27 & 28 April 2019

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Terins, Love


I work with painting where scale and size are two important factors. I want to create paintings that make one feel ones own scale and become aware of ones own body. That is how I like painting to be, both a visual and a bodily experience. I’m looking for compositions that do not really want to be interpreted, that are both figurative and abstract, where textile patterns erase the shape of an object, or recreate it to something else; from the ornamental, repetitive and precise, to the wide and sloppy, or to the flat and hard. By delaying the interpretation of the motif, I want to give the viewer more time to meet the painting. The familiar pulls one in and the uncertainty keeps one there.

Rör ii 2018
Rör II, tempera och olja, 200x150cm, 2018
Rör iv 2018
Rör IV, tempera och akryl, 200x150cm, 2018
Kakel 2018
Kakel, tempera och olja, 200x150cm, 2018
Vas 2019
Vas, tempera, akryl och olja, 300x245cm, 2019


Född 1993 i Malmö
Bor och arbetar i Oslo

2015-2018 Konsthögskolan, Kandidatprogrammet, Kunstakademiet, Oslo
2013-2015 Österlenskolan för konst och design, Simrishamn

2019 RÖR, soloutställning, Akademirommet, Oslo
2018 Neste Nästa Næste, Avgang 2018, Galleri Seilduken 1, Oslo
2016 Flowers^2, Galleri Seilduken 1, Oslo
2016 The Big Draw – å tegne er å se, Drawing for freedom, Akershus kunstsenter, Lillestrøm
2015/16 This is it, Bjärreds bibliotek,
2015 Drawing for freedom, Hotel de ville, Paris
2015 (1)ba virgin, Seilduken 2, Oslo
2015 Class mates, Galleri Rostrum, Malmö
2015 Tjörnedala konsthall, Baskemölla
2015 Soul mates, Ystads konstmuseum

2018 FKDS Atelierstipendium
2016 Lomma Kulturstipendium
2015 Lunds konsthalls vänner

Open on: Saturday


FKDS Atelierprogram (Kunstnernes Hus)

Wergelandsveien 17, 0167 Oslo
Nationaltheatret / Holbergs plass / Homannsbyen / Welhavens gate