFF

Ewa jacobsson schaden. work in progress. sound installation and objects.2019
ewa jacobsson. Schaden. Work in progress, object. Installation, sound. 2019
Ewa jacobsson hearbaricum fields. parasoll och rebus. sound installation and objects.2019
ewa jacobsson. Hearbaricum Fields. Installation. 3D sound, objects with sound source. Object Parasoll och rebus.2019.
Ewa jacobsson hearbaricum fields. isa 215 mm.js7. sound installation and objects.2019
ewa jacobsson. Hearbaricum Fields. Installation. 3D sound and objects with sound source. Drawing of object ISA.215mm.JS7. 2019

Planned projects and exhibitions

June 2019 SCHADEN
TENTHAUS Pilot-exhibition in Maridalsveien 3G, Oslo.

Spring 2019. OBSERVATORIES I,II. Manual for artist residency.
A commission for Harpefoss Hotell to Rintala & Eggertsson Architect´s project for Artist residencies, Harpefoss Hotell.

Ultima festival, Oslo.

October 2019. JARRING SOUNDS 19
EAU, Electric Audio Unit concert with pianist Kenneth Karlsson. Sentralen Oslo.


TENTHAUS exhibition space, Oslo. Pilot-exhibition.

2017-19 Hearbaricum Fields
Ultima festival, Oslo. A commissioned work for Notam, Oslo.

2016 Aching Table.
Galerie Skolská, Prague. A commissioned work for Galerie Skolská, Prague. Agosto Foundation residency Program, Czech Republic.

Biermanngården, Oslo. A commissioned work for Duo Parula, Oslo.

Harpefoss Hotell. A commissioned work for Harpefoss Nordic Poetry Festival, Gudbrandsdalen.

2012-14 GANGEN,
Bjørnsletta school, Oslo. A commission for Kulturetaten/ Undervisningsbygg Oslo. Permanent sound installation.

2012 Breathing House II
Slussen in central Stockholm, Sweden. Outdoors sound installation. (Berg&Möller Architect´s) house in traffic junction at Slussen. A commissioned work for Nordic Music Days, Stockholm.

Five local installation. Bottom floor windows at Breathing House II.

2013 The Happy Happy Leaves Part I (The Moon)
EAU concert at Østre, Sound Gallery Bergen.

2010 The Happy Happy Leaves Part I
Bergen Art Museum. Three films from prepared still photos, sound composition. Text Emily Dickinson.

2008 A Liar ́s Map
Henie Onstad Art Museum. NOTAM´s sound art exhibition. Apsortion and Resonance.

Norwegian Museum for Watercraft and Industry, Tyssedal. Odda Biennale.

1998-2004 Contemporary Lies I- IV.
Der Overslag, Eindhoven, The Netherlands,; Den Anden Opera and Sound Biennale SCHHHHHH…Copenhagen, Denmark.

2002 Breathing House I
Oslo Open, Teglverksgate.

2001 Cimelice.
The castle at Cimelice, Czech Republic. A collaboration with Centre for Contemporary Arts, Prague.

1998 Uten tittel.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark. The exhibition X-felt.

1996 Cold Dews.
Rådhuset LYD/GALLERI, 24 loud speakers placed under the pavement in front of the Municipal House of Copenhagen, Denmark. For the Cultural City Year 1996.

1995 Berula Pimpinella.
Roåker mountain, Gudbrandsdalen. Land Art Exhibition MOXTROT.

1986 The Daughter of A Fool.
Galleri Der Kaiser Ist Tot, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1984 The Secret Gaze.
Exhibition Space KONGO, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1984 Moving Stills.
Galleri Subset, Copenhagen. A collaboration with sound engineer Jens Gammelgaard, photographer Lars Trige Rasmussen.

2016 ETT TOMT RUM AV INGENTING Harpefoss Festival.

2016 Aching Table. Galerie Skolská, Praha.

2012 A Christmas Carol Sound of MU Oslo

2011 Five A Rose Nødutgangfestivalen, Bodø.
2010 Teknikens voodoo Ny Musikk, Oslo.

2002 To Confirm a Real Room. Transart Communication Festival for International Experimental Music and performance, Nové Zamký, Slovakia

2001 Combinations of Truth Odense International Performance Festival, Brandts Art Museum Hall, Odense; Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1999 Plasy Pickles The Hermit Foundation, Plasy, Czech Republic

1998 Ways of Red Transart Communication Festival. Nové Zamký, Slovakia and the Art Museum, Budapest, Hungary; Den Anden Opera, CPH. Bratislava TV.

1996 LOGR Cultural City of Copenhagen, Denmark. Outdoor sound performance work in Gefion Fountain, Langelinje, Copenhagen.

1996 Anonymous. Odense International Performance Festival, Brandts Art Museum Hall, Odense. Denmark.

1993 LINGUA The Danish State Museum of Art, Copenhagen,

1990 Détour. Overgaden. The Exhibition Space Danish Cultural Ministry of Culture; Den Frie Exhibition Space Copenhagen.

1986 Cuckoo’s Measures. collaboration with artist Iija Salmela. The official opening of Overgaden, Copenhagen.

1985 Emerald Song. UNK, Young Nordic Culture, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden; Swedish Television TV2.

2016. Nothing Worse or Better Can Happen Text/essay for Frontiers of Solitude, Symposium and web.site Arr. /Galerie Skolská Prague, Czech Republic, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway, Museum of Contemporary Art Reykjavik, Island.

2011,2016. IN BREVI. Film with prepared still photos. Sound Dalia Raudonikyte With. Festival for Experimental Music, Jaune Muzika, Vilnius, Lithuanin; Bronx-Breeze Gallery, NYC 2016.

2006-07 Sagnsymphony. Project with Danish «sagn» tales /Hans Sydow. Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition, CPH, Denmark; Soundspace, New York, USA.

2005 Ad Busters. Comission to arrange workshop for Ad Busters. Kunstnernes Hus, The Artist´s Exhibitions Space, Oslo.

2004 The Voice of Sound, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark. Nordic pilot project with virtual working space NordScen. Installation of 10 Sound Posts in the city centre of Roskilde.

1987 Found Language. A collaboration with choreographer and dancer Jody Oberfelder. BACA Downtown, NYC, USA.

1985 Kalla mig. Body Drawing, collaboration with dance/choreography Jody Oberfelder. PS 122, New York, USA.

1983 Pig Secrets etc. Six 8 mm film with prepared sound. Configured to video UMatic. The Danish Film Workshop, Copenhagen. Festivals in the Nordic countries and Swedish television TV2.

1981 Spor. Land art project in the city centre of Copenhagen. A collaboration with artists Agneta Werner and Mads Madsen.

Group Exhibitions (extract):
Oppland Kunstsenter. Charlottenborgs Autumn Exhibition. Gud&Gramatik, Charlottenborg CPH. UNK Young Nordic Culture, Stockholm. UKS Oslo. KAM, Art in Another Environment, Stockholm. Galleri Lilla MY, Stockholm. Århus Art Museum. Bronx-Breeze Gallery. Der Overslag, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Mail Art/Ben Patterson, Dresden Museum, Germany.

Separate exhibitions:
Bell Free Gallery KBH. Galleri Jespersen, Odense. Galleri I, Stockholm. Udstillingsstedet KONGO, CPH. Der Kaiser Ist Tot, CPH. Nordiska Ministerrådet, CPH. Tårngalleriet, Nikolai Kirke, CPH. Rådskælderen, Charlottenborg, CPH. Galleri Heer, Oslo. Galleri Tvedestrand, Tvedestrand.

2019. Digital Dynamics in Nordic Art. Tanya Toft Ag PhD, the University of Copenhagen. Released by Chicago University Press January 19.
2018 Unfolding the Process. Article about Articulations of Waste. Kvalbein/Pedersen for international conference Unfold the Process at Norwegian Music Conservatory, Oslo. Catalogues:
Sound Art Biennale of Copenhagen SSSSCHH; Absorption and Resonance, Notam Sound Art Exhibition; MOXTROT land art- project, Roåker, Gudbrandsdalen; Odense International Performance Festival; UNK Young Nordic Art Stockholm, Sweden; Charlottenborg Exhibition Gud og gramatik, Copenhagen, Denmark; Transart Communication International Festival for Performance and Experimental Music, Nové Zamký, Slovakia; The Voice of Sound, Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde, Denmark(CD-room catalogue).

1979-85 The Royal Academy of Copenhagen, Denmark. /prof Freddie Lerche, Hein Heinsen.
1977-79 School of Handicraft Painting and environment, Stockholm, Sweden. 1974-75 Vuxenskolans Art School, Uppsala, Sweden.
1976-77 Teaterstudion, Stockholm, Sweden. Grutowskij method studies /Inge Wærn, Ulf Ekeram.
Studies in classical piano, vocal. Other theatre related studies.

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